He's My Comrade And I'm His Roza ❤  by DreamWriter75
He's My Comrade And I'm His Roza ❤ by Ms. RD Fanfiction
This story is about Rose and Dimitri after everything has happened with Rose getting framed for the late Queen Tatiana. Lots of amazing things are happening with Rose an...
Forbidden Eternity. by TylerNicole1x
Forbidden Eternity. by Tyler Vampire
After a should've been fatal crash, Katie Lewis wakes up on her birthday with no recollection of the night before. After returning home completely unharmed - If a little...
Dance with Devils x Reader by Chishiru
Dance with Devils x Reader by Chishiru Fanfiction
Random one-shots I'll come up with. I don't own the characters or you!
St. Vladimir's Academy by LottieWoods73
St. Vladimir's Academy by Lottie Woods Fanfiction
A Vampire Academy au story based solely off the book(s). Same story, essentially, but with some minor and some major changes in things like dialog, certain events and so...
Vampire Blood by deebers2
Vampire Blood by Cassidy Raisor Fanfiction
This is a Vampire Academy and Bloodlines continuation from the point of view from Rose. All the characters belong to Richelle Mead, except for the once that I create. Th...
Secret Night by CalliemRuiz
Secret Night by Callie Ruiz Fanfiction
Lunaris always knew that there where werewolves living amongst people. But now vampires are no longer a scary story to her anymore. When Jacob, her father, is killed by...
Awakend by AlexBelikova
Awakend by Alexandra Belikova Romance
The story begins right after "Love fades." Rose runs away to the royal court. She just ran, without taking anything with her. All she wants is that the pain wi...