Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios <3 by IHaveAWeirdCat
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios <3 by Carrot Fanfiction
Small stories and oneshots! Requests always open as well as opinions on what can be improved! Each chapter I try to get at least 1,000 words into. Always and forever tru...
High School Crush (Dante x Reader) [HOLD] by soccerkitty7
High School Crush (Dante x Reader)... by soccerkitty7 Fanfiction
❝You know I like you... right?❞ ❝Y-yeah...❞ I reply awkwardly, "I kinda figured...❞ ❝Do you like me?❞ ❝I...❞ Do I like Dante? He's nice and sweet at times, but some...
The Way You Do ~A Laurance x Reader~ by DramaQueen235
The Way You Do ~A Laurance x Reade... by DramaQueen235 Fanfiction
"Laurance Zvahl, sometimes I just want to punch you in the face." "At least It'd be from you." He said as he winked at me. I looked down at my feet...
Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader] by FriendsWithFandoms
Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader] by Kim Fanfiction
~MyStreet Themed~ After seeing Aaron and Aphmau perfectly together it makes Zane want to find love. He's tired of being teased by his siblings and ALWAYS Travis Aphmau...
Mystreet Boys Oneshots by Amanda_Starxx
Mystreet Boys Oneshots by A Redheaded Triplet Fanfiction
Mystreet Boys X Reader Oneshots! How can it go wrong? Well, when I like to write angst and sad stories, it could go wrong. Anyways, please request! The requesting will n...
The Italian Mafia and The Assassination Queen by PuniFonoti
The Italian Mafia and The Assassin... by Punipuao Fonoti Romance
The Italian Mafia and The Assassination Queen... READ 😍 S N E A K P E E K 👌 "I dont need any weaknesses, weaknesses can get you killed. They can hurt you. Bring...
MyStreet Boys Preferences and Imagines by naarpon
MyStreet Boys Preferences and Imag... by 🎶Alyssa🎶 Fanfiction
I know they aren't real, but don't you ever wonder what it would be like to be with these cuties? *****ON HIATUS***** *****REQUESTS FOR IMAGINES ARE CLOSED***** *****I D...
MCD One~Shots & Lemons by pxrplelemcnade
MCD One~Shots & Lemons by saeran Fanfiction
feel free to comment suggestions I can do Fluff and regular one shots and Lemons!!!!!! Biggest Achievements 100k - 5/2/17 Highest Rank: #301 in Fanfiction ...
Aphmau Memes by aarmauthebest
Aphmau Memes by Hi Random
This is a book of Aphmau memes. Highest Rank: #466 in Random (11/16/17) #329 in Random (11/19/17) [5] Memes will be posted on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays
Kawaii~Chan's Sister | MyStreet Boys X Reader by TixieStar
Kawaii~Chan's Sister | MyStreet Bo... by Hamiltrash Fanfiction
You are Kawaii~Chan's Sister , You had just moved into the neighbourhood not knowing your sister was there..(Yes, you speak in third person but not all the time.) You me...
Larroth/Garrance One-Shots by Hannahtheshipper13
Larroth/Garrance One-Shots by HB Fanfiction
Here are some Larroth/Garrance one-shots! Please tell me if I am going good or not. I hope you enjoy and please comment, vote and, of course, read! ~Hannah
aphmau fluff (BL/GL) by StupidCupidships
aphmau fluff (BL/GL) by HEY LITTLE MAMA LET ME WHISPE... Fanfiction
its 2 a.m. and I'm bored I'm starting this
Aphmau X Reader One Shots by Lunasuenos
Aphmau X Reader One Shots by Lunasuenos Fanfiction
Book of Aphmau one shots😜
The It Girl (Mystreet x Reader) by XxAGirlThatIsShookxX
The It Girl (Mystreet x Reader) by •Squeak Ass Bitch• Fanfiction
What happens when y/n moves to Mystreet with her biggest secrets, her fame and her past, with a growing fame like hers, will she survive Mystreet and the crazy adventure...
The Strange Rogue ✔ by ScorpioWolf76
The Strange Rogue ✔ by 🐺🖤Sky🖤🐺 Werewolf
A tramatic experience brought Abigail Williams to become a mute. Not only is she bullied because of being a mute, but she's also bullied about being an angel. Half were...
Mystreet Zane Lemons [SLOW UPDATES] by ElementalWolfPup
Mystreet Zane Lemons [SLOW UPDATES] by Inactive Potato Fanfiction
Mature content!! No INNOCENT minds aloud! Highest Ranking| 490 In Fanfiction ~ Feb 1st
Ask Aphmau Characters // Mystreet and Mcd// by Fluffer_Pups19
Ask Aphmau Characters // Mystreet... by DEREDERE!~ Random
You saw the book cover! it's adorable! :3 APHMAU FANS WELCOME!!
Armor // [COMPLETE] by K00ki3sAndCr34m
Armor // [COMPLETE] by Kookie is Bae Fanfiction
Garroth X Laurence X Dante X Travis X Aaron X Zane X Reader Y/N L/N, a wanted killer. She's been a fugitive ever since she was 4. She been a thief ever since, running a...
Aphmau Boys x Reader [Oneshots] by --trqqered
Aphmau Boys x Reader [Oneshots] by :) Fanfiction
None of the pictures in this book are made by me. I don't know what else to write sooo!
Teach Me to Love  ||Zane x Reader||  by catscribbs
Teach Me to Love ||Zane x Reader|... by ☆digital lady 606☆ Fanfiction
"What is love?" "It's a feeling." "Will you teach me to love?" "... Sure, as long as you'll love me." "Ok." ~•~•~•~•~•~...