With You (Skrillex) by superkids
With You (Skrillex) by Coraline
Baylee had plenty of encounters with Sonny Moore before his career blew up. They were falling for each other but he was whisked away by work. Will she fit into his new l...
  • dubstep
  • jacku
  • skrillex
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I Never Knew (Skrillex X Deadmau5. Skrillmau5 lemon) by SunriseTheAuthor
I Never Knew (Skrillex X Deadmau5... by SunriseTheAuthor
after sonny and wesleys break up, sonny turns to his best friend joel for comfort, but with sonny crushing on him so hard how long will he be able to last before breakin...
  • joel
  • edm
  • skrillex
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Forgotten. (A 1D/ Janoskians Story) *EDITING* by 1DevineJanoskians
Forgotten. (A 1D/ Janoskians Story... by 1DevineJanoskians
When Liam Payne goes to try our for the X factor, He and his sister are practically joined at the hip. But when fame starts to drill its way into his head when he comes...
  • shore
  • brooks
  • skrillex
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Deadmau5 x reader by Lol2Noway
Deadmau5 x reader by Lol2Noway
ok this is my first story so I apologize in advance..
  • xreader
  • music
  • deadmau5
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Cat N' Mau5 by UnicornSpawn
Cat N' Mau5 by Laura Roo
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. What about over 5,000 deaths? In the middle of an intense robot-sparring match between champion Joel 'deadmau5' Zimmerma...
  • gerard
  • griefers
  • gerardway
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Babe House by Ice_Tsorf_7
Babe House by Isen
Cute musicians Skrillex, Deadmau5, Endigo, Seike, Kitcha, and Isen all live in the same house. Very gay things happen all the time, and it turns out to be fricked up and...
  • guy
  • bae
  • icebetweeneyeliner
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From A to Zedd by deadpuppySkrill
From A to Zedd by deadpuppySkrill
14 year old Amber Frené has been living on the streets for over a year. She ran away from home after the abuse became too much and has got by with small amounts of money...
  • zedd
  • skrillex
  • notacreepyassfanfic
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Zaslavski Brothers by Antonzaslavskii
Zaslavski Brothers by Anton Who?
Hi, I'm Mena! and... here's my story with the two Zaslavski brothers.
  • anton
  • brothers
  • alvin
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Caught In A Moment (Skrillex) by superkids
Caught In A Moment (Skrillex) by Coraline
Zoey is a photographer trying to capture life while dealing with the skeletons she locked away in her closet. Sonny is a world famous DJ about to drop his first full len...
  • edm
  • sonny
  • moore
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Art Book!  by CallmeIDeeKay
Art Book! by Heidi
This is where I put all my art stuff in! Some will be digital or traditional. Hope you enjoy! (Sometimes I post art from my art class)
  • alanwalker
  • art
  • tokyomachine
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Cancionero del corazón roto by sorrow_gunner
Cancionero del corazón roto by Sorrow.
A todos nos han roto el corazón alguna vez, de alguna u otra forma. Ésta es una pequeña reseña de mi historia y un cancionero, que de alguna u otra forma, me dio muchas...
  • moore
  • hurt
  • novia
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EDM FANS ONLY! by isometricbeings
EDM FANS ONLY! by g r a c e ☪
➳ FIRST EDM BOOK ON WATTPAD ➳ #1 IN EDM in this book, i'll be updating you all on all things EDM! enjoy! -gracelyn
  • calvin
  • harris
  • porter
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How to Make an Outstanding Book Cover by hugoletwerk
How to Make an Outstanding Book Co... by ‽emily‽
Wondering how to make a great book cover?If so, look over this guide to find out where to get your pictures from, editing sites, and a couple of tips I recommend. Rememb...
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