PTSD- Hold on Jack (septiplier) by _sapphire_Ink
PTSD- Hold on Jack (septiplier) by SapphireInk Random
This story is based off of my life. Almost everything in this story has happened to me. Please do not read if easily triggered by these topics: Abuse Self harm Depressio...
My 3 masters  by steviemaexx
My 3 masters by Steviemaex Teen Fiction
"N-no daddy"I push him away moving backwards until I hit the wall. "You better get you're ass here ally I swear"he shouts I yelp jumping tears falli...
『DEAD Roleplay』- The Resurgence Project by Whysobritish
『DEAD Roleplay』- The Resurgence Pr... by was @Melvinhugs Random
#51 IN SCIENCE-FICTION - 02.09.17, HIGHEST RATING Its the year 2020. You're all dead. None of you died of natural causes. You've been brought back to life for...
The Skinny Boy Tales (boyxboy) - Completed- by masonmaddness
The Skinny Boy Tales (boyxboy) - C... by Mason Garner Teen Fiction
Max, diagnosed with anorexic and bulimic tendencies, is just beyond excited to finally leave the clutches of his overbearing, overly religious mother and her hateful way...
Saving All My Love || Book 1 (Editing) by Zozzita4Life
Saving All My Love || Book 1 (Edit... by 🍍Zozzita🍍 Fanfiction
College student, Payton Fenty (Rihanna) was raised to never judge a book by it's cover, while Serial Killer, Aaron Alsina (August Alsina) was raised to never blow his co...
Life As Ariana Grande's Little Sister by sugarashi
Life As Ariana Grande's Little Sis... by HOSHIzura Fanfiction
Beautiful, talented and pretty Ariana Grande has an unknown, troubled, and dorky sister? Well, yeah. In a school there was a girl who was in high hopes of being in in...
"Not our fault Lukes fat." (UNEDITED) by 5secondsoftumblr
"Not our fault Lukes fat." (UNEDIT... by 5secondsoftumblr Fanfiction
"Not our fault lukes fat!" Ashton yells with a giggle, Michael and Calum laugh at the drummers choice of a joke, all of them glancing back to the laptop. What...
Ricky dillon's sister by ngc_17
Ricky dillon's sister by ngc_17 Fanfiction
He moved out 2 years ago. He broke all contact 1 year and 322 days ago. She became depressed 1 year ago Her first attempt was 1 year and 284 days ago The first time she...
sick - im jaebum by aegyoashton
sick - im jaebum by mads Fanfiction
a boy with a textile disorder meets a girl who can't feel pain *includes mental/eating disorders*
LUNA ◇J.M Interracial by DefJaebeom
My Mate is My Brother?!?! by book_worm12
My Mate is My Brother?!?! by Mindy Thai Werewolf
Maribelle Samuel is an orphaned 16 y/o werewolf who lives at a human orphanage. She is bullied by all of the other girls who are humans but don't know about her abilitie...
To Mend Her. by NiniBens13
To Mend Her. by Ninette 🏳️‍🌈☮️ Romance
Ronnie is homeschooled because she has a couple of disorders. She terribly hates leaving her house without needing to. In her mind, she has it that no one is trustworthy...
Madness by xXxTheLostGirlxXx
Madness by Celeste Winchester Romance
"Look, I don't belong here in your loony bin," I say to the hospital's shrink, Dr. Kathy Shaw ("Call me Kathy"). She writes this down on her brown cl...
Anchors To Love ⚓️ Larry Stylinson | wattys2017 by Sweatypaws_
Anchors To Love ⚓️ Larry Stylinson... by Louis got the dagger Fanfiction
Harry is a 23 year old autistic man with a passion for art and graphic novels. He lives with his caring mother, Anne, and his sister, Gemma, while trying to find out wha...
I'm Br(OK)en by JhopesHolyBooty
I'm Br(OK)en by JhopesHolyBooty Random
I hope this helps anyone who has this disorder. Just know that you are NOT alone.
The Random Unwanted Personalities Of The Few by Boaconic
The Random Unwanted Personalities... by Boaconic Teen Fiction
Stella always knew there was something wrong with her. Hearing voices that tell her what to do, blacking out every now and again, doing things she didn't remember. She h...
The Demon's Heart ( EXO Sehun's fanfiction) by izzylink100
The Demon's Heart ( EXO Sehun's fa... by iiBubbleTeaArmyii Fanfiction
*IN CONSTRUCTION!!!* Sehun's POV: I always wanted a normal life, that's all I want. Am I asking for too much? Everywhere I go, people stare at me with their devious and...
Starving For Help by LaurynBertuco
Starving For Help by Lauryn Love Non-Fiction
"...if I eat, I feel even more guilty. The kind of guilt that eats you alive at night. The kind that makes you hate yourself so bad that it sends you in to a panic...
At Midnight by delicxtemind
At Midnight by Ci En Teen Fiction
Mia Roden was the definition of loner. She had no friends at all and everyone in school treated her like she was invisible. No one paid any attention to her. But what h...
Serendipity (A Scömìche fanfic) by Superfruitonix
Serendipity (A Scömìche fanfic) by Superfruitonix Fanfiction
Scott and Mitch have been friends since they were young, but that's all about to change.. - After Mitch cut off a toxic relationship he formed some major confidence issu...