WRONG // (Harry Styles) by alison-archer
WRONG // (Harry Styles) by alison Fanfiction
❝This is wrong Harry,❞ I pant as he rips off my top, exposing my bra. I soon give into him as his arms lock on my waist, lifting me onto the kitchen counter. ❝Be quiet b...
Why Don't We's Sex Slave  by slox10
Why Don't We's Sex Slave by Sofia Lox Fanfiction
Sorry I suck at descriptions
PATRIARCHY // (Harry Styles) by alison-archer
PATRIARCHY // (Harry Styles) by alison Fanfiction
❝Do you want to do this?❞ he asks, his brows furrowing as he traces his taunting fingers up my thighs. ❝Does it matter?❞ I ask, my voice shivering. He releases a low chu...
-suga daddy | yoonseok by CosmicTaekook
-suga daddy | yoonseok by -`, box ☆ Fanfiction
Jung Hoseok is another innocent high schooler who one day runs into Min Yoongi -literally- and finds out the handsome man is actually a multi millionaire. Was he expecti...
Younow Imagines by chloexsartorius
Younow Imagines by Chloe🙈 Fanfiction
♡•cute, sad, dirty or funny imagines of my favorite internet boys•♡ *REQUESTS ARE OPEN*
WHO?🙄💗 c.g & j.m.b by Choeysguurl
WHO?🙄💗 c.g & j.m.b by Vibezzz🐳💫💗 Fanfiction
(The beginning sucks lmao) (Btw it'll get dirty) You are Jacob Sartorius' twin sis. Your Family moved to South Carolina and you and J had to go to public school. You me...
The Dare ~ Hannie Fanfic ~edwardpenguil by edwardpenguil
The Dare ~ Hannie Fanfic ~edwardpe... by Henry Edward Fanfiction
First, I would love to say thank you ever so much to all the support i have reached in this book hitting 1,000 reads was crazy but currently we are on 20,000 thanks so m...
Dorm Room//Its Ricco Tho Fanfiction by Last_Wifey
Dorm Room//Its Ricco Tho Fanfiction by 💎💕MÁMÍ💕💎 Fanfiction
Y/N is in a dorm with Adym. Will they fall in love or not? Keep reading to find out...
Bruno Mars Imagines by briananicolestreet
Bruno Mars Imagines by Briana Street Fanfiction
A series of Bruno Mars imagines for your personal entertainment;) I accept requests
killer, gbd  by peacfullydolan
killer, gbd by keara Fanfiction
"So what do you do other than intimidate and seduce the shit out of people?" I ask, my enraged tone caused by the fact that I'm tied into a chair. "I kill...
 Dirty Brooklyn Beckham Imagines by jahsehxisdaddy
Dirty Brooklyn Beckham Imagines by daddy X Fanfiction
A book of Dirty Brooklyn beckham imagines
Step Brother ~ Jeon JungkookxReader {COMPLETED} by MochiMichu
Step Brother ~ Jeon JungkookxReade... by Kylia Fanfiction
" Shut up Aria... " He covered my mouth with his hand, whispering into my ear. 2 years ago Aria's mom got remarried. She had a hot step Brother who's a huge je...
My Brother's Best Friend by Hannah12992
My Brother's Best Friend by Teengirl15 Romance
*I can make you feel amazing Sarah... Trust me.* he whispered into my ear. *Ashton, we can't do it, you're my brother's best friend. I'm not gonna let you do this.* I m...
Cameron Dallas's Sex Slave by Flyingpuppy2000_
Cameron Dallas's Sex Slave by Flyingpuppy2000_ Fanfiction
Christina was kidnapped by a famous youtuber by the name of Cameron Dallas. He turns Chrissy(Christina) into his sex slave.
His Luna (HumanxWolf) by Neha_Darcy
His Luna (HumanxWolf) by Darcy Werewolf
| Highest rank #1 in Werewolf | "A wolf will be born so in time, To be mated to a woman who will be a human- The human who can be a boon or a bane- ...
Why Don't We SMUT by keishaprettygirl
Why Don't We SMUT by Keisha Sutton Fanfiction
So this is my very first story on Wattpad, so I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do writing it. WARNING: THIS IS VERY DIRTY SMUT! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE READING SEX...
Magcon slave by mattydolan1975
Magcon slave by mattydolan1975 Fanfiction
Rachel is taken by the magcon boys and used for their pleasure... ⚠️⚠️⚠️SEXUAL⚠️⚠️⚠️
Forced Marriage | Ethan Dolan  by SammyDolan8
Forced Marriage | Ethan Dolan by Sam Fanfiction
"i hate you!" "you think I love you?" ©2017
cuffed • g.d by OUTKASTDOLAN
cuffed • g.d by adria ® Fanfiction
"She is Art. What the fuck do you expect from her, other than confusion, beauty and a goddamn soul?!"