Opinions by JaneConquestBackup
Opinions by JCB Random
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Debate by nerdcancurse
Debate by lucifer Random
Agree or disagree? Share your opinions here on each issue presented. Some of these things may trigger you, scare you, or steal your innoncence from you. Reader discret...
Why twilight is better than harry potter by Abster1279
Why twilight is better than harry... by Abster1279 Fanfiction
I think that us twi-hards are being pushed around by the Potterheads. This is a book full of all the reasons why twilight is way better than Harry Potter. If you have an...
LOTUS FLOWER ❁ by bxakugan
LOTUS FLOWER ❁ by ❀ p a i g e ❀ Random
My personal book for rants and self-absorbed accounts of how my life is going.
Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits Basket Fan-Fic)[COMPLETED] by xSatansSpawnx
Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits Basket... by Yami no Megami Fanfiction
When Yuki's twin sister, Yumi returns to Japan after 3 years in America things start to change. Both in good ways and bad. With her recent past catching up to her things...
Love Knows No Colour by DaliaEllz
Love Knows No Colour by Dalia Ellz Teen Fiction
"Okay Melanie whatever changing topics now I don't want to talk about it." "No" "Yes you just won't admit it... Hell even Serenity knows you're...
Spirit Mary by TedrickHernandez
Spirit Mary by Tedrick Hernandez Paranormal
At the edge of the town, the crumbling shell of a once-splendid manor sits like a tombstone, untouched and unloved. The townsfolk dare not touch it, and those who come t...
Opinions by ElysianEmpress
Opinions by Empress Random
This is a debate story. Also an open forum for rant and opinions. I will post two questions every week that will have different perspectives on. I will throw in some fan...
Debate by HersheyQueen
Debate by HersheyQueen Random
Debate; I'll drop a random word, name or subject and you guys get to debate/rant about it... Warning: Don't be too mean to people in the comments or you'll be blocked
This is a little, informal collection of rants about a variety of non-political/political topics. *DISCLAIMER* There may be some unpopular opinions. If you get offended...
Forever To Be Loved by _TaLeyahLOVE
Forever To Be Loved by Ta-Ley'ah Juanita Vampire
When Sah'nai Huntley was diagnosed, the doctor said she had six months left to live. Sah'nai had one wish that she wanted to be fulfilled. She wanted to fall in love. Bu...
👏🏼debate corner👏🏽 by anti-sjw
Argumentative Debate by Read_my_stories_13
Argumentative Debate by Hey.Read my stories Non-Fiction
Like to argue and debate? You've chosen the right book. I'll give topics to you and let you argue with the other readers and I will probably join in. Let's get started!
Always Debatable by BlakeHolmes24
Always Debatable by Blake Random
Agree to disagree? There are two sides to every coin. Pick a side! This book contains subjects that we can debate on! The subjects may be controversial and heavy, and...
The Good Ship Ulysses by AlphaAndOmegaTalks
The Good Ship Ulysses by AlphaAndOmegaTalks Science Fiction
Hello Human, this is Alpha and Omega speaking. We will document our discoveries of your strange little planet. A is Alpha, O is Omega, G is Gamma and D is Delta. *Re...
Troll 2 Troll by BranchieAndPoppy
Troll 2 Troll by Lil' Drunk Gxrl Random
**Temporarily discontinued** ....where Poppy and Branch debate the big questions! Highest ranking: #517 in Random
Marvel vs DC ¿Quien es mejor compañía? by Spider-man1999
Marvel vs DC ¿Quien es mejor compa... by Spider-man1999 Random
Aquí vas a averiguar, quien es mejor compañía, Marvel o DC
Riddles  by _silent-killer_
Riddles by Zee Random
The title gives away everything I hope u all enjoy this book The next riddle won't be uploaded if I don't get the answer for the first one!! A shout out to @rock_dreame...
Do You Even Logic? How to Spot and Avoid Fallacies in Any Debate by DarkPH0T0N
Do You Even Logic? How to Spot and... by 💚Ellie💚 Non-Fiction
Logic is a rare treasure that few seek and even fewer find. Ever heard that proverb? No? That's because I just made it up. In this book, I will teach you "how to...