Divergent High by minniehaya
Divergent High by Hiddendivergents Fanfiction
A fanfiction about the main characters from The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. All About Tris Prior and her adventures through Divergent High. Tris is a victim of bu...
Dauntless  by wildstarfire12
Dauntless by wildstarfire12 Romance
Samantha Eaton younger sister of the one and only Four or should I say Tobias. Today is the choosing Ceremony wIll Samantha choose Dauntless ? Will she see her older bro...
A Dauntless Kind of Love by _J_Evans
A Dauntless Kind of Love by _J_Evans Fanfiction
Kraven Collins is the daughter of Dauntless leader Mikael Collins. After her shocking results at the aptitude test, she comes home to find another major shock. How will...
Danger is Near by jaicourtneyisbae
Danger is Near by heyheyhey Fanfiction
He was menacing. He was cold. He was horribly intimidating. And yet he was the kind of person you are instinctively drawn to. Like a moth to a flame. Also I am very sor...
Stay Away [Divergent Series: Eric Fanfic] #The2017Awards by sherbelyyyy_
Stay Away [Divergent Series: Eric... by J A I ❤️ Fanfiction
||✔️Completed✔️|| All she wanted was to start over. To get away from her abusive, drunkard of a father. She wanted to be free. She didn't want to be alone anymore. She...
Devious | Eric Coulter by punktuations
Devious | Eric Coulter by ∅ pinkie ∅ Fanfiction
Charlotte Eaton didn't want to stay in Abnegation. She wanted to be free from the abuse, the loneliness, the fear. So when her time comes to choose a faction, she choose...
Ambivalence (Peter Hayes) by turtletori3
Ambivalence (Peter Hayes) by •Tori • Fanfiction
• • • book one of the ambivalence trilogy • • • I look up at him. "I don't want to kill anyone either. Trust me. But I'd do it if it would make you feel...
Ordinary Acts of Bravery (An Eric Fan Fiction)  by CiljeBilje
Ordinary Acts of Bravery (An Eric... by CiljeBilje Fanfiction
"There will always be that one person in your life that you can't walk away from, even if you know you have to." Feeling like you've never belonged is not what...
stand at the abyss, you fall to your knees (a Divergent fanfiction) by Battle1
stand at the abyss, you fall to yo... by Chelsea Fanfiction
(Eric/OC) Tobias leaves more behind in Abnegation than just his father. When his little sister follows in his footsteps, he does what he can to keep her in Dauntless, an...
Divergent - Four's POV by thefandomcake
Divergent - Four's POV by thefandomcake Fanfiction
Suddenly a girl drops down into the net and sits there for a moment, then starts laughing. We all reach our hands out to her, and she takes mine. I look at her and my br...
Wild Things / Eric Divergent by justsaydiana
Wild Things / Eric Divergent by justsaydiana Fanfiction
Riley, Tobias's sister is the girl everyone wants but what happens when a certain leader catches her eye? Will Eric fall in...
Deceptions & Secrets by FourTris_HEA
Deceptions & Secrets by FourTris_HEA Fanfiction
Summary: When tragedy strikes, Beatrice Prior's life is turned upside down, her plans for the future are jeopardized, and life becomes a lot more complicated. The one s...
Don't Go Away - Divergent Eric/ Four x OC by bumblebubble
Don't Go Away - Divergent Eric/ Fo... by KoKo Fanfiction
Aria Kane. Amity born. Now Dauntless. Talk about a U turn! But Aria always knew Amity wasn't for her. Now she must face the wrath if Dauntless training but of course the...
Divergent Oneshots by -_JOHANNA_-
Divergent Oneshots by Johanna Fanfiction
Divergent Oneshots\Preferences Completed Includes: Four, Peter, Uriah and Eric Requests Are Closed
Daunting Fires (Completed) by DauntlessLeader1
Daunting Fires (Completed) by DauntlessLeader1 Fanfiction
Xedalia Trammers was born in Erudite, where her personality (apparently) does not match up. Her decision to live as her true character causes her to live a true life; to...
Tris and Four by fourtrisobsessed
Tris and Four by Fourtris babies Fanfiction
Tris has been in Dauntless for 3 years now and there is no war. There's no Al, but the rest are there. So I hope you like this
So, we meet again huh? by salamander15
So, we meet again huh? by salamander15 Fanfiction
Lilian Matthews, Jeanine Matthews daughter. She was smart, very smart but she knew Erudite wasn't for her. She preferred physical rather than mental. Jeanine understood...
Divergent high by Divergent_is_my_life
Divergent high by Divergent_is_my_life Fanfiction
This is Divergent in modern times but the whole gang goes to high school. Four is the school's bad boy player that every girl loves. Him and Tris HATE each other. Will l...
A Wildfire Kind of Love (Divergent Fanfiction) by Dauntless_rebel46
A Wildfire Kind of Love (Divergent... by Emily/Emmy/M.J Fanfiction
I know Divergent no-war stories have been done countless times, but they can never get old. In this fanfic, we will follow the lives of new Dauntless member, Beatrice Pr...
Break - Eric Divergent by Mia_Memo14
Break - Eric Divergent by Memo Fanfiction
Melody Eaton is leaving the life of abnegation and her father Marcus behind to start a new better life in Dauntless hopefully with her older brother. Except will it be b...