Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Wat... by Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
  • memory
  • love
  • nightmare
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number 3 in TFIL Preferences
  • tfil
  • colbybrock
  • scotty
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The Billionaire's LOVE | ✔ by mizzSNF
The Billionaire's LOVE | ✔ by 🌸 H A N 🌸
" What have you done to me?'' His dark aura screamed danger and his orbs hold no glint of light looking straight to mine, i take step back distance myself from hi...
  • innocent
  • teen
  • gentle
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Our long distance story - Alycia/You by bravesalycia
Our long distance story - Alycia/Y... by c,,
Social media started it all and it will keep like this. How long can it lasts? Different social medias: Instagram Twitter imessages enjoy..;)
  • alycia
  • debnam
  • ftwd
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10 Boys by fizzyburr7
10 Boys by Jj
Sometimes, life changes so fast and you just have no control over it. And that's the harsh truth for Lexi Henderson. Copyright © 2014 by fizzyburr7 All Rights Reserved
  • tomahawk
  • qqopp
  • fanfic
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Kidnapped, Beat, and Now a Slave by Insaneperson
Kidnapped, Beat, and Now a Slave by Madison
  • cheer
  • fear
  • coffin
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Amnesia // Cube SMP // Book One by -indescribable
Amnesia // Cube SMP // Book One by Laura
"I wish that I could wake up with amnesia, and forget about your stupid little face." The First Book in the 'Amnesia' series. Two Category #CubeFanfictonAwards...
  • heyimbee
  • brayden
  • childdolphin
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Teenage Dream *Tom Felton Love Story* by kenziefelton
Teenage Dream *Tom Felton Love Sto... by McKenzie
  • murray
  • felton
  • tom
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Rodrick Heffley Love Story by Bluepixie234
Rodrick Heffley Love Story by Bluepixie234
  • heffely
  • wimpy
  • bostick
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Crossroads by sochill
Crossroads by Arielle C. (previously @EpicR...
Doctor Tristan Devon lived his life with the simple happiness everyone craved - he had his dream job, a more-than-alright home, friends who always held him in high estee...
  • confusion
  • hamilton
  • frappuccino
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Chuck Versus the Book by chucksgotadate
Chuck Versus the Book by chucksgotadate
Chuck just told Sarah all about their wonderful life they spent together. However, Sarah doesn't remember. But after he told her their story, Sarah fell in love with Ch...
  • casey
  • morgan
  • jeffrey
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Devon• by diaxmonds
Devon• by nis ♡
" Kur je nje vajze qe karakterizohesh nga mosbesimi dhe ndjeshmeria emocionale, pendohesh shume per zgjedhjet e tua, " Buzeqesha, " Por asnjehere nuk jam...
  • albanian
  • devon
  • shqip
Devon // ✔️ // [NEWADULT] by Emily__Katie
Devon // ✔️ // [NEWADULT] by Emily__Katie
Devon // ✔️ // [NEWADULT][©][ARR][ONGOING] • He approached me slowly, dragging a slender hand through his unkempt head of hair. The action itself would've been enough...
  • dangerous
  • mature
  • adventure
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Ponor by Senjorina
Ponor by Senjorina
Devon je sve o čemu je Ana potajno maštala. Stiven je realnost koje se ne može odreći. Ne može da bira, i deli svoj život na san i javu. Šta kad se san i java sretnu?
  • ponor
  • romance
  • black
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Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, arrogant and a teaser? Check. by IsaBellsAreRinging
Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, arrogant... by Isabella
Arianna Wilson lost her parents almost six months ago in a car-accident. After that, she never left her room and never talked to anyone. A few months later, her grandpar...
  • grumpy
  • apologize
  • weeks
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WHY MY BULLY  by officalkiyah
WHY MY BULLY by officalkiyah
breyon will get bullied by August alsina
  • xavier
  • yannah
  • hannah
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Opposites Really Do Attract! | Book 1 by miracleevers18
Opposites Really Do Attract! | Boo... by Miracle Evers
Meet Erin Ganson: she's a total brainiac and is training to be a teacher at eighteen! To complete her early teaching course, she has to show that she has experience by t...
  • bedroom
  • shouting
  • loveromance2011
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I Made You by MajaDiana
I Made You by Maja Diana
[Teen Fic / Romance] Gabby's sister only falls in love with the hot player types. As a result, Gabby is forced to watch her sister suffer through heartbreak after heartb...
  • completed
  • watty
  • gossip
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Red-Heads On The Battle Front by sage6alastor6node
Red-Heads On The Battle Front by Sage Alastor Node
When Gwen Taylor, book nerd and all round geek, meets an old friend, sparks fly. No really, dynamites and intercontinental missiles, every army veteran's greatest fantas...
  • gwen
  • love
  • taylor
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Purple Eyes by Thedreamweaver
Purple Eyes by Maddie
Ever dreamed of having purple eyes? Devon finds out the truth about hers. They can kill someone on eye contact. Unfortunately, she isn't the only one to know the fact. A...
  • purple
  • death
  • devil
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