Mystery / Thriller


Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery--Book #1) by BlakePierceAuthor
Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery... by Blake Pierce
Women are turning up dead in the rural outskirts of Virginia, killed in grotesque ways, and when the FBI is called in, they are stumped. A serial killer is out there, hi...
  • fbi
  • strongefemalelead
  • investigation
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Heart of Gold by LovelyWriter123
Heart of Gold by D.M. Emerald
Jason McTern left the small town of Vensword to escape his sorrows. When he returns to check on his diner and family he didn't expect Grace Adler.  Gracie works at the...
  • stand
  • fear
  • officer
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Read Me Like A Book (BBC Sherlock FanFiction) by beans255
Read Me Like A Book (BBC Sherlock... by Jelly
"So then, enlighten me, Amelia Robbins. What did you find?" Sherlock Holmes and Amelia Robbins meet on the same case by accident. The two deducing masterminds...
  • blindbanker
  • soctlandyard
  • crime
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Dead Politician Society by RobinSpano
Dead Politician Society by Robin Spano
The mayor of Toronto collapses and dies while making a speech. The newspaper receives an email -- a fake obituary that claims credit for his murder. The note is signed b...
  • undercover
  • politics
  • murder
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The Eridanus Files by RC_Pointer
The Eridanus Files by R.C. Pointer
[Rated #158 in Mystery/Thriller 12.8.17] There are a lot of things to consider when lying in a pool of one's own blood. Perhaps how such an event came to take place...
  • relationship
  • murdermystery
  • chicklit
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Relationship Status: Mafia  by The-Skarlet-Fox
Relationship Status: Mafia by Drifter
Alice Danvers a 24 year old New York city senior detective. Most of her co-workers would describe her as driven, persistent, and a complete smart ass. While investagatin...
  • newadult
  • forbiddenlove
  • kidnapped
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The Weapon-A Sherlock Fanfiction by ceceherondale
The Weapon-A Sherlock Fanfiction by ceceherondale
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were just on another case. A case in a secret government organization that is not what it seems. There they meet Jax, a sarcastic, indepe...
  • martinfreeman
  • mystery
  • fanfiction
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The Badge by Chxrleighh
The Badge by Charleigh
"Oh, and just so you know, falling in love with an officer will be your downfall."
  • secrets
  • love
  • prisoned
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Felicia's Spirits by MarieHiggins
Felicia's Spirits by Marie Higgins
Former covert field agent for the Prime Minister, Felicia Adler wants a normal life living as a wealthy widow. Unfortunately, a man from her past won't allow her this co...
  • secrets
  • sweet
  • historical
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Undeniably Yours by GINgoldstein
Undeniably Yours by GINgoldstein
Set after the defeat of the black organization, Haibara works herself out to finish the antidote. What will become of her relationship with Conan? What will happen when...
  • teen
  • aptx4869
  • romance
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The Hunter [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
The Hunter [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] {BOOK THREE OF THE BO AUSTEN SERIES} Three months after forensic analyst Bo Austen killed a serial killer to save his own life, he's still suffering from the...
  • mystery
  • murderer
  • crime
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Undeductable by your_queer_dad
Undeductable by g l i t t e r b u g
Love is a disadvantage. At least that's what Sherlock's older brother Mycroft has always told him. Sherlock tries his damnedest not to love John. But he can't help just...
  • martin
  • bbc
  • moriarity
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Protecting Fable (#5~Stone Knight's MC) by Meganfall
Protecting Fable (#5~Stone Knight'... by Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #4 ~ 11/27/17**Tripp was in love once, but she left him, breaking something inside of him. Now, Tripp's a detective, but now he can't stand...
  • cop
  • bikerclub
  • kidnapp
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Masterful Trickery (Everard Family #7) by greenwriter
Masterful Trickery (Everard Family... by Janelle Ruiz
THE BANDIT She merely meant to steal and get away with it. She did not mean to find a dying woman and be chased for it. She merely meant to help. She did not mean to b...
  • dystopian
  • conspiracy
  • edwardian
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Mystery & Murder Riddles. by beautifulandmystery
Mystery & Murder Riddles. by Jasmine.A
Welcome to the official book of the Mystery & murders and riddles book. A place where you get to build you detective skills *inserts wink* and I look forward into making...
  • screams
  • sherlock
  • horror
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Trapped by aya_sherif
Trapped by Aya ツ
When Alexandra 'Alex' Ryan was ten, both of her parents were murdered in front of her eyes and the killers were never brought to justice. She was haunted by the memory o...
  • parteners
  • agent
  • crime
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E N T H R A L by awishgrantingfactory
E N T H R A L by awishgrantingfactory
⌈ ENTHRAL verb ❛capture the fascinated attention of.❜ ⌋ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ❱ ✾ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ ❰ Six months after graduation, twenty-two-year-old Skyl...
  • newadult
  • badassreads
  • boxer
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Red Eyed Killers by AnastasiaThomas089
Red Eyed Killers by Anastasia Thomas
(Highest ranking in mystery / thriller #15) For 50 years this country has been at war with the world. Prompted by terrorism the country de-globalized. All borders were s...
  • thriller
  • traitor
  • investigation
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Out of Body - An Avebury Witches Cozy Mystery by linahanson
Out of Body - An Avebury Witches C... by Lina Hanson
!!!UPDATES TWICE A WEEK!!! #1 in Cozymystery various times! Only a week since she caught the solstice killer, and Myrtle Coldron, amateur witch, amateur sleuth, i...
LoreKi One Shots (Project Loki) by RoanneSiel
LoreKi One Shots (Project Loki) by roanne
A LoreKi fanfiction (from Project Loki by @AkoSiIbarra) Highest rank: 06/17/17 - #643 in Fanfiction 11/29/17 - #189 11/30/17 - #166 12/03/17 - #149 12/04/17 - #105 12/05...
  • detective
  • loreleirios
  • loki
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