Mature Opinions by JaneConquestBackup
Mature Opinionsby JCB
Comment your opinions! NOTE: This book contains mature themes! (AKA: not for kids! Duh...) See my other book 'Opinions' for all-audiences prompts!
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Opinions by JaneConquestBackup
Opinionsby JCB
Comment your opinions! *** Completed, will return summer 2018! ***
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Being A Catholic Christian by warhawk_
Being A Catholic Christianby t.
My personal experiences with the Word of God and how I hope to spread the message, His Word. This includes insight on my faith, advice, and love to all. I will also tell...
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Why twilight is better than harry potter by Abster1279
Why twilight is better than Abster1279
I think that us twi-hards are being pushed around by the Potterheads. This is a book full of all the reasons why twilight is way better than Harry Potter. If you have an...
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Talk to me by skyharmonies
Talk to meby JaeAnne
{#292 on Chicklit Hotlist!} Natia Jiang was the epitome of a hopeless romantic. She was innocent and careless with her heart, willing to fall for anyone if it meant that...
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Why twilight is better than Percy Jackson by Bella_Cullen_lover37
Why twilight is better than Bella_Cullen_lover37
I think the Twi hards are being taken over by the Percy Jackson fans. Lets take back whats rightfully ours!
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Why Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson by Fangirlandproud38878
Why Harry Potter is better than Fangirlandproud38878
This is for all the Potterheads who think they are being pushed around by all the percy jackson fans.
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Rants, Responses, & Reviews by LuunaaPhase
Rants, Responses, & Reviewsby ★ Lily Pham ✿
Yeah, Ed's nightmare face is in the front cover. Rants about random stuff and reviews about stuff from entertainment. My OPINIONS (YES OPINIONS) about anything. Please...
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Shot: A Jeffmads Fic by BBCandbooks
Shot: A Jeffmads Ficby BBCandbooks
It was just a normal debate between Hamilton and Jefferson. James was there to support Jefferson and back him up against Hamilton. Everything was going fine. Until a dru...
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Magical World by denisejamolo
Magical Worldby Denden_jamolo
There was a king and queen who wished to have childrens. The day came that the queen was pregnant, and it was a war when she gave born to two beautiful princesses and fo...
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Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits Basket Fan-Fic)[COMPLETED] by xSatansSpawnx
Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits Yami no Megami
When Yuki's twin sister, Yumi returns to Japan after 3 years in America things start to change. Both in good ways and bad. With her recent past catching up to her things...
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First Impression I by elisea
First Impression Iby elisea
Fell down the stairs? Check. Embarrassed oneself in front a really HOT guy? Check. Made an enemy who most people would never cross? Check . Lasting First Impression? Def...
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Scattered - Tangled series (Overprotective famous brothers) by MusicMyLife
Scattered - Tangled series ( That Girl
Three overprotective, famous elder brothers? Check. Being Adopted? Check. Having a mysterious past? Check. Elite Gymnastics and Music? Check. Being in the Limelight...
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Do You Even Logic? How to Spot and Avoid Fallacies in Any Debate by DarkPH0T0N
Do You Even Logic? How to Spot CrazyChristian
Logic is a rare treasure that few seek and even fewer find. Ever heard that proverb? No? That's because I just made it up. In this book, I will teach you "how to...
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Miraculous Class Hero Debate by Goddess-of-Wisdom
Miraculous Class Hero Debateby Alexis Wood
Marinette's class is having an argument about who is stronger, Ladybug or Chat Noir. When Marinette goes through a giant explanation about yin-and-yang, she is put to th...
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#TiaSays❤ 🕊By Tia🕊 by TheTrickyT
#TiaSays❤ 🕊By Tia🕊by ❊Tia❊The Poet❊
Highest Book Rank #325 All what Tia's got to say to the world 😂 Mostly a book mix of both English and Hindi thoughts 😀❤ Based on my personal experiences... Hope y'all...
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The Good Ship Ulysses by AlphaAndOmegaTalks
The Good Ship Ulyssesby AlphaAndOmegaTalks
Hello Human, this is Alpha and Omega speaking. We will document our discoveries of your strange little planet. A is Alpha, O is Omega, G is Gamma and D is Delta. *Re...
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Una Vida Hecha de Mentiras by Desconocida_Favorita
Una Vida Hecha de Mentirasby Desconocida Favorita
Ven, toma asiento frente mío. Vaya, parece que ya nos conocemos, ¿no? Ah, no lo crees... Bien, pues yo te conozco a ti y tú me conocerás dentro de poco. De seguro te sor...
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Argumentative Debate by Read_my_stories_13
Argumentative Debateby Hey.Read my stories
Like to argue and debate? You've chosen the right book. I'll give topics to you and let you argue with the other readers and I will probably join in. Let's get started!
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The Rant Book by QuirkyAlone_21
The Rant Bookby Kiara
Heyy Wattpaders This is my crazy haven. Weird thoughts in my busy life. The most randomest book where in I’ll post rants, short stories, irrelevant one-sided debate and...
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