CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by sagalicious
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by k i p
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Creepypasta lemons  by bluedeerrose
Creepypasta lemons by {Theo}
Derp -3- Requests are closed for now!
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Derpy Maknae by darkoverlord265
Derpy Maknae by Tatiana Greenway
Being Namjoon's (Rap Monster) little sister, you get to hang out with BTS a lot. He drags you to all of his rehearsals and concerts. He also taught you how to speak Engl...
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Ouran High School Host Club X Reader by izzyana7
Ouran High School Host Club X Read... by IzzyBoo_Derp
You are Haruhi's adopted sister, (y/n) Neko. You have black cat ears and a tail, which you hide under your hoodie. What will happen when you meet the host club. How will...
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Art Book # 3 by IAm0PAL
Art Book # 3 by ➵Ganon ➵
psh Welcome to hell like i wanna jump in a pit now, •3
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MEMES by EmeraldCLovegood
MEMES by Emmi-Chan LeCringe
Just some memes that I'll post. Highest rank: #968 in random. Highest rank: #795 in random.
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Foxy x reader by One_More_Nightmare
Foxy x reader by ·*°• I M I N S A N E •°*·
Will you fall for foxy in this amazing fnaf fan fiction? key- H/C = Hair color H/L = Hair length E/C = eye color F/C = favorite color LF/C = least favorite color Y/N = y...
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Warrior Cats Name Generator! by MysteryHarp
Warrior Cats Name Generator! by ✨Shiny~✨
Having trouble what name you should have? No problem! This is the perfect book for you to decide! NOTE: This book was made years ago so prepare yourself for some terribl...
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Forget Me (sequel to Remind Me) by hghrules
Forget Me (sequel to Remind Me) by Haven
*sequel to Remind Me* After losing his memory (and then regaining it) (and then losing it again) (and then getting it back one more time), Sky can't seem to get over the...
  • returnofthegianttoaster
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Scrape's Random Book of Random 'Art' by KaosAndMeyhem_Write
Scrape's Random Book of Random 'Ar... by Scrape
The title says it all. This is the second 'book' for all of the random (/horrible) drawings I have done. They range from Skylanders to ship drawings to anything that for...
  • artbook
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Future Of Hope <Re-Writing> by VirtueGrowl
Future Of Hope by 살다 웃음 사랑
They go to protect Renesmee! Not you They take Renesmee with them! They left you behind Renesmee was loved by all! Even had an imprint! Everyone ignored you! Renesmee wa...
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Creepypasta x girl!child!reader by xXTheanglechanXx
Creepypasta x girl!child!reader by Demon Neko
Little (y/n) was 6, she was a orphan, she hated the place since kids called her a freak......for a reason though......she could see the dead. She had made friends with t...
  • slendymanz
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Weird things to do in public by Toxic-Soda
Weird things to do in public by Citrus Blend
Don't do when drunk
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Homestuck lemons And Oneshots by FandomTrashWorks
Homestuck lemons And Oneshots by FandomTrashWorks
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Your dream,My Reality(ART BOOK) by springbunnyfnaf
Moko's Bio/Updates by MokoSun
Moko's Bio/Updates by Moko (Mo)
Basically Stuff about me and updates on stuff in my life
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SoNiC  MeMeS by silversenpai06
SoNiC MeMeS by Just a potato
just a bunch of sonic memes and funny stuff :3 hope ya like it my army of peeps lol jk :D
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Hetalia Crack! by Mint_Bunnies
Hetalia Crack! by Wow I need to stop dying
I seen a lot of these and I wanted to do one as well Welcome to my version of crack where I post random videos I find on YouTube, Post pick up lines from the cuties, and...
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Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon / Fluff by _-_-jana_-_-
Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon / Fluff by Jana💙
😂😝This is a lemon which means its going to be sour😝😂 (Y/N) = your name (h/c) = hair color (f/c) = favorite color (2/f/c)= 2nd favorite color (h/l) = hair length
  • lemon
  • 18plus
  • ticcitoby
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One More Curtis (Outsiders FF) by ToniPerri
One More Curtis (Outsiders FF) by Jane Lane
Live Fast. Die Young. Be Wild. And Have Fun. -Lana Del Rey. //Osanapitzesma //The Outsiders Fanfiction
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