sex tape » j.g  by fiftyshadesofsprouse
sex tape » j.g by 👀 Fanfiction
"let's make a sex tape." "why?" "so i can watch me fuck you whenever i want." + "c'mon baby girl, look at the camera." + in which...
Sashay Texts by sashayscabello
Sashay Texts by ‏ً Fanfiction
"hey stranger" "do I know you?"
BLOCKED° [DISCONTINUED] by b a b y d o l l Fanfiction
[ ETHAN DOLAN ] in which a girl begs her celebrity crush for nudes. © rivordale | 2017
The Flora Effect /|\ Jonah Marais by ecc903
The Flora Effect /|\ Jonah Marais by Emma Fanfiction
{BOOK ONE OF THE WDW SERIES} 'floramatthews: jonahmarais can have my babies😍 jonahmarais: Don't you think we should get to know each other first floramatthews??' OR In...
DMs | Shawn Mendes 3 by stfushawn
DMs | Shawn Mendes 3 by stfushawn Fanfiction
"what's up with you and delilah shawn?" "she's completely and utterly mine"
INSTAGRAM I • GILINSKY by misadvnture
INSTAGRAM I • GILINSKY by 🖖🏼 Fanfiction
[BOOK ONE OF INSTAGRAM SERIES] ❝ issa whole meal 👅. ❞ © misadvnture
twitter [j.b]   by deannafuentes
twitter [j.b] by d.f. Fanfiction
By @deannafuentes [Highest rank in fan fiction #1 as of 9.15.16]
Nudes • PCY by gtfohyung
Nudes • PCY by Tam Fanfiction
:this bra was like 50$ but it was worth it. Seen Real__pcy: I agree it was worth it. Chanyeol hates Instagram spam coming from his Dms. But who knew accidentally opening...
social | jendall au by gabrielanovoa
social | jendall au by gabi Fanfiction
just a really random texting book & started: may 3rd, 2016 ended: august 29th, 2016
twitter dms ▷ Jc Caylen by Bilinxi
twitter dms ▷ Jc Caylen by •Alexus• Fanfiction
@jccaylen followed you back In which a girl gets tied up with a certain curly headed youtuber for life. HIGHEST RANK: #434 IN FANFICTION
fanzoned • e.d (unedited) by sahdolans
fanzoned • e.d (unedited) by 😽 Fanfiction
not your average texts between a fan and ethan dolan. cover made by: @cedriggory (my first story! not edited, will be edited when book is finished, sorry!)
Texts | Shawn Mendes by stfushawn
Texts | Shawn Mendes by stfushawn Fanfiction
(273)6728927-A is this your new number (925)7239927-no but you just charged me $10 for international texting * s.m [short binge worthy story] book 1:complete book 2:com...
instagram → jelena [✔]  by 1-800-LOGIC
instagram → jelena [✔] by L O G I C — ♡ Fanfiction
[cover made by @kingraxuhl] - [justinbieber liked your photo] [justinbieber started following you] [justinbieber commented: dang mami u be looking hot] - book one in the...
TIRED ( lucky b. smith. ) ✓ by cIeopatras
TIRED ( lucky b. smith. ) ✓ by — nic Fanfiction
❝ why'd you leave me? ❞ ❝ i was tired of you not caring about me ❞ [lucky blue x oc] [social media] [i wrote this before i found out he was a trump supporter and...
Instagram... by tee_hudson
Instagram... by Tee. Fanfiction
New story idk tbh its one of them cliche instagram ones but imma try and make it different so i guess we'll see enjoy🖤
heartbreaker | brandon darrow | t@gged by cleear
heartbreaker | brandon darrow | t@... by cleear Fanfiction
"It would be a privilege for you to break my heart."
DMs//A.I by -_cherryknots_-
DMs//A.I by X Fanfiction
jetblack.ash: all I want in life is free pizza and ashton irwin
DM'S/HS/ by Srslytutti
DM'S/HS/ by Gina Fanfiction
I can't even imagine if he would see me. I probably would throw down to mourn. It would be the best day of my life. It would be everything to me. This is my first story...
Instagram(Neels visser) by sophiapacc122
Instagram(Neels visser) by sophiapacc122 Fanfiction
You know what it is Just read Neels visserxoc Mature content
Poppin • jb by MsBiebz
Poppin • jb by Princess Emmy ✨ Fanfiction
Boy her dm's poppin. - Book One of the POPPIN series. All Rights Reserved // © MsBiebz . - To read some of my chapters you must be following me. WARNING: Story contains...