Ticking clocks (Lesbian story) by becauseimsecretlygay
Ticking clocks (Lesbian story) by Clara Séguin Science Fiction
One day, the clock appears on your wrist. Five days later, you meet your soulmate. When you meet your other half, you are found! You are happy forever! But what happens...
Poloya by -Lechuga-
Poloya by -Lechuga- Romance
Una nueva sociedad distópica, un misterio, un romance inesperado.
A Rainha Da Beleza by MeewyWu
A Rainha Da Beleza by MeewyWu Romance
Em um mundo monárquico, onde nada é mais importante do que a mais perfeita aparência, milhares de garotas sonham com um convite dourado - passaporte para as grandiosas f...
Invincible ➵h.s by WeTukAChonce_
Invincible ➵h.s by M Fanfiction
In a futuristic society, love is 'found' through matching bracelets, that are assigned by the government. It is simple system - if the man in front of you has the same b...
True Hailey by sskyfullstars
True Hailey by Wall Romance
Em 2137 a população de Aldan foi chocada por um grave acidente, seguido de um desaparecimento na Família Real. Dezoito anos depois, Scarlett se encontra em um dilema, qu...
Black Mirror by Waldryano
Black Mirror by Waldryano Science Fiction
Resumo de todos os episódios, com comentários desta série Britânica, fonte de inspiração e distopicamente falando, Muito boa :) Black Mirror é uma série de televisão br...
Sistema Central by Lady-Led
Sistema Central by Lady-Led Science Fiction
Segundo as leis da robótica, a androide Senna deveria ser feita apenas para servir o seu humano, nunca lhe levantar a voz, ou ao menos pensar em machucá-lo; mas isso é s...
Cytus by Betogoncon1704
Cytus by Betogoncon1704 Fanfiction
Creado para la conservación y la inmortalidad. Rechazado por lógica y por humanidad. Aceptado por desesperación y necesidad.
Soulmates by KanoaBlackwood
Soulmates by KanoaBlackwood Romance
Imagine everyone had a way of knowing when they were supposed to met their soulmate or a way of finding them. How would meet them? By simply bumping into them on the str...
Secrets of  the Luna Lands by DeniseDarling
Secrets of the Luna Lands by Denisé Darling Fantasy
In a divided world where every Lord and Lady has their own rules and reputation, Leaving one land to go to another is rarely heard of, until now. Our lead left home to s...
The Chosen One's Twin by MercyJoye
The Chosen One's Twin by Mercy Adventure
It's 2317 and magic has been in the world for two hundred years now. Amelia Rose, the Chosen One accidentally dies only a few weeks from the said awakening of the rogue...
Planet Earth by elizaginosyan
Planet Earth by Eliza Ginosyan Science Fiction
When human beings ruin the earth beyond repair, there seems to be no hope for the human race to survive. As hunger and chaos fills the only world people ever knew, Scien...
R U N A W A Y by WritingWithEm
R U N A W A Y by WritingWithEm Science Fiction
Run. Run and don't stop. Don't look back, not even for a second. That was all she knew. Not why, or where she had to go-just that she had to escape. And so, that's exact...
Amanecer rojo (Pierce Brown) by ednitharomo
Amanecer rojo (Pierce Brown) by ednitharomo Science Fiction
Marte lleva siglos colonizado por la humanidad, que ha establecido un estricto sistema de castas condicionadas genéticamente para garantizar la explotación de las riquez...
MetaCitizen by IvSann
MetaCitizen by Yvonne Science Fiction
Tutto quello che conoscevate è scomparso, svanito, distrutto e divenuto polvere. L'uomo è crollato, ed il mondo lo ha fatto insieme a lui. E' stata dura ricominciare, o...
Fitkamis by lauricastrilli
Fitkamis by lauricastrilli Teen Fiction
"...Olfateo y lo siento. Hecho a correr y el me persigue dejándome verlo, uno de los lobos. Es ley, los lobos y los gatos no se agradan. Soy rápida corriendo, rápi...
Purifiers: renacer by ArielShax
Purifiers: renacer by Shax Science Fiction
Aquella catástrofe devastó dos tercios de la humanidad. Luego, con la aparición de los scelerisques, la raza humana se ve al borde de la extinción. Como último intento d...
Daylight; 2050 by EduardoD111
Daylight; 2050 by Daniel Science Fiction
Después de que un virus letal halla afectado a gran parte de la población mundial, en la ciudad de parís en el año 2050 la mitad de la población que sobrevivió después d...
The Countdown by dream_without_fear
The Countdown by Danielle Romance
5 seconds... I gasp for air not realizing I have been holding my breath. 4 secounds... This is what I have been waiting for all my life. 3 seconds... The moment everyo...
Fox Trott by MysticWolfFire
Fox Trott by Mystic Fantasy
Differences have always made people feel like outcasts, but in the year 2087, your differences meant life or death. As children begin be born with strange talents, Hunte...