From Rejected to Rogue by ElizabethClark9
From Rejected to Rogue by Elizabeth Clark Werewolf
Owned and Made by ElizabethClark9 PLEASE DON'T COPY! "No, I'm not your mate and I never ever will be I reject a worthless, pathetic, cow like you! Tell nobody about...
Dobre Twins Imagines by Jade___xoxo
Dobre Twins Imagines by Jade Fanfiction
Story story's #fanfiction #romance
Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete*** by romolavinia91
Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete*** by Lavinia Vampire
Warning!!!! This is a first draft. If you want the new edited version please check out "Royal Pain (Rewritten)" I will be continuing the story in that book fro...
dobre brothers images and preferences. by ericasmith2011
dobre brothers images and preferen... by ericasmith2011 Fanfiction
Imagines and preferences about the dobre brothers
League Of Legends: Champion Lores by disnoca
League Of Legends: Champion Lores by disnoca Short Story
This is a book with the lores of the League of Legends Champions. Each one of these tell a little (or big) story about League of Legends Champions. All of these lores ar...
~Married with my Bully~ (A Marcus Dobre FanFiction by pinkshadow234
~Married with my Bully~ (A Marcus... by pinkshadow234 Fanfiction
Marcus Dobre bullies Lidia but soon has an arranged marriage with her. Read to find out what happens next!
Everything Has Changed by DefinitelySalvatore
Everything Has Changed by Sydney ChickLit
Summer was seven when she met Darius, a year and a half older than her. When she was nine, he told her he liked her. When she was thirteen, he told her he would marry he...
Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless
Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless Vampire
Some things are just unintended... like bumping into a conceited vampire at a party, hating his guts then - against all your better judgement and frequent protests - ine...
A Thugs Rider by KThugnificent
A Thugs Rider by KThugnificent Teen Fiction
Casey Simms a hood boy is looking for his ride or die will loyalty get in the way and will he loose his ride or die or will the stay together and ride with each other th...
Dobre Twin Preferences and Imagines by TheOriginalQueenBee
Dobre Twin Preferences and Imagines by Queen Bee👑 Fanfiction
I basically had a bunch of ideas in my head and decided to share ! I also take requests ! You can decide if you want to be anonymous or not ! If you have any suggestion...
Broken  [Raakshyan Series Book 3] by luckycharms
Broken [Raakshyan Series Book 3] by Thannujah Mathiy Fantasy
Aathiray Aryan believes she has been Betrayed by two boys who were once two of the very few important people in her life. And since Jacob has taken the bad side and Kero...
Royal Pain: The Origin (Book Two) by romolavinia91
Royal Pain: The Origin (Book Two) by Lavinia Vampire
This is the continuation of Royal Pain. The second book to my series of Mark of the Royals. Deva is alive but will she survive her new world as the crown to the vampire...
El brillo de la sangre //Darius x Lux// by Luna_Macabra7
El brillo de la sangre //Darius x... by Luna :v Fanfiction
Darius, la mano de Noxus, el guerrero más temido de la nación, ese que no tiene sentimientos se cruzará con alguien que literalmente lo iluminara, pero no lo aceptara -U...
Pandillas de la academia by YukonZ1
Pandillas de la academia by YuKonZ1 Fanfiction
si esperas ver romance amor o lemon en este fanfic no lo leas por que no va haber mucho de eso
Spanish Angel (Phantom of the Opera) by sarahlet2999
Spanish Angel (Phantom of the Oper... by A Fifth Cellar Occupant Fanfiction
As a sort of charity object of the elder brother's, Candela, a young Spanish maid in the de Chagny household is dismissed as soon as Philippe is found dead on the shores...
I Can't Live Without You (Sixth book of the Finnick and Annie series) by JustKeepSwimming4712
I Can't Live Without You (Sixth bo... by Jazzy Fanfiction
Finnick and Annie. They deserve a break, they've lived through games, the war, and much more in book five. Now, they're faced with Annie's sister again, but she has a bi...
Dobre Brothers||Images by Kaylyn2021
Dobre Brothers||Images by Kaylyn2021 Fanfiction
Request open. Started:9/21/17
Unranked Uczy Jak Grać W Lola/Poradnik i parę śmiesznych sytuacji by GuardianOfJustice
Unranked Uczy Jak Grać W Lola/Pora... by koreaniski hłopiec z korei pu... Random
Witka! Zapewne zaglądacie tu bo chcecie dopiero zaczynacie przygodę z cudną grą jaką jest Liga Legend. Lub jesteście wykokszonymi graczami w czelendżerze na 30 poziomie...
Hypocritical Proposal by AreebaNauman
Hypocritical Proposal by Areeba Nauman Romance
The wedding was the surprise that London never expected
Darius dobre-long lost (more than) friends  by Team10_OHIO
Darius dobre-long lost (more than)... by Team10_OHIO Fanfiction
Hey I was bored so I made this story and enjoy leave comments so I can make the story better