Hunting Love by BlaiseWeaver
Hunting Love by Blaise
Sabrina Jade lived during a time where vampires were the dominant species on Earth. The royal family controlled everything within the area and no one was brave or strong...
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  • soulmate
  • witch
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BloodRayne (Edward Cullen/Rayne) by insaneredhead
BloodRayne (Edward Cullen/Rayne) by insaneredhead
Edward Cullen thought he was going to spend the rest of his immortal life with Bella and their daughter Renesmee, but Bella had other plans, from the start all she wante...
  • bellacullenevil
  • rosaliehale
  • emmettcullen
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ACADEMIA DE VAMPIROS: contada desde la perspectiva de Dimitri Belikov by KarlaRuizLara
ACADEMIA DE VAMPIROS: contada desd... by Black&White
  • ozer
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I solemnly swear (George Weasley- Love Story Book 1) by janewilsonpotterfan
I solemnly swear (George Weasley... by janewilsonpotterfan
Transferring to a new school is rough. Transferring to a new school in a different country is rougher. Transferring to a new school in a different country and not being...
  • harrypotter
  • dhampir
  • georgeweasley
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The Devil in Me ▸ MARVEL by starfragment
The Devil in Me ▸ MARVEL by ˗ˏˋOG Satanˎˊ˗
❝I don't wanna wake it up, the devil in me.❞ ©️starfragment | marvel stunning cover by @zellasdays
  • samwilson
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The Story of Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov 7 years after vampire academy by PrincessBianx
The Story of Rose Hathaway and Dim... by Princess Bianx
7 years after Vampire academy,many things change.. Rose struggles to make her baby live even if alchemist told her that both dhampir genes are incompatible making it dif...
  • belikov
  • dhampir
  • hathawa
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Mischief Managed (George Weasley-Love Story Book 2) by janewilsonpotterfan
Mischief Managed (George Weasley-L... by janewilsonpotterfan
I was taught that hate was strong word and that you should never hate anyone. Plenty of people hate me for what I am, but I tried to never hate them in return. But as I...
  • georgeweasley
  • dhampir
  • love
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A Guardian Wedding - Vampire Academy Fan Fic by LindseyAnn96
A Guardian Wedding - Vampire Acade... by LindseyAnn96
The VA gang is back and all grown up! Lissa's pregnant, Rose and Dimitri are getting married, and Christian's using his fire to stir up trouble in the Moroi Court. Our f...
  • wedding
  • dragomir
  • moroi
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Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy) by ha_roonie
Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy) by 春菜
****ALTERNATE ENDING IS UP**** vampire academy .... takes place after the series. There are too many strigoi attacks. Too many morois and dhampirs at risk. Is Rose and...
  • romitri
  • dimitri
  • roseanddimitri
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« Daring Heart » by thoughtfxll
« Daring Heart » by mhm💭
WITH RICHELLE MEAD'S CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS OF HER SERIES VAMPIRE ACADEMY AND BLOODLINES My own little fanfiction of the series. With my oc, Addison. She hasn't always...
  • drama
  • fanfiction
  • moroi
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Dance With Devils Boyfriend Scenarios by Jeshika-Kirishima
Dance With Devils Boyfriend Scenar... by Ayato.K's Waifu~
The characters include Rem, Urie, Shiki, Mage, Lindo and Loewen. Do u want the student council to be your boyfriend? Your dreams come true in this story.... -Request Ope...
  • anime
  • vampire
  • remkaginuki
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Hold on for you [Romitri fanfiction] by painful_happiness
Hold on for you [Romitri fanfictio... by painful_happiness
This story takes place a few years after Last Sacrifice. (Bloodlines series not included) Rose has never felt so alone. Lissa's dead, Christian has been framed and ended...
  • rosehathaway
  • vampire
  • hathaway
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Bloody Beautiful-Bloody Love (Book 4-George Weasley Love Story) by janewilsonpotterfan
Bloody Beautiful-Bloody Love (Book... by janewilsonpotterfan
"Come back to me George, or I swear I'll hunt you down." (K) "Kitty love you don't have to threaten to beat me bloody love. I'll always come back to you...
  • dhampir
  • lovestory
  • georgeweasley
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Broken Letters by MaskedBehindBlue
Broken Letters by Katana
What would happen if Rose saved Dimitri that moment in the cave? Rose makes a fresh start and a new life for herself, away from the memories of her past. However, when e...
  • chapter
  • authors
  • dragomir
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Going Stray: Sam Swift by BrettHicks
Going Stray: Sam Swift by Brett Hicks
Sam has had a rough, but rewarding two years. She moved out, leaving behind her filthy rich family, who wanted her to marry some business friend's son when she was eigh...
  • fey
  • magic
  • unseelie
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To Be a Belikov (Vampire Academy Fan Fiction Book 3) by LindseyAnn96
To Be a Belikov (Vampire Academy F... by LindseyAnn96
To Be a Belikov - Book #3 of Vampire Academy Fanfiction After returning from yet another mission in service to the Queen years ago, Rose, Dimitri, and Annessa fe...
  • fanfiction
  • teacher
  • childhood
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Biting Love by BlaiseWeaver
Biting Love by Blaise
It should have been their happily ever after. Sabrina and Drew have finally escaped from their close-minded families to start a new life together. But their honeymoon p...
  • hidden
  • sabrina
  • illegal
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It's All Fun And Games by VampGirl555
It's All Fun And Games by Niki
Rose Hathaway is up to no good and the only person who can tame her is Dimitri Belikov. What will happen? Read to find out.
  • dimitribelikov
  • albertapetrov
  • moroi
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Collateral Damage by VampireAcademyFan123
Collateral Damage by VampireAcademyFan123
other profile is: https://www.wattpad.com/user/oppsitshappening "She is a baby born from two dhampirs, her father is the man that broke my heart and left with anoth...
  • romitri
  • strigoi
  • vampireacademy
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I Missed You (George Weasley-Love Story Book 3) by janewilsonpotterfan
I Missed You (George Weasley-Love... by janewilsonpotterfan
The last bit of summer before Kat was meant to return from her internship in Bulgaria, working with magical beasts, was excellent. But, instead of returning to Hogwarts...
  • georgeweasley
  • lovestory
  • harrypotter
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