The Diary Of Hazel (2016 Watty Award Winner - The Diary Series #1) by Chloe_Kaydee_x
The Diary Of Hazel (2016 Watty Awa...by Chloe Kaydee
|| Highest Rank: #13 Short Story! ❤ x || Watty Award: People's Choice 2016 || Hunter Ryan finds something when hiding in the old Janitor's closet at school. Somethi...
  • romance
  • boyfriend
  • fiction
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Florets / Reddie by jackskata
Florets / Reddieby Grace
"There are times I want to tell you how I truly feel."
  • finnwolfhard
  • richietozier
  • eddie
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Diary ng Panget - Season 1 & 2 by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Denny) by iamsuperxave
Diary ng Panget - Season 1 & 2 by...by iamsuperxave
Disclaimer: I do not own any parts of this story. Intended for reading and entertainment purposes only. All credits go to the real owner, HaveYouSeenThisGirl.
  • jadine
  • teenfiction
  • nadinelustre
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Min Yoongi from 309 by hoseokspotato
Min Yoongi from 309by ⌜cold weather⌟ 
┉┉┉┉┉ Park Jimin is a novelist who loses his memory. He falls deeply in love with his neighbor. Finding his own book, he learns that it's not the first time falling in l...
  • bts
  • exo
  • bxb
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Twist in Fate || Tom Riddle by foreversmaug
Twist in Fate || Tom Riddleby s m a u g
Tom Riddle as a teenager; handsome, harsh and solitary. Evelyn Gallagher; a quiet Ravenclaw secretly sent back in time by Dumbledore to save Tom, and to prevent him from...
  • rowling
  • tom
  • diary
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The Journal of Herobrine by realHerobrine
The Journal of Herobrineby …no…
Ever wonder what it's like to be me? Sucks.. but there are some advantages!! Like, I don't know.. freedom!? Yeah. Freedom!! But, welcome to my "online diary"...
  • hai
  • help
  • anxiety
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[ONGOING] Daily Dose of CHANBAEK (2018) by ParkBaekkie
[ONGOING] Daily Dose of CHANBAEK (...by 이짜찬백
In this book I keep Chanbaek daily moments in 2018 from January to December. This will include: - Instagram updates (Chanbaek related) - Airport previews of chabaek - fa...
  • diary
  • 2018
  • moment
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Dork Diaries: DORKANRONPA by SecondRound
Dork Diaries: DORKANRONPAby Second Round
Nikki Maxwell and 17 other students are starting Westchester academy. Unfortunately everything doesn't go as planned since Westchester Academy isn't the institution of h...
  • teen
  • dork
  • murder
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Neko Transformation Diaries by Roboberry
Neko Transformation Diariesby Ethan "Scorpio" Mc Quail
**!!!IT'S NON-FICTION!!!** This will document my experiences after attempting the neko spell. I don't fully know if it will work, but if it does? I'll keep jotting down...
  • entry
  • neko
  • ahhhhh
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I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys Diary | sequel to ISTBBD by fallenxroses
I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys Diary...by b r i ♡
A sequel to I Stole The Bad Boys Diary. You must read that story first or this will make zero sense!! - - - It's been months since Adam the man who controlled Scarlett...
  • drama
  • teenager
  • booktwo
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Awa101; PJ MASKS by -thecitysfool
Awa101; PJ MASKSby •Trashmouth•
2018, Let's see what Shitty moments life brings me |6TH GRADE| WARNING RANDOM BULLSHIT IS INCLUDED!
  • diary
  • idontknow
  • rants
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Neighbors || myg × pjm by taesthetic_ish
Neighbors || myg × pjmby city lights
Jimin watches Yoongi from across the street and writes about him in his diary. #788 #992 in Fanfiction If you want to translate, just let me know and credit me! :)
  • jimin
  • yoonmin
  • bts
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Random Thoughts by Animez1_3_2
Random Thoughtsby cat 🌙
This is Basically like a diary but at the same time it isn't?? If that makes any sense???
  • lmao
  • meme
  • dontattackme
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I Stole The Bad Boys Diary by fallenxroses
I Stole The Bad Boys Diaryby b r i ♡
Scarlett Everwood isn't necessarily your average 17 year-old girl, but she's managed to get by. After a year of pulling herself back together she's finally able to go b...
  • highschool
  • romance
  • drama
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Losing Lucy[UNDER EDITING] by MeloJelloTM
Losing Lucy[UNDER EDITING]by •°●Melody●°•
Mysteriousmaiden1473 made the new cover. What's worse than being ignored by your best friends. Lucy has been ignored ever since "precious" Lisanna came back fr...
  • shipping
  • gruvia
  • jerza
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Something changed (Tom Riddle fanfic) by Papillon98
Something changed (Tom Riddle fanf...by Pip van Linde
No one is completely good and no one is only bad. Every dark person chose that way. It could have been because of bad upbringing, hunger for power or a failed love. Tak...
  • muggles
  • tomriddle
  • hogwarts
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Broken Until Him [On Hold] by jxstmysxlf
Broken Until Him [On Hold]by Mailee Horthen
Seventeen year-old Jade Levinson lives in her own shattered and lonely world where she tends to forget herself. She, above all the people, knows what sadness is because...
  • the2017awards
  • thefallawards2017
  • bcsa2017
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Hunter: Cursed by ellarose12
Hunter: Cursedby Jenni.
Vampires have Slayers. Werewolves have Trackers. Everything else has a Hunter. --- After battling with werewolves, and stopping crazy vampires from bringing on...
  • diary
  • fantasy
  • slayer
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Diary Thing Idk by cherriesandstuff
Diary Thing Idkby cherriesandstuff
I've been seeing people writing diary things and I'm pretty bored so why not?
  • diary
  • idkwhatimdoing
  • random
Manan Tu jo kahe by Shwetakunjam
Manan Tu jo kaheby Shweta sk kunjam
This story is about manan childhood love the two people who madly in love with eachother The ideal couple is the one who keeps everything simple yet very beautiful. The...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • love
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