KUMPULAN LIRIK LAGU BARAT by oliviaabadiah06
KUMPULAN LIRIK LAGU BARAT by Olivia Abadiah Random
With You (Skrillex) by superkids
With You (Skrillex) by Coraline Fanfiction
Baylee had plenty of encounters with Sonny Moore before his career blew up. They were falling for each other but he was whisked away by work. Will she fit into his new l...
Be My Lover by VishMoio
Be My Lover by VishMoio Fanfiction
Wes and Rose are best friends and they can't stay away from each other, but as the time passed their friendship was turning into something else they were afraid of confe...
Traducciones de canciones by CamilaHood1119
Traducciones de canciones by Mila Random
Mi playlist en versión español.
EDM FANS ONLY! by isometricbeings
EDM FANS ONLY! by g r a c e ☪ Random
➳ FIRST EDM BOOK ON WATTPAD ➳ #1 IN EDM in this book, i'll be updating you all on all things EDM! enjoy! -gracelyn
Dj Imagines (requests closed) by Earldagurl
Dj Imagines (requests closed) by Earl Jonnor Fanfiction
COVER MADE BY THE AMAZING TEARDROPS23! This is going to be a book full of EDM imagines! Already written imagines : Shit load of different djs from Julian Jordan to Danni...
minifics and oneshots ; multiship by trustfunds
minifics and oneshots ; multiship by kaden Fanfiction
" i just wanna be loved " - in which i, kaden, will try to write cute, angsty, emotional, and possibly smutty things about my favourite pairings/ships
One shots  by Blear_Moore
One shots by Srta Petulla. Fanfiction
Mi alma shipper tiene ideas aunque algunos shipp a estén bien muertos... :D así que por qué no publicarlos? Ideas mías 💡❤️
When I Met You: a Diplo Fanfiction by Diplosbae
When I Met You: a Diplo Fanfiction by Diplosbae Fanfiction
Kyla was just a young girl when she began idolizing DJs such as Diplo and Skrillex. One day, out of nowhere, she gets a call from Diplo, and before you know it, she's to...
EDM Loverz by QueenZ14
EDM Loverz by Nicola Jack J. ➳ Fanfiction
This is a book about EDM music. {Proudly number six in EDM on Wattpad when searched.}
My Beautiful Falling Alien (Sonny Moore Love Story) by thehealingcamila
My Beautiful Falling Alien (Sonny... by thehealingcamila Fanfiction
Have you ever met someone who you didn't know, could change you life forever? Well, certainly happened to these two! Join Beatrice & Sonny on there incredible adventure
Instagram Duo by irenebaser
Instagram Duo by Ren Teen Fiction
What's happens when lil Rexha has too much popularity