Cringe Book by CakelynnCakeTV
Cringe Book by cαkє-ѕαn Random
Where you see bad art, awful post and screaming minecraft kids. If you're very sensitive don't read this book. Also these are my opinions, my thoughts. Don't witchhunt t...
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by sagalicious
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by k i p Fanfiction
MEMES by EmeraldCLovegood
MEMES by Emmi-Chan LeCringe Random
Just some memes that I'll post. Highest rank: #968 in random. Highest rank: #795 in random.
lips. by 95skth
lips. by 🎈 Random
i like boys because they dont make me feel stupid for being soft so yay
Switch × Stevidot × Human! AU (Hiatus) by Clodblessyou
Switch × Stevidot × Human! AU (Hia... by ♡cℓσ∂ѕ!♡ Fanfiction
Her eyes grew wide. "You looked through my text?!" She clutched her phone. "Well...No." I began to sweat. "Okay maybe...just a bit?" When S...
diree of beebo by CuriousAuthor
diree of beebo by Edgelord 3000 Fanfiction
hi der mi nam is beebo. wulcum to mi diree.
Cursed  ~ A Ssundee and Crainer Fanfic by Yolo_X_Gaminig
Cursed ~ A Ssundee and Crainer Fa... by Yolo_X_Gaming Fanfiction
It was just another day for Ian, recording some Crundee Craft as always. He logged onto yet another troll from Villain Crainer. It seemed pretty basic, stealing Gertrud...
MCD/MyStreet Boyfriend Scenarios (Inspired by Xx_Ayn_xX) by Demsy__
MCD/MyStreet Boyfriend Scenarios (... by Demon and Missy ;3 Random
Random Scenarios book inspired by @Xx_Ayn_xX
Ouran High School Host Club X Reader by izzyana7
Ouran High School Host Club X Read... by IzzyBoo_Derp Fanfiction
You are Haruhi's adopted sister, (y/n) Neko. You have black cat ears and a tail, which you hide under your hoodie. What will happen when you meet the host club. How will...
Hetalia Crack! by Mint_Bunnies
Hetalia Crack! by Wow I need to stop dying Fanfiction
I seen a lot of these and I wanted to do one as well Welcome to my version of crack where I post random videos I find on YouTube, Post pick up lines from the cuties, and...
Aphmau a YouTuber Story by Sigherra
Aphmau a YouTuber Story by ~Turtle Cake Waffle Queen~ Fanfiction
Aphmau Jessica Devine Odinson Phoenix is the most popular YouTuber in the world. Her life seems so simple on YouTube. But, in reality she's just that girl at school that...
Creepypasta x girl!child!reader by xXTheanglechanXx
Creepypasta x girl!child!reader by Demon Neko Fanfiction
Little (y/n) was 6, she was a orphan, she hated the place since kids called her a freak......for a reason though......she could see the dead. She had made friends with t...
Homestuck lemons And Oneshots by FandomTrashWorks
Future Of Hope <Re-Writing> by VirtueGrowl
Future Of Hope by Dark&Light Fanfiction
They go to protect Renesmee! Not you They take Renesmee with them! They left you behind Renesmee was loved by all! Even had an imprint! Everyone ignored you! Renesmee wa...
Warrior Cats Name Generator! by MysteryHarp
Warrior Cats Name Generator! by ✨Shiny~✨ Random
Having trouble what name you should have? No problem! This is the perfect book for you to decide! NOTE: This book was made years ago so prepare yourself for some terribl...
IDK What to call it by EvePhoenix1123
ART - Or Something Like That [REQUESTS OPEN] by Literal_Sin
ART - Or Something Like That [REQU... by Zoinks Random
This book is slowly descending into a cesspool of memes and anime. God help us all. Requests are open! See the first chapter for more details.
Scrape's Random Book of Random 'Art' by KaosAndMeyhem_Write
Scrape's Random Book of Random 'Ar... by Scrape Random
The title says it all. This is the second 'book' for all of the random (/horrible) drawings I have done. They range from Skylanders to ship drawings to anything that for...
The Boxer and The Jock? by merpderp19974
The Boxer and The Jock? by Taylor Janz Romance
Ever since she was young, she had been interested in boxing. She finally got a scholarship to some high up boarding school in America with her twin brother, the co-capta...
in which he finds his exception.