Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfic) by damarismiller
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Fanf... by Damaris Miller Fanfiction
[Book 1/3 of The SPN Daughter series] After 15 years, Dean finally learns that he has a daughter. Maeve Kelly has these supernatural powers that she can't explain. She...
I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Supernatural Self Harm Fic by paiglicious
I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Supern... by Paige Teen Fiction
TW: SELF HARM IS DEPICTED. DO NOT READ IF EASILY TRIGGERED. It is acted out in one of the chapters, when it's up I'll put a warning at the beginning so it can be skipped...
Precious by Supernatural-24
Precious by Supernatural-24 Random
When Dean and Sam found her she was chained to the walls of a cave. Rose looked horrible. The two brothers save her and soon find that's she's very special.
A New Life (Dean Winchester X Demon Reader) by Krazyk2314
A New Life (Dean Winchester X Demo... by Krazyk2314 Fanfiction
Dean Winchester x Reader Synopsis: You're a Demon who is trying to erase all the bad you've done, by helping the Winchesters. But the price to be good can be too much...
The Lost Winchester (Sam twin; Castiel pairing) by insaneredhead
The Lost Winchester (Sam twin; Cas... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
John Winchester gave up his little girl after the house fire that claimed his wife, 6 months old and one half of a set of twins, Erika Winchester was left outside of a c...
Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean Winchester x Abigail Whistler) by insaneredhead
Mississippi Queen (Sam & Dean Winc... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
*SLOW UPDATES* Abi was raised by her father in the life after her mother was killed in a house fire when she was a baby. She's always been talented at hunting, as if she...
Hunted (Dean Winchester x OC) by sybsnw
Hunted (Dean Winchester x OC) by Stella and Sarah Fanfiction
Knowing Bobby Singer has its benefits, but when you're in debt to Bobby Singer you can only hope for the best. Alex knows this all to well, so when Bobby asks a small fa...
Rock Salt and Silver - (a Dean Winchester fanfiction) by we_aretheyoung
Rock Salt and Silver - (a Dean Win... by Oli Fanfiction
Stephanie Cale, hunter and like most, little friends or family. Her father? Missing. Mother? Dead for all she knows. And her brother is now missing too. But maybe, wh...
Fighter |Dean Winchester| by VictoriousReads
Fighter |Dean Winchester| by Destinee🌹😇 Fanfiction
"She was a true fighter, you could see it in her eyes. She was not born strong, she was made strong." .... She met him one time and was never able to forget th...
Witchy Winchester  by LillyTheTurtle
Witchy Winchester by Sierra Orr Fanfiction
"What the hell are you doing with a baby?" John questioned Dean glanced at the letter he set down next to the her carrier thing and then down at her head that...
Perks of Being a Winchester ⌲ SPN by winchasster
Perks of Being a Winchester ⌲ SPN by нαу∂єи ☕️ Fanfiction
❝ You think you're tough, don't you? ❞ ❝ I think I'm a badass. ❞ _ in which Dean Winchester is the father of a female version of his teenage self
Daughter of the Legend: A Supernatural Fanfiction (WATTY AWARDS WINNER 2013) by TrueSupernatural13
Daughter of the Legend: A Supernat... by Rachel (Winchester) Fanfiction
Have you ever known you were meant for more or that there was another piece to the puzzle? I always had known this small town Nevada life wasn't what I was meant for. Th...
VIRGIN MARY ↣ D.WINCHESTER by -mishan-accomplished
18 Dates //Destiel High School AU// by Superpainful-
18 Dates //Destiel High School AU// by Probably the worst Senpai Fanfiction
Dean Winchester takes Castiel Novak on 18 dates. One for every year that Dean hasn't known him.
Crowley's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfiction~) by alexinwhite
Crowley's Daughter (Supernatural F... by Alex Hyde Fanfiction
~I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters~ *Cover by @alecvert* Alex is well, Crowley's daughter! She's half human, half demon, making her more powerful th...
Lie to me - Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam by AngelMariaKurenai
Lie to me - Dean/Jensen x Reader x... by AngelMariaKurenai Romance
Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and... Sam's gi...
Black Threads (TVD/TW/SPN - Crossover) by insaneredhead
Black Threads (TVD/TW/SPN - Crosso... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
Natalia Singer is the daughter of Bobby Singer, but they fell out years ago, she now lives with her 'Uncle' Alaric Saltzman where she teaches him all she knows about the...
Daughter of the Universe // [SPN + Lucifer] by LuluLovesEristine
Daughter of the Universe // [SPN +... by LuluLovesEristine Fanfiction
The first thing you should know about Alexa is that she's a crossroads demon and a hunter. The second thing you should know about Alexa is that she's actually an archang...
What's a Netflix? {Supernatural Imagines} by Deans_Apple_Pie_
What's a Netflix? {Supernatural Im... by Dean Hamilton Fanfiction
A bunch of Supernatural imagines, all with them X the reader. You can always request stuff, just personal message me! Hope you enjoy! I don't own Supernatural or any of...
Supernatural Imagines and Stories by morgansbabygirl12
Supernatural Imagines and Stories by morgansbabygirl12 Fanfiction
Imagines, preferences, and oneshots about Supernatural Requests are open! Any ship is welcome, be it heterosexual or LGBT+! WARNING: may contain spoilers depending on c...