The Newfound Prince of Darkness by jarodisamazing
The Newfound Prince of Darknessby Son of Satan
Jarod Morgan never knew his father. He disappeared after he was born. Now, his stepfather is a drunk, and his mother is a drug addict. Then, he starts noticing things...
  • drunk
  • human
  • devil
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Inner Demons || Demon Girls X Demon Hunter Male Reader by KyleAXBarrett
Inner Demons || Demon Girls X Stryker
After some financial problems, you're father, fearing for you're health, sent you to the UK, under watch of an old family friend you never heard of. You are given a new...
  • demonhunter
  • malereader
  • originalbook
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The Wayward Daughter by spntrueforever
The Wayward Daughterby Melanie Morgan
Emily Becker's life flipped upside down on the evening of her 17th birthday. She was cursed as a baby with angel blood. Now getting ready to be taken by the Angel that h...
  • bobby
  • fanfiction
  • supernatural
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Fangs by Emilywat028
Fangsby Emily Watson-Hughes
Can a Vampire fall for a Shadow hunter? Raphael Santiago meets Ebony (Danielle Campbell), a kind hearted, fun-loving college student and shadow hunter, unknowingly rai...
  • davidcastro
  • jacewayland
  • aleclightwood
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Just your Average Vampire -- Book 1 of the Master Demon series [Complete] by wishberry
Just your Average Vampire -- wishberry
Moving to a new town, Ellora Bernard quickly realizes she's in over her head. With no social life what-so-ever, she is perfectly fine with staying in the sidelines, goin...
  • evil
  • sight
  • demonic
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McHanzo Demon by ILoveYssAndRoger
McHanzo Demonby I💖MobileLegandsAndShips
Hanzo is a wanted demon..after killing his brother the dragons in him rage in control of how much people he killed in the past.Not intell mcree has to hunt hanzo down bu...
  • demons
  • demonhunter
  • mchanzo
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Rogue - Firefury - Book 2.5 by NightElflady
Rogue - Firefury - Book 2.5by A.J. Wright
  • adventure
  • joreviewplanetawards2017
  • blood-elf
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Smoker x reader The scent of the justice by FangLephei
Smoker x reader The scent of the FangLephei
A new member have join the G-5. One mysterious woman, a calm nature who everyone scares. That woman is fighting for justice. She is ready to protect any one and she beli...
  • demonhunter
  • onepiece
  • anime
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Saint Sol by midas-
Saint Solby l e x i †
❝Dead are the demons that bite at your soul- for a price.❞ • • • SOL DELACROIX was never meant to be born. Something about upsetting the balance of fate and what...
  • mystery
  • teen
  • dangerous
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If love is a crime, make me your victim... by Yuki-Cross-GC16
If love is a crime, make me your I don't care! XD
[In English & French] 1 chapter/2 is in English, thus the other is in French. 1 chapitre /2 est en Anglais, donc l'autre est en Français. In the High School Fairy Tail...
  • fancfiction
  • gruvia
  • love
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ф CROSSFIRE ф by xxbabydaddy
ф CROSSFIRE фby xxdaddyjensennnnn
❝ how can you run from what's inside you? ❞ [dean winchester x audrey nikolay] [supernatural; season four-and-above] [book one in the audrey nikolay series] [ongoing...
  • crowley
  • action
  • lilycollins
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Leon Pride: A World of Demons by blue_jay
Leon Pride: A World of Demonsby Jay
What were you doing on December 21, 2012? Well, on that day, the world was introduced to a race that would come to be called demons. The Elder Race they call themselves...
  • supersoldiers
  • anime-style
  • romance
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CHARGED (Updated Twice a Week) by LynnRush
CHARGED (Updated Twice a Week)by LynnRush
Despite the powerful electricity flowing through Dakota's fingertips, the demons she protects her college campus from have killed every man she's ever loved. To survive...
  • featured
  • fate
  • strongfemalecharacter
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Illustrations - Used in my  Warcraft stories by NightElflady
Illustrations - Used in my A.J. Wright
A collection of some of the artwork I used in my World of Warcraft stories. All rights to Blizzard and the many wonderful artists/photographers and celebrities out th...
  • ocel
  • legion
  • fantasy
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The Hunters' Sister (Supernatural Fanfic)  by lovelymaddiegurl980
The Hunters' Sister ( Madison
Sam and Dean Winchester. Two brothers who hunt demons, monsters, etc. But what if the two Winchesters' had a younger sister?
  • samanddeanssister
  • demonhunters
  • samwinchester
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The Devil Within (The conjuring  Ed and Lorraine Warren fan fic ) by Carlykinz
The Devil Within (The conjuring CarlyCheers
Lexie Warren was your average 14 year old girl. Well, not really. So what if her parents were none other than Ed and Lorraine Warren famous leading Demonologists in Amer...
  • sleepover
  • cheerleader
  • horrorromance
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⚘The Guardian's Mark⚘|| Complete by CreateToRelease
⚘The Guardian's Mark⚘|| Completeby Alysha Carson
🏆Winner in The Discourse Awards🌟 Angels and demons are a myth...or so Ava thinks until she meets the mysterious Gavin. She has no idea the purpose her life holds unti...
  • fiction
  • drama
  • angelsanddemons
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The Medallion's Bane by aymoeller
The Medallion's Baneby Amara Moeller
There was a loud crack behind them, and the two women whirled around. There was nothing in sight. "Come, child. We have done all we can." The old woman said, w...
  • demonhunter
  • evil
  • poison
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The Winchesters by Dolan_winchester
The Winchestersby Mystery girl 🖤
The story of three hunters This book contains mature language and content Prank wars Demonic things And family mush
  • crowley
  • johnwinchester
  • castiel
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Naruto the Neglected by DemonKyuubi124
Naruto the Neglectedby demon Kyuubi
Ik there is already these but oh well Minato and Kushina never died but the nine tails did attack but the third sealed away the nine tails in Naruto and little bits of i...
  • suicide
  • demons
  • puppy
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