This Is My Future by Victoria101601
This Is My Future by DC Hero and Villain Lover! Fanfiction
After a fight in the Gotham Outskirts with a mystery man; Artemis and Robin are sent to Blüdhaven in 2016. Now they have to get home with help from their future selves a...
Young Justice One Shots by Batgirl2OO4
Young Justice One Shots by Batgirl Fanfiction
These will all be romantic one shots between you and characters. I may do a plain friendly one but I am really into the romance genre. I am also adding Damian Wayne to t...
Forever A Lost Boy//Young Justice by Hiccup4Dragons
Forever A Lost Boy//Young Justice by Hiccup4Dragons Fanfiction
When the team is worried about Dick they go into his mind, but what they find is something they never expected. Waring there are topics of self harm and suicide
Night Lights~Damian Wayne by superherocupcake
Night Lights~Damian Wayne by Mara Jen💫💞 Fanfiction
(Y/N) is a criminal. She does bad thing, but she doesn't want to. She has to make sure she can survive her night life and her school life. Soon she meets Damian Wayne an...
Murder at its Finest by DC_lover
Murder at its Finest by DC_lover Fanfiction
"If you kill a killer, then the number of killers in the world remains the same..." The Dark Knight spoke grimly. Renegade smirked mischievously,"Sure, b...
Lost Stars by because_im_batman
Lost Stars by *Layla* Fanfiction
Athena Thomas has been gone for nearly two years. When her and Dick Grayson last saw each other, she was leaving and taking his heart with her. But what happens when she...
From Where You Are One Shots! Various x reader <<Wattys2017>> by NerdyGamerGirl101
From Where You Are One Shots! Vari... by Luna (루나/ルナ) Fanfiction
Requests are open, lovelies! Hello! These are just one shots about some characters that doesn't have that much love on Wattpad! In these one shots, the reader is referre...
Demonfire, batfamily AU by Dynamic_Empire
Demonfire, batfamily AU by Evelyn Fanfiction
Mar'i Grayson absolutely hates the ill tempered, hot headed Damian Wayne, however when a her father is drawn away on a very secrete and dangerous mission she is forced t...
Dangerous Love  ➢ Dick Grayson X Reader by JaeJayAda
Dangerous Love ➢ Dick Grayson X R... by ジャネッサ Fanfiction
Being the adopted daughter of Poison Ivy, meant growing up a villian. Being taught to hate The Justice League and their Sidekicks, something changes when meeting the Pla...
(Bat family x BATMOM!!!!!!!! reader) That's just how it is... by Bluewire
(Bat family x BATMOM!!!!!!!! reade... by Potato girl🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔 Fanfiction
After marriage there are a lot of suprises and lots of kids
Forbidden love  by CrybabyLuLu
Forbidden love by LucyBaby Fanfiction
Lucy Quinn best know as Baby J or Joker's princess. She was the daughter of Joker and Harley Quinn of course. She was with her parents until she turned five. They both w...
DC Comics One Shot//WATTY'S 2017// by CT-5445
DC Comics One Shot//WATTY'S 2017// by EC Fanfiction
I got bored again and I am a big fan of DC comics so yeah. I hope you guys enjoy! Request too! I don't bite! most of the one shots will be about the Batfamily so yeah, e...
Dick Grayson One Shots [ON HOLD] by Elizabeth_HJW
Dick Grayson One Shots [ON HOLD] by Elizabeth_FanGirl_HJW Fanfiction
Exactly what the title says. One shots about Dick Grayson aka Robin aka Nightwing aka Bludhaven Cop. This will sometimes have Reverse Batfamily and Birdflash, sometimes...
 Voltage || Young Justice {1} by RebelWriter2904
Voltage || Young Justice {1} by RebelWriter2904 Fanfiction
After the death of her parents, Allison finds herself adopted by Dinah Lance, better known as the superhero Black Canary, and is soon taken under her wing as her protege...
Soaring High (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by ICantPickAFavFandom
Soaring High (Percy Jackson Fanfic... by ihavenoselfcontrol Fanfiction
On a dark night in Bludhaven, Nightwing happens to meet a new hero who goes by the name, Seabird. Who is she? And should he trust her? FemPercy Jackson (Seabird)/Dick...
Young Justice ↯ One-Shots by -wxnder-
Young Justice ↯ One-Shots by Tired Senpai™ Fanfiction
"While I was on ice you found another Roy Harper, the sidekicks formed their own team, aliens invaded the Earth, and Ollie grew that Dobie goatee?" "We...
Broken Ghost (A Danny Phantom, Young Justice, and Batman Crossover) by ShadowPhantom04
Broken Ghost (A Danny Phantom, You... by ShadowPhantom04 Fanfiction
Danny is on his own, not the same ghostly teen hero he once was. Currently living in Gotham, he lives on the outskirts, keeping to himself and trusting no one, until he...
Project: Help Me by evilly_laughing
Project: Help Me by evilly_laughing Fanfiction
When Aqualad and Kid Flash rescue Superboy from Cadmus, they come across another pod. Unfortunately, the young heroes had to escape the building before getting a closer...
My Saver {Nightwing X Reader} by BackwardsDisney
My Saver {Nightwing X Reader} by BackwardsDisney Fanfiction
He saved you. You may be a hero, but you got caught up in something at the wrong time. He saved you, pulling you away.
Bullied - Young Justice  by the_girl_wonder_xo
Bullied - Young Justice by summër ☆ Fanfiction
Dick Grayson had another run in with the school bully. How will Bruce deal with his little bird getting beat up at school? Who will he call for help? Fluffy daddybats on...