Gifted by Julia_Mikkelson
Gifted by Julia Mikkelson
In a world where everyone is born with unique magical abilities, one girl is born with none. That girl, Nora Evans, has always felt left out, watching as others pass her...
  • demons
  • monsters
  • adventure
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The Newfound Prince of Darkness by Jarodisamazing
The Newfound Prince of Darkness by Son of Satan
Jarod Morgan never knew his father. He disappeared after he was born. Now, his stepfather is a drunk, and his mother is a drug addict. Then, he starts noticing things...
  • hybrid
  • trust
  • vampires
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Fangs by Emilywat028
Fangs by Emily Watson-Hughes
Can a Vampire fall for a Shadow hunter? Raphael Santiago meets Ebony (Danielle Campbell), a kind hearted, fun-loving college student and shadow hunter, unknowingly rai...
  • raphael
  • jacewayland
  • demons
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Rogue - Firefury - Book 2.5 by NightElflady
Rogue - Firefury - Book 2.5 by AJ Wright
**1st Place WINNER in the GOLD AWARDS 2017 FANFICTION CATEGORY 2nd Place WINNER in the AQUA PEARL AWARDS 2017 FANFICTION CATEGORY** "I am Tiene Firefury. I am s...
  • fantasy
  • demon-hunter
  • rite-of-passage
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TK effect by nightwalker4223
TK effect by nightwalker4223
Takumi and Kamiko try to reestablish their relationship while their families are at war with one another. Will TK(Takumi Komatsu) and KJ(Kamiko Jukodo) finally be togeth...
  • demons
  • wolfs
  • action
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The City of Eden by EOBwrites
The City of Eden by Elise Ore Oma Buford
• "Most people fear the dark- the shadows, the cracks, the spaces, what lies between what can and cannot be seen. These people go about their lives blind to the re...
  • grimreaper
  • powers
  • fighting
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The Demon Wars  by marichat-lives
Crystal,Leo,Justice and Tye everyone thinks they're normal kids but there not. They are part demon part neko and all ready for adventure. How did they end being reborn a...
  • vampire
  • angel
  • wattys2017
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EvenWhisper- Shadows Of Past [Warcraft Fanfic] by TheDragonBreath
EvenWhisper- Shadows Of Past [Warc... by ᎠᏒᎪᎶᎾᏁ bᏒᎬᎪᏆh
[story under construction] A calm breeze danced through the leaves of the ancient trees, causing a low howling noise, it flew through the ashes of the broken, burnt hous...
  • videogames
  • wow
  • action
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Demons, Roses, and Winchesters by huntersunite
Demons, Roses, and Winchesters by Fiona Cummings
Mimi, Evita, Silena, Jade, Angel, and Maureen. Some of the most badass hunters around. Only they have a secret. A big one. And when they run into the Winchester brothers...
  • broadwayrefrences
  • supernatural
  • deanwinchester
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Cross, The Scorching Abyss (A Tale of Fire and Sin Book One) by RenegadeSoul07
Cross, The Scorching Abyss (A Tale... by RenegadeSoul07
"She came to save him from darkness. He came to free her from light." Salvation. Damnation. Revenge. Since ancient times, mankind has warred against the Cur...
  • youngadult
  • scifi
  • featured
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The Wayward Daughter by spntrueforever
The Wayward Daughter by Melanie Morgan
Emily Becker's life flipped upside down on the evening of her 17th birthday. She was cursed as a baby with angel blood. Now getting ready to be taken by the Angel that h...
  • bobby
  • deansdaughter
  • demons
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in which a witch and a mind reader run into the winchesters and end up helping with a case ( on hold ) ©lordpatience 2016 DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural or any of...
  • fanfiction
  • original
  • winchester
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A Raven's Tale by NightElflady
A Raven's Tale by AJ Wright
#922 in Fantasy 20.08.17 Trapped beneath broken stone and warped metal, a solitary raven panics as it senses imminent danger. It escapes certain death mere seco...
  • stormwind
  • horde
  • magic
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⚘The Guardian's Mark⚘|| Complete by CreateToRelease
⚘The Guardian's Mark⚘|| Complete by Alysha Carson
🏆Winner in The Discourse Awards🌟 Angels and demons are a myth...or so Ava thinks until she meets the mysterious Gavin. She has no idea the purpose her life holds until...
  • teen
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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The Kalidian Chronicles -- Wrong Side of Heaven by PotterheadHades
The Kalidian Chronicles -- Wrong S... by Frost Lakes
"Wrong Side of Heaven" follows Kalidian, or Kal, a fallen angel stuck in Purgatory. Soon, however, he is freed by a mysterious yet powerful mortal mage. Togeth...
  • demonhunter
  • antihero
  • angel
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A Demon Hunter and a Demon? Get Serious! by SkySpiritslayer
A Demon Hunter and a Demon? Get Se... by Queen Sky
My name is Y/n L/n. I'm a demon, true, but I'm different from other demons in this world. Anyhow, I started working for this demon hunter which is a stupid idea. And I b...
  • demonhunters
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
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Discordia by Phoenix_dark
Discordia by Adrian Crevan
Book One of the Legendary Trilogy ------------ Arya is just a normal girl, with a normal life, loving parents, and a full social life. Everything changes when a beautif...
  • funny
  • shifter
  • demons
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'O nā koa by user54657372
'O nā koa by EchoFledge_Therian
When Dulton, Taitum, and Siphur go home to find their parent's room ravaged and a mysterious note, they go on a hell mission finding their parents, while running from so...
  • vampires
  • vampire
  • magic
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If love is a crime, make me your victim... by Yuki-Cross-GC16
If love is a crime, make me your v... by #GCGP18
[In English & French] In the High School Fairy Tail, Erza is one of the best students, it is even an Idol for sure... while remaining highly respected for his strength (...
  • nalu
  • vampire
  • fancfiction
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Fallen Angel. Devil May Cry. by TriggerHappyHaven
Fallen Angel. Devil May Cry. by TriggerHappyHaven
She didn't want to be here, she didn't want to be anywhere near this city. She has no family here that cares about her and no one she cares about. "I don't see you...
  • hurt-comfort
  • demon
  • hybrid
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