Texting G Eazy by A_eazy
Texting G Eazy by Ashes Fanfiction
It was an accident but it changed his life..
Instagram; G-eazy by A_eazy
Post Malone Instagram by A_eazy
Dj Imagines (requests closed) by Earldagurl
Dj Imagines (requests closed) by Earl Jonnor Fanfiction
COVER MADE BY THE AMAZING TEARDROPS23! This is going to be a book full of EDM imagines! Already written imagines : Shit load of different djs from Julian Jordan to Danni...
internet || edm  by natcwk
internet || edm by natalie 🍞 Fanfiction
a soap opera starring the world's top class edm djs, just that it happens online. DISCLAIMER: personalities of figures mentioned in this fanfic are not accurate represen...
EDM Imagines  by AAAhockey
EDM Imagines by AAAhockey Fanfiction
A book filled of DJs Imagines
Martin Garrix ~ Imagines by allybirds
Martin Garrix ~ Imagines by Ally Fanfiction
Imagines about Martin Garrix. Requests open!!
Texting Dillon Francis by A_eazy
minifics and oneshots ; multiship by feministhoward
minifics and oneshots ; multiship by kaden Fanfiction
" i just wanna be loved " - in which i, kaden, will try to write cute, angsty, emotional, and possibly smutty things about my favourite pairings/ships
more than you thought  - dillon francis fanfic by yesiamlea
more than you thought - dillon fr... by lea Fanfiction
mad decent boat party 2014. a dj named dillon francis and a captivating girl named robin bello.