Repudiated Mate by ExplosionsOfBooks
Repudiated Mateby Natalie
"Behind my smile, I'm tearing apart." Kera Matthews has been tormented for what seems like forever. Since losing her parents, she's been blamed contin...
  • reject
  • romance
  • death
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Horror Text Stories I by NightimeHorror
Horror Text Stories Iby Bridge
Fictional texts between two or more teenagers. Scary, mysterious, funny, thrilling. Best read in black background. (For ages 13+) Follow the author on social medias! I...
  • one
  • thriller
  • summer
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(Kuro X Eve! reader) Servamp by bayley2
(Kuro X Eve! reader) Servampby bayley2
This is set a long time after Mahiru. Since vampires don't age of course. Anyways~ Description: School sucks. Life sucks. You don't have any friends; in fact, you were...
  • kuro
  • ending
  • love
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"Sad Anime Quotes" by BitterIISweet
"Sad Anime Quotes"by 💀🖤
It's in the title. Sad Anime Quotes. I can guarantee that you can find a quote here just for you! And please don't shed another tear young one. You look beautiful even w...
  • feels
  • random
  • anime
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Playing Hearts by whoiskim
Playing Heartsby - ̗̀ k i m m y ̖́-
He said he loved her and promised to stay faithful. Well that promise is long gone coming home every night reeking a new smell of perfume as well as hickeys full on disp...
  • affair
  • drinking
  • romance
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Camisado || Brallon by Lovaticatthedisco
Camisado || Brallonby Brallon! At The Disco
Just another stupid Bralllon story hehe (I hate writing descriptions just read the story)
  • brallon
  • eatingdisorder
  • depressing
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Drarry Trash by PunkPinkKitten
Drarry Trashby PunkPinkKitten
Yep. Like the title says. Fluff, lemon, angst, just hella cute gay Drarry.
  • harrypotter
  • dracobottom
  • drarry
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long sleeves » taehyung by coldplayhemmo
long sleeves » taehyungby han | 한
"why do you always wear long sleeves?" "d-don't ask," but then again, his mind drifted to different, deep and complex conclusions to what was hidden...
  • angst
  • fanfiction
  • bts
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Love hurts || Noah (schnapp) x reader  by weaveschnachters
Love hurts || Noah (schnapp) x Sh00k
This story is gonna he happy and depressing at times You and your best friend piper get the pleasure to meet Chloe and Noah one day what goes on after that meeting?
  • love
  • milliebobbybrown
  • strangerthings
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•.•.Itacest One-shots•.•. by mayall_canismajor
•.•.Itacest One-shots•.•.by нαρρу ѕмσℓ вєαи
Random small one-shots of itacest all by me •.•. I do not own hetalia nor the characters•.•.
  • seborga
  • depressing
  • lovinovargas
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The Hooded Boy // Colby Brock x reader by Bunny5002
The Hooded Boy // Colby Brock x Bonnie B
YN is a brand new YouTuber with a bad life :\. That is until Sam sees her video and decided to meet up with her but what Sam and the gang don't know about her is that he...
  • sam
  • colbybrock
  • suicideattempt
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Goku x Reader  by eyesofthe_soul
Goku x Reader by eyesofthe_soul
Its a life that you would have to live and breathe to get to know. It's about You and Goku having a life together. At first it's not that easy. Then it falls into place...
  • depressing
  • romance
  • reader
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Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016] by autumn_elle
Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016]by elle
~My name's Lexa, as all of you probably know now. I'm eighteen but still don't have driving license. I honestly feel like I'm a newborn here. And I am in some way. I was...
  • romance
  • love
  • freementalillness
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Zanvis by birdline
Zanvisby 『El』
It was the night after Aphmaus sleepover for Aaron coming home. Travis and Zane were in their car blasting music when suddenly they got ran off the road into a terrible...
  • gay
  • romantic
  • funny
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poems by m_girl13
poemsby Rebel Yell
poems based on how I feel Sorry but the poems are mostly about depression. You have been warned A/N Hey guys I've been writing poems for a while and I know that you'll...
  • sad
  • love
  • poem
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Artbook 4  by jaywing2003
Artbook 4 by .
Mmmmm yes I have made it very far Warning: Depressing shit so don't read it if you can't be bothered with it
  • depressing
  • warriorcats
  • cats
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Red String [] ✓ by BLISSJIN
Red String [] ✓by ❝ 사랑 ❞
in which kim seokjin wasn't born with a red string like everybody else.
  • kimseokjin
  • romance
  • angst
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Crazy In Love by MayaDMA
Crazy In Loveby MayaDMA
(Part 2 of Missing Piece!!) two boys go to college on their first day. Everything was perfect with their relationship. Until one day. Someone visits this green bean, but...
  • love
  • septiplier
  • visitor
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Jaiden Animations x Female Reader by MikasaAckerman098
Jaiden Animations x Female Readerby MikasaAckerman098
When I first created this book, there were no other Jaiden x Reader books anywhere. But once I uploaded my first chapter, I saw about three or four other books online...
  • romance
  • lovestory
  • youtube
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I don't need help. by graysonwhore
I don't need Emilie/ Lilith
Stiles has been acting strange. Well stranger then normal. Scott wants to help him but with Derek gone. Stiles shut himself away. (( Sterek Fan Fic. Which goes off seaso...
  • depressing
  • completed
  • teenwolfseason5
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