Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanfiction) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fan... by Fanatic_308
Dawn had a good life. She was the maidservent to the princess of Deira, and was treated well. However, everything changed when the kingdom of Deira was attacked. Dawn ma...
  • love
  • merlin
  • fayelinn
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The Prey Duology by rebekahgarth97
The Prey Duology by Rebekah Garth
Book one: Prey "- I'm watching her being murdered again. Wait. Not murdered. Slaughtered. It's important that I never mix the two up." The world is changed. ...
  • murder
  • predator
  • writteninaction
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Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1) by aprilstone90
Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1) by April Stone
"You're mine." I said, only inches away from her beautiful face. Her eyes. Her lips. I could not resist. "There's only you... Only you." My thumb car...
  • bound
  • desire
  • slave
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Stiff Upper Lip | Jasper Hale by -actuallykai
Stiff Upper Lip | Jasper Hale by ✨ oh my stars ✨
"She saved the best of her for the heart that understood the worst of her. -JMStorm or In which Jasper loves his own Southern belle Book three in the Twilight Fanfi...
  • jasper
  • bellaswan
  • stiff
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Trust - A Pokemon Fanfiction by eeveerocks
Trust - A Pokemon Fanfiction by ContestAmour
You can never trust someone completely. That is the lesson Ash Ketchum learned one day, the hard way. His "friends" told him to give up. And he did give up. Bu...
  • satosere
  • clemont
  • amourshipping
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Edward's Melody (Seth's love story) by Hime_chan10
Edward's Melody (Seth's love story) by Morinozuka Hime
This story is based on Breaking Dawn's Part 1 and 2, then I will make my own later on. Edward and Isabella Cullen, a couple that is now married and had their...
  • dawn
  • nessie
  • pack
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Pokemon Acadmey  by Xxrscxx
Pokemon Acadmey by Xxrscxx
A new acadmey opened up in the Alola Region. In one of the four islands. What new things will occur for Ash Ketchum. New friendships, love? and battling.
  • pokemon
  • may
  • serena
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Aphrodite//Paul Lahote [1] by brooklynwhitlock
Aphrodite//Paul Lahote [1] by || brooklyn baby ||
In which paul lahote meets his match or Scarlett Grey was one of if not the most promiscuous girls in all of La Push, maybe even Forks as well. She was unafraid to exp...
  • new
  • cullens
  • lahote
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Enchanted - Jacob Black by arisafari151
Enchanted - Jacob Black by Aria
Harper Santiago and Jacob Black have been best friends for years. That is until Bella Swan comes back into the picture, and everything for Harper begins to fall apart. N...
  • imprinted
  • bella
  • black
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I Fell In Love With A Vampire (an Edward Cullen love story) by SerenaChintalapati
I Fell In Love With A Vampire (an... by Serena Chintalapati
McKayla Swan is the eldest Swan twin. She and Bella move to Forks, Washington. When they arrive at Forks High School, they didn't expect to meet and fall in love with tw...
  • cullen
  • twilight
  • hale
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Moon Child (Akatsuki no Yona) ~Yoon x OC~ by _BloodyNote_
Moon Child (Akatsuki no Yona) ~Yoo... by BloodyNote
This fanfic will follow the original plot and story line but with my character added in. Tsukiko will be Yona's younger sister, who joins her on the quest to find the 4...
  • yoonlovestory
  • yona
  • dragons
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[Trying To Edit] The Teens: School Competition || Pokemon by _Pepper_Sprinkles_
[Trying To Edit] The Teens: School... by Kyo Kun!!
#133 in Teen Fiction on 18/12/17 #143 in Teen Fiction on 29/10/17 #161 in Teen Fiction on 31/10/17 #188 in Teen Fiction on 15/11/17 #190 in Teen Fiction on 29/10/17 #218...
  • contestshipping
  • misty
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To Love and To Be Loved (A Jasper Hale/ Whitlock Love Story) by UnaNova
To Love and To Be Loved (A Jasper... by Em
When Carlisle Cullen was alive, he had a daughter. What he didn't know, was that his daughter, years later, was turned as well. And since then has been having adventures...
  • breakingdawn
  • jasperhale
  • esme
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Paul and Dawn: First Light by gymnastgirlflips
Paul and Dawn: First Light by gymnastgirlflips
Paul, now 17, decides to return to the Hoenn region to capture a Bagon and raise it to be a mighty Salamence. However, he doesn't realize that right after arriving an an...
  • night
  • pokemon
  • paul
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Sink or Ship: Pokemon by keithllura
Sink or Ship: Pokemon by ahloora
Ships for you guys to judge, popular or unpopular...
  • pokespe
  • pokeshipping
  • amourshipping
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Turning Tables (Paul LaHote) by LoonyLoopyLupxn
Turning Tables (Paul LaHote) by K
Next time I'll be braver, I'll be my own saviour. Jazmine Black had a plan. It involved leaving LaPush behind for somewhere better, just as her sister's had before her...
  • paul
  • wattys2017
  • eclipse
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I Wanna Be More Than Just Your Best Friend - Seth Clearwater Imprint Story by arisafari151
I Wanna Be More Than Just Your Bes... by Aria
Seth Clearwater and Chelsea Uley have always been friends. They grew up together, never leaving each other's side. They're two peas in a pod. Best Friends Forever. There...
  • clearwarter
  • pack
  • seth
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Tres Marias by Kenddyyy_
Tres Marias by Killa Kendo
Dawn,Vice and Lea are the 'Tres Marias'.They have been bestfriends ever since.They have many ups and downs,they been through pros and cons together and they even live in...
  • tres
  • chardawn
  • vice
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Crescent Sun: Twilight Saga After Breaking Dawn (2nd Place Watty Awards 2011) by TeamCullen0401
Crescent Sun: Twilight Saga After... by Ashley
Bella and Edward are living peacful after their fight with the Volturi. But a visit from the Denali's is going to change that. How is Bella going to react when she finds...
  • wolfpack
  • cullens
  • twilight
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Late Nights & Pillow Fights by IziKing
Late Nights & Pillow Fights by IziKing
The end of the year is two weeks away, which means it's time for the final project. Baby Project 2.0 Not only will two students need to raise a baby together, but they w...
  • caparelli
  • baby
  • high
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