Little Talks  ►►► X-Men: First Class {S.U.} by Insanity69
Little Talks ►►► X-Men: First Cla... by Bri Fanfiction
"I'm a monster." "I've seen monsters. And I'm sorry but when I look at you all I see is the complete opposite of that." - "You can't touch a sh...
The Amazing World of Gumball x Reader by ded_atm
The Amazing World of Gumball x Rea... by Just A Fellow Sinner Fanfiction
Hello and salutations! Do you have a seemingly, hopeless crush on one of the characters in the cartoon sensation, 'The Amazing World of Gumball'? Well lucky you, as I cr...
Anime!Gumball X reader by Fanfic_writing
Anime!Gumball X reader by ♥️ Fanfiction
This is the lovestory between you and Gumball Watterson! Although they are animalistic and object-like characters, their appearance will be somewhat close to humans. In...
Unique by BrennaDunivan
Unique by BrenBrenDun Random
Bethany McCoy, originally known as Bethany Daniels, is now part of the first class of X-men. At a young age she was born with two unique birthmarks on both of her wrists...
Brothers by Anime_Anime143
Brothers by Anime_Anime143 Fanfiction
Darwin and Gumball are nonbiological brothers, but they are best friends. Darwin starts to have a thing for Gumball 😔 and so does Anais☺️ his little sister.Gumball is c...
Is This Love? by Eiriziah
Is This Love? by Eirieeeeziiaaa Teen Fiction
Please read the prologue .Love ko kayo muaps! This is a high school love story
İSLAM DİNİNE GÖRE ASIRLIK YALAN: E... by Önce Bi Dinle! Non-Fiction
Evrim nedir? Evrimle amaçlanan şey nedir? Bu evrimin bilimsel bir şey midir? Beraber okuyup bakalım
The Amazing World of Gumball Reader x Anais, Gumball, Darwin by CarrotKingsHero
The Amazing World of Gumball Reade... by XxCarrotXx Fanfiction
When you move to Elmore, you met the Wattersons who treat you like family well... not at first but they develop feelings to you, especially Anais, Gumball, Darwin. Who w...
Gumball x Fox reader by AnimeMysticalGurl
Gumball x Fox reader by AnimeMysticalGurl Random
This is the anime version of the amazing world of gumball and you and your sister( who is me) are the new students at Elmore Jr. high who are also fox girls.... not hum...
Blazing through the world by CaylaWolf
Blazing through the world by Cayla R. Carr Fanfiction
A human Gumball x reader story??? ITS AMAZING WORLD GUMBALL ALRIGHT ((Slow updates)) -Also Under Some Editing-
TAWOG ( Darwin x reader) by ScribbleFluff
TAWOG ( Darwin x reader) by ∵Lilac∵ Fanfiction
:P some of you guys really wanted Darwin x reader,so here it is! It is just like Gumball x reader but Darwin is not Pervy,and more innocent :D Enjoy!
Undying Love of a Cat and a Fish by SeraphimStardust
Undying Love of a Cat and a Fish by Katelyn Fanfiction
YAOI BoyxBoy 16 year old humanoid cat Gumball gets a new brother; a humanoid fish named Darwin. Realizing that he may be attracted to the boy, can Gumball hide his feeli...
TAWOG: GumballxReader by CLinLin
TAWOG: GumballxReader by CLinLin Romance
Just a simple GumballxReader. Also plan to put a sister in this story who will be with Darwin. I guess read on if this kind of thing interests you.
No Turning Back by scriblodeau
No Turning Back by nevarah Poetry
Some days, no matter how I stop up my ears, I hear the bell's knell...
Aussie love in Tulsa  (Sequel to outback girl in Tulsa) by GNR-StayGold
Aussie love in Tulsa (Sequel to o... by Gunners forever Fanfiction
This is the sequel to my first book called 'Outback Girl In Tulsa'. “Cassandra?” I heard a voice call but I was too focused on trying to breather properly, for the burn...
The amazing world of gumball carrie x dawrin by bones443
The amazing world of gumball carri... by bones443 Fanfiction
Carrie x Darwin..ill make a new chapter every day starting TOMOROW ...is the next chapter .... Might be some graphic parts in future stories but not chapter ... Althoug...
Ask Us! (TAWOG) by CiciCasanova
Ask Us! (TAWOG) by •Momma Cici• Random
Me and the whole Amazing World of Gumball characters will answer and give life to your questions and dares! I've been meaning to do one of these so yeah. You can ask us...
(DISCONTINUED)Waves of Love(Darwin x Female Reader [TAWOG]) by pantherteeth
(DISCONTINUED)Waves of Love(Darwin... by three mermaids Romance
(My first story, I don't know, Im not good with this ) You're new in Elmore Junior High. After settling in, you meet Gumball and Darwin, two of your classmates. After a...
Momentum (X-Men First Class) by GingerTwinGlader
Momentum (X-Men First Class) by Megan Black-Weasley Fanfiction
Follow (Y/N) and her best friend, (Y/B/F/N) (Your/Best/Friend's/Name) as they meet, Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, two men who promise them that they could get their...
My Watterson (Tobias X Reader) by nanaysabel
My Watterson (Tobias X Reader) by Nana Ysabel Escobar Romance
(Y/n) Lily Watterson is the cousin of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. She surprises them by showing up in their school called Elmore Junior High. Y/n befriends a lot of kids...