Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Wingsby Jojo B
**Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arriv...
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WAVE by AliciaMarino
WAVEby Alicia
What do you do when disaster strikes? You survive. On the night before her entire life changes, Genevieve Harding was walking along the shoreline with a man she'd only...
  • romance
  • wattys2016
  • newadult
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My Twin's Girlfriend Book 1 COMPLETED by SabrinaSpicer7
My Twin's Girlfriend Book 1 COMPLE...by Sabrina Spicer
Beatrice has the life of a prince, rich parents, a huge home, sports scholarship, A grades, and his girlfriend Danni Michelson. So what happened to Beatrice to send him...
  • issues
  • friendship
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Dodging Disasters ✔ by NothingRonWithMe
Dodging Disasters ✔by Tian
COMPLETED Ranked #1 in ChickLit (This book is unedited.) Madison Fray isn't just any ordinary teenager. Being the daughter of a world famous actress and singer, Georgi...
  • college
  • romance
  • featured
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Percy Jackson Primordial Power (Completed) by Shadow_Warrior14
Percy Jackson Primordial Power (Co...by Hunter
Betrayed and Cheated Percy Jackson runs away only to find his real father is chaos. He disappears for a while before returning to defend the place he once called home. W...
  • hardships
  • betrayal
  • disaster
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Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016] by Blake_is_Awesome
Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016]by Blake
Highest Ranking: #6 in Humor Before Jules interrupted Callie's lunch hour with a (not so subtle) "Dibs!", Callie was a quiet girl whose only priorities are goo...
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Kissing Frogs by KiaraLondon
Kissing Frogsby Kiara Renée
Because some of us fail at love. | WATTPAD PICKS 3/2/18 |
  • teenfiction
  • jovie
  • comedy
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Pained (Jungkook BTS werewolf Fanfic) by RandomBeckyBoo
Pained (Jungkook BTS werewolf Fanf...by AnimeTrash101
Jungkook is a werewolf and (Y/N) is a human and they are mates and both love each other dearly, problem? You wouldn't think there would be but disaster and heartbreak st...
  • matebond
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  • disaster
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The Legends of Calais by csdreamer
The Legends of Calaisby Cristal Sieberhagen
Hi, my name is Britney Maria Sheridan and I am a mermaid. The truth about us is nothing like you were led to believe, although I will find that out right along with you...
  • supernatural
  • war
  • mates
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Anne of Green Gables: Modern Version by theunicornthequeen
Anne of Green Gables: Modern Versi...by Unicorn/Your majesty
Anne Shirley is a queer orphan who speaks too much and is known for her bright red hair and freckles that cover most of her face. One day she is adopted by the Cuthbert'...
  • oldfashioned
  • wattys2017
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Until There Was You by TheDawsonGirl
Until There Was Youby Kate Dawson
*A TWIST ON THE TITANIC STORY* Rose DeWitt Bukater is 17 years old and 9 months pregnant when she boards the Titanic, accompanied by her violent fiancé, the cruel Caledo...
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  • romance
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Pokemon World Disaster by Ash-GreninjaGirl
Pokemon World Disasterby Ashley-GreninjaGirl
Two years after Greninja parted ways with Ash, his work in Kalos was completed. But now, a year later, the peace has ended and mysterious attacks have started happening...
  • disaster
  • drama
  • ash
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Uncontrollable Passion.... by Jannatjia
Uncontrollable Passion....by Jannatjia
#173 in romance as on 3/12/17 A story of uncontrollable passion a husband develops for his wife who was unwanted and unloved by him for 10 years. Experience the trans...
  • italian
  • greek
  • forced
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Secret Admirers (girlxgirl) by ConicalSeeker
Secret Admirers (girlxgirl)by Alex
When Andi Jackson starts a new school she becomes alone, nobody wants to make friends with the new punk girl. She's an open lesbian and her eyes on one girl in particula...
  • secrets
  • romance
  • metalhead
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all because i don't have a life by jxcques
all because i don't have a lifeby jac
but i do, & hell i'm not dead yet. copyright © 2018 by abusions. all rights reserved. lowercase intended.
  • deep
  • sad
  • feelings
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The Special Wolf by wolfgirl183818
The Special Wolfby 📖Wolfgirl📖
When Kassandra Lewis lost her entire family in an attack. She quit training, shifting, and talking. Nothing was the same for her, she stopped eating so much, she went fr...
  • sister
  • romance
  • overprotective
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Mind Full Of Thoughts by IbhubesiHolas
Mind Full Of Thoughtsby Blake
Compilation of my thoughts and feelings, thoughts to raise awareness, thoughts, and thoughts and more thoughts, hence the title "Mind full of thoughts" hope yo...
  • disaster
  • pain
  • love
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Survive by jimzie4050
Surviveby Jimzie 🌸😜
Its the year 4018, Most think about amazing things happening. They couldn't be more wrong.There is no electricity, almost no government left, just skeletons of the huge...
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The Girl Who Fell In Love With A Sin by Mrs_Mukami
The Girl Who Fell In Love With A S...by Mrs_Mukami
Karina who is Gilthunder's younger sister, ran away from the Kingdom. Ever since her older Brother was cursed he attempted to kill his own sister because to his eyes she...
  • diane
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(Book 2) My New Water King by IllisMoreo87
(Book 2) My New Water Kingby Ili
"I was to be The High King Jul's Queen, or so I easily thought I would just be." -Lulu, daughter of Avi & Kris. This is the second book after My New Everything...
  • daughter
  • alternateuniverse
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