Levi x Reader One-Shots by Mattie_Beilschmidt
Levi x Reader One-Shotsby Mattie_Beilschmidt
Simple Levi x Reader one-shots! Note: Most of these are directed towards Levi x (Female) Reader, but I can write yaoi if requested! (F/N)= First Name, (L/N)= Last Name...
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red hair and a blue hoodie // ed sheeran by TheLostTurtle
red hair and a blue hoodie // ed audrey
a story about a girl who goes blind and a boy that just wants to love her. [dont worry - i am planning to go back and edit this story soon so it wont be as gross as it i...
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My Mate Is My Best Friend! by SuicidalQueenRules
My Mate Is My Best Friend!by Lee-Ann
Wyatt and Charles have been best friends since they were born, their parents being friends the boys practically never left each other's side. It's a big surprise when e...
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Top 10 Mature Reads On Wattpad  by ikuvbogieiraz
Top 10 Mature Reads On Wattpad by Irabor Ikuvbogie
Looking for hot and steamy Books to keep you smiling all day? You're at the right Place because I've got wonderful books here just waiting to be read by you. Check out b...
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How To Be Successful On Wattpad! by mjt123
How To Be Successful On Wattpad!by mjt123
For those of you who need help with publicity, promoting or posting stories here on Wattpad, you’ve come to the right place. Here on “How To Be Successful On Wattpad” I...
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♡Yaoi Roleplay♡ by _Shittykawa_
♡Yaoi Roleplay♡by Oikawa Tooru
"Only look at me."
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Cover & Trailer Shoppe (Open For Business) by Kapuyo
Cover & Trailer Shoppe (Open For Kuroe
I'm not a procrastinator, I'm just really productive at unimportant things. Lucky for you, my procrastination has turned into the urge to create covers and trailers just...
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Wattpad for Dummies by Writing-101
Wattpad for Dummiesby Emma and Lisa.
A 'Step by step'-guide on how to get the most out of Wattpad.
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Wrong x Life by 0TheBaeIsHere0
Wrong x Lifeby Killer Queen
The end of the world begins from one thing. Every beginning has had an end. Human's are going extinct, and the cause is seven "chosen" people who represent the...
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Interesting Bios by aavikaa
Interesting Biosby aavikaa :P
So...isnt it just all wattpader's habit to randomly go on others people's profiles and read their bios? There are several bios that I stumble upon and personally think a...
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Story Of Jannah by Mymouna143
Story Of Jannahby MymounaE
1.Description of the Jannah(Garden). 2.The rewards of Jannah. 3.The level of Jannah. E.t.c. ***** Please read the book and don't forget to vote/comment/share.
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Cry's Descriptions by Lost_And_Insane
Cry's Descriptionsby ××/Sαm\××
Cry's descriptions are great shit. In this book, I write the funny ones down for you to read. So pretty much every one. ... I don't have a life. :D
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Scattered - Tangled series (Overprotective famous brothers) by MusicMyLife
Scattered - Tangled series ( That Girl
Three overprotective, famous elder brothers? Check. Being Adopted? Check. Having a mysterious past? Check. Elite Gymnastics and Music? Check. Being in the Limelight...
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Connor My Dear Boy (FINISHED) by Skulli-Misericordia
Connor My Dear Boy (FINISHED)by ꧁▁▁ baeel
After the death of his mother, Connor is sent to live with his father in the suburbs. Haytham, on the other hand, did not know of his son's existence and now has to stru...
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An Book Of My Ocs by Dark-the-Hedgehog
An Book Of My Ocsby Dark the Demon Hedgehog
My Book of Ocs, where you can find information about any of my ocs
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Book Names by 0TheBaeIsHere0
Book Namesby Killer Queen
Inside are guidelines and rules on how this works. Book includes cover templates, cover titles, ideas for books, and a mini description. Rules Inside. Copyright © 2018...
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I Make Book Covers! ~ CLOSED! by Xx_Pink_Fashion_xX
I Make Book Covers! ~ CLOSED!by Xx_Pink_Fashion_xX
I create book covers! Requests are open!
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Best BoyxBoy Books on Wattpad by OnyxRaven2128
Best BoyxBoy Books on Wattpadby rAiNbOw-eXpLoSiOn
Okay, so this is a list of my favorite books here on Wattpad so far. I will give my reviews (sorta) on the books that I really enjoyed reading, and tell you what I real...
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Description of characters in new story by Madisonisokayig
Description of characters in new Madison✨
So I'm working on a teenage rebellion story& i figured id describe the characters for you. Chapter one should be posted later?. - - - *Disclaimer~ these pictures are fro...
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The Writer's Guide to Vivid Scenes and Characters! by sherry_soule
The Writer's Guide to Vivid S. A. Soule
In this sneak peek at this comprehensive writing fiction manual, writers will learn how to create extraordinary worlds and deeply submerge readers into their story. Cons...
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