Hold a Smile (Demi Lovato) COMPLETE by lovatic-penguin
Hold a Smile (Demi Lovato) COMPLETEby Lovatic-Penguin
After Demi's last tour, she wanted to try teaching. She went to college, got her degree, and she is now teaching her first year of second grade. Most of the kids are gre...
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Troubled: A Demi Lovato FanFic by serenityloves7
Troubled: A Demi Lovato FanFicby annie
13 year old Cecelia was adopted by the De La Garza's 3 years ago. When she is finally forced to get to know Demi, will her secret addictions be revealed? While Demi's f...
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Let me love you { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fanfiction } by MxRJDC
Let me love you { Demi Lovato M
My name's is Alice, I'm 17 and I'm from France , but recently my parents decided to move to Los Angeles , what means , new school, new friends and... New girlfriend , ye...
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  • french
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Sing Sing Sing (Nick & Demi) (Nemi) by _JerryDevonne
Sing Sing Sing (Nick & Demi) (Nemi)by _JerryDevonne
{Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato} - Come on Demi, sing for me.. - You listen to me at the bar plenty of times.. aren't you tired of hearing it? - I could never be! - Well.. wha...
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captivated by her beauty by Chelsealea28
captivated by her beautyby Chelsea Lea
Alice loves everything Demi. Demi saved Alice in ways unimaginable. Alive can only repay Demi back the only way she knows how. by signing up and bring her body guard aft...
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Demi Imagines 2.0 by jawdroppingluke
Demi Imagines 2.0by erika xo
Demi Lovato imagines (2.0) here! © 2018 Erika Smith (jawdroppingluke) All Rights Reserved
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  • lgbtqia
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Teach Me How To Love by VanessaBabyS
Teach Me How To Loveby Kari
Demi had been confident in every aspect of her life. Failing at relationships was nothing new, it never phased her. That was until SHE came into her life and taught her...
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Life's Hard, Miss Lovato. (GxG) (TxS) (Complete)  by ParamoresHayley
Life's Hard, Miss Lovato. (GxG) ( Alex
My name. It's Skylar, I attend Dallas High, I'm from England, but I live in Texas where I work at Starbucks. Wanna know something a little more interesting and less basi...
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Imagine that with Demi Lovato (Lesbian Stories) by Alice_ddlovato
Imagine that with Demi Lovato ( Alice
A Collection of Demi Lovato Imagines (Short Stories) that allow you to imagine yourself in a relationship or friendship with the pop sensation herself. It's mostly fluff...
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Running by lovatic_chica
Runningby Rachel
Demi's running from a dark past, and she meets Wilmer along the way. Can he get her to trust him enough to let him show her the light?
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  • valderrama
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Demi Lovato Imagines by rideonlmj
Demi Lovato Imaginesby I'm Lamp
The titles says it all. Dm (pm?) me if you have a request. I hope you enjoy this and please go and check out my other books, thanks :) All Rights Reserved to rideonlmj
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Demi Lovato One Shots and Short Stories by smolwolfchild
Demi Lovato One Shots and Short Astrid
- Demi Lovato one-shots and Short Stories - "Babe no. I know what you're feeling , I know those words like the back of my hand cause that's all I would say while in...
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  • lgbt
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He Told Me Not to Tell (Demi Lovato Adoption COMPLETE) by lovatic-penguin
He Told Me Not to Tell (Demi Lovatic-Penguin
She looked down and started crying again. "Sweetheart, talk to me," I begged. She looked back up at me with fresh tears in her eyes. She slightly shook her hea...
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The Inevitable by inactivesry
The Inevitableby inactivesry
Camila Cabello is the most popular and feared girl in her high school. As the daughter of the very strict principal, she has the power to ruin anyone at the snap of her...
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  • selena
  • ariana
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Demi Lovato My Savior by undyinglovato
Demi Lovato My Saviorby liz
Taylor Destiny Walker had been bullied for a very long time. Until one day, she saves her idol, Demi Lovato, from being mobbed. When Demi finds out about the issues that...
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Silence- Adopted by Demi Lovato by lovatic_chica
Silence- Adopted by Demi Lovatoby Rachel
Mackenize Rivera is a five year old girl with a terrible past. She hasn't spoken a single word in a year. When she is taken away from her father she is put into Sunshine...
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You're Not My Sister. (Demi Lovato FF) by lieswetold
You're Not My Sister. (Demi Hannah
Hi. The names Danielle Marie Anneliese...wait for it...LOVATO! Go ahead, fangirl, scream, whatever. You got 2 minutes. Done? Good. Yes I am related to Demetria Devonne L...
  • disorder
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Love, Demi (lesbian story) by writingg-poemss
Love, Demi (lesbian story)by writingg-poemss
Demi Lovato Fanfiction Lia has been waiting her whole life for the chance to see Demi Lovato in concert as she has played such a huge part in her life, helping her get t...
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Fifth Harmony Adopted Me! by mandythewriter
Fifth Harmony Adopted Me!by LoveFifthHarmony
**Lots of Camren** 13 year old Elizabeth signs up for a 'Week with Fifth Harmony' contest - will she win? Read what happens next!
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  • camren
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Distance doesn't matter. (Lesbian Story) by demisbooty
Distance doesn't matter. ( demisbooty
A 16 year old girl named Jamie always dated guys but never really fell in love. Until she meets the love of her life online.
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