Dyrus Or Carius? by dariusdobre4life
Dyrus Or Carius?by Desiree Lawson
This idea originally came from @dobrepauler so check out her book about Cyrus and Darius too if it's still up or she might have taken it down. A Cyrus and Darius Love s...
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Dobre brothers sister by dobrelover4life
Dobre brothers sisterby dobrelover4life
My names Larcus i'm the sister of Cyrus and Darius and the triplet of Lucas and Marcus.Me and my twins are 19 Cyrus is 25 and Darius is 20
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Yes My King * rewrite by ZeKawaiiPotato1
Yes My King * rewriteby ZeKawaiiPotato1
Being the daughter of a powerful mercenary Musa lived the life of luxury. Nothing would prepare her for the day her life would change drastically.
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Academy Adventures Série 2 by CurlyKinq
Academy Adventures Série 2by CurlyKinq
LOL Komiks konečně v češtině!
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The Werewolf - Book I  by R3DNI3LS3N
The Werewolf - Book I by K. M. Nielsen
Calypso Henderson escapes a loveless and abusive marriage with a deranged man named Howard. Darius James is a lone wolf, literally. For hundreds of years Darius was alo...
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To Have And To Hold by riseafterfalling
To Have And To Holdby vanessa
Ariel Wood is a normal girl who lives in a small town. She lives in isolation but it not at all means she doesn't love her life- she is grateful for the life she lives...
  • fantasy
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falling in love with dobre by emilyrose0240
falling in love with dobreby emily rose
the scandal with Logan Paul went down and i changed his life by making a video and he flew me out to california after it (more . will be added later
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