different by -hiscinderella
different by 💞carter's💞
whoop whoop here comes the train of sadness hop on bitches
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Your Tired Eyes|| Joji by agerbilatemymelons
Your Tired Eyes|| Joji by Stereotypes
"Will he treat you like shit just the way that I did?" ||Sad Boi hours|| ||Joji||
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Mr. Gangster meets Ms. Bobo by bloodymike
Mr. Gangster meets Ms. Bobo by
The Date
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Saturday by pectus_excavatum
Saturday by kazoo
This is partially about when I was straight up depressed one Saturday. Nothing really edgy tho. Just some dumb shet.
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Why'd you choose me? by SpaceMeansNoGay
Why'd you choose me? by I'm Quaking
lol why did you read this
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Poetry & Stories by me (a depressing, sarcastic and obsessive teenage girl!) by CiaraDaFangirl
Poetry & Stories by me (a depressi... by CiaraDaFangirl
Poetry by me Ciara, most of my writing consist of two themes: Love and Tragedy (sometimes even both in the one!) Some might be silly but I mostly write when I want to t...
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Admin's shitposting by Rosalie_Koning
Admin's shitposting by ᖇOᔕᗩᒪIE KOᑎIᑎG
Hi Welcome to my shit posting book Yep. Just... lotta shit posting... Prepare for angst, ranting, memes, depresso beans, and h a t e.
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