Back For My Bad Boy by Justsomerandomgirl49
Back For My Bad Boy by 😈😂😎😇 Romance
Book #2 For: The Bad Boy Next Door. Highest Rank: #159 In Romance *August 5,2017* "Admit It You Came Back Because of me Didn't you" He says behind me. I turn a...
Yu-gi-oh! One shot!  by AliceMinna
Yu-gi-oh! One shot! by AliceStar Fanfiction
One shots about all Yugioh series
How to not make a cliché story by EpicCroft
How to not make a cliché story by EpicCroft Random
Wattpad stories tend to be cliché, and I speak for more then myself when saying this. It's everywhere in every genre. This story's purpose is to clean up the copying an...
DESUS CANON (Daryl Dixon & Paul Rovia) by ZaraTheFox
DESUS CANON (Daryl Dixon & Paul Ro... by TheTrailersRockin Random
This is no Desus fiction. Here I will be showing Ya'll some evidence for Daryl and Jesus possibly becoming a real thing. The parallels, the signs and of course the chemi...
Random Shit by Catt56
Random Shit by Kit-Catt Random
this is a book where I just rant, tangent and discuss things with you guys :∆ And make little story times about some things that go on in life (≧∇≦)/ Schedule- Posted w...
Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Summer (Klaroline FanFic) by Sophie_Juniper
Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Summ... by Sophie_Juniper Fanfiction
This fanfiction story continues the story of Klaroline right after s4e23. It is time Caroline and Klaus to go on different ways. Klaus heads to New Orleans and Caroline...
Gold Writers (English) by rwoficial
Gold Writers (English) by Ronald Jackson Non-Fiction
In this book, you will have information on how to participate in Writers of Gold, which is a an award created to help and point out works that are done with such dedicat...
I'm Alpha & I'm A Girl! (On Hold!) by cute_tt_015
I'm Alpha & I'm A Girl! (On Hold!) by cute_tt_015 Werewolf
Well, Hailey is not an ordinary girl. She's the first girl Alpha from ever. Her mate is the enemy and she still has to deal with school. Who knows what will happen? A wa...
In A World Of My Own | 30 Day Disney Challenge  by violaeades
In A World Of My Own | 30 Day Disn... by mariah Random
i was tagged by @melancholymacaron to do a 30 day disney challenge! honestly, i might just use this book as a disney discussion board afterwards. :-) (cover made by me...
Everything You Got Wrong About Faith and the Bible by unespritclair
Everything You Got Wrong About Fai... by You Thought Spiritual
Because a lot of people don't read before they open their mouths. Here I correct some of the most baseless beliefs or arguments about the Bible or about faith that peopl...
Sycakui/Kukuamore/Treenutshipping Stuff by GioQueen1
Sycakui/Kukuamore/Treenutshipping... by GioQueen1 Random
Just a book of Oneshots, fan art, disscusions, scenarios and memes all about Sycakui/Kukuamore!! This is all Professor Sycamore x Professor Kukui stuff. (๑>◡<๑) N...
-The Aphmau Book Club: Book Club!- by TheAphmauBookClub
-The Aphmau Book Club: Book Club!- by ✰ The Aphmau Book Club! ✰ Random
Welcome to the Aphmau Book Club! ➹ This is the official and main book for the TABC page, here on Wattpad; this will contain weekly activities, discussions, paired-activ...
blackest by crimelorde
blackest by try to catch the deluge in a... Random
If I'm a Werewolf Princess, why are Vampires making my life so difficult? by angelheaven101
If I'm a Werewolf Princess, why ar... by angelheaven101 Werewolf
This story mostly comes from Princess Keiko's perspective. Keiko has suddenly been invited to Prince Jordon's 3 month birthday celebration. She makes friends with Isaiah...
Anime Rants by BookgirlingMoments
Anime Rants by Sarah Wazir Random
In this book, I shall carelessly be discussing or ranting about the things that I dislike or mainly things that just piss me off about some certain animes or anime in ge...
My Quote Diary by sarcastier
My Quote Diary by Khushi Random
Welcome to my book full of quotes that I've said at one point in my life, whether it was in my mind, or to someone else, and I've thought them to be quite quote-worthy. ...
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expecting This by BUBSTER_Na_Na_
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expec... by Savannah Werewolf
I was not expecting to turn into werewolf on my 16th birthday, definitely not expecting the word Mate to be real and very legit and like the god damn cherry on top my p...
Meal of Happiness #2 by xIamxthexbestx
Meal of Happiness #2 by xIamxthexbestx Random
Highest Rank - #203 Hello guys!!!!!!!!!! I'm back for you all! This book's gonna be double fun than the last one! As always it's gonna have • Memes • Riddles • Jokes • C...
Book Rides by Ayushi_Garg
Book Rides by Ayushi Garg Random
"Don't judge a book by it's cover," they say. But here in the Wattpad Universe, things work a little differently and so does the saying. Hence you gotta rectif...
A Voice Unheard- Part I: Prose by ShambhaviRavishankar
A Voice Unheard- Part I: Prose by Rosetta_writes Random
"A Voice Unheard" is an anthology of both prose and poetry covering topics related to human life and the struggles humans go through manoeuvring human relation...