Pierce the Veil Imagines//Preferences by JennyPTV
Pierce the Veil Imagines//Preferen... by Jen Fanfiction
Request an imagine for Vic, Mike, Jaime, Tony, Danielle, Alysha, Jess or Erin. **Requests are open**
My Hot Professor ✓ {EDITING} by Liampaynefanforlife
My Hot Professor ✓ {EDITING} by _Nouis_Lilo_Shipper_ Teen Fiction
***FINISHED*** "This is so inappropriate" I breathe as he continues to lightly kiss my neck. "You drive me crazy" he mumbles making me shiver. I try...
Rock Me(dirty harry styles fanfic) by glitters_magic13
Rock Me(dirty harry styles fanfic) by Gemma Fanfiction
*MAJOR EDITING* *WARNING THERE WOULD BE LOTS OF SEXUAL CONTENT AND CHEESY, MUSHY, & CLICHÈ MOMENTS* but if you like some of them just be free to read this and enjoy my...
If I'm Louder (Niall Horan Love Story) by ItsxDirectionerxBabe
If I'm Louder (Niall Horan Love St... by ItsxDirectionerxBabe Fanfiction
*Insert your name in the _____ spaces* You and Zayn Malik have been bestfriends since forever. You haven’t seen him ever since he left to audition for the X Factor. What...
Instagram | J.G.  by missariannaligh
Meant To Be by peanutbutterluv21
Meant To Be by Symone Romance
Samantha Barrington recently moved to Houston, Texas to help out at her friends bakery while she is away on her honeymoon. She wasn't expecting the highest paid defensi...
My Best Friend (Niall Horan) by musicluver1D
My Best Friend (Niall Horan) by Lily Fanfiction
[Completed and sequel completed] Claire was an average 12 year old girl with a best friend named Niall Horan. As they grow up both of them discover their love for music...
Isn't She Lovely -h.s- by singtomesoftly
Isn't She Lovely -h.s- by singtomesoftly Fanfiction
He taught to her live big and more importantly dream big. She taught him to stay grounded, that the little things in life matter too. They were best friends forever...
Beware Of Love 》Derek Hale {ON HOLD} by _Brxndy_
Beware Of Love 》Derek Hale {ON HOL... by Brandy 🦄 Fanfiction
Phoebe Stilinski, twin sister to Stiles, is about to meet someone who brings her love, heartbreak, trouble and joy all at the same time. Can she handle it, or will she b...
Psycho ( #Wattys2016 ) by DaLila07
Psycho ( #Wattys2016 ) by DaLila Fanfiction
حياتها كانت طبيعيه بين العمل و عائلتها و اصدقائها حتى جاء هو الى مشفى المختلين بعد ان قتل امه و اخته و اصبحت هى الضوء الوحيد بحياته "هى الملاك الذى سقط من السماء...
THE LYING GAME. (EDITING)  by xomilly1
THE LYING GAME. (EDITING) by mildred oppong Romance
"The wrong woman is sometimes the right one. " Danielle paige thought her life has finally taken a turn when she left the only family she had to live the life...
1Dentity (One Direction Affection: Book 1) [Watty Awards 2012] by EpicName
1Dentity (One Direction Affection:... by Louisa Thomas :P Fanfiction
(Watty Awards 2012) How did I end up in this mess? One moment I'm strolling along the empty streets of Sydney, and the next thing I know I'm waking up next to some Pop S...
Broken (Lirry AU) by CherMyLove
Broken (Lirry AU) by sup, its amber Fanfiction
Liam is a jock. Harry is a nerd. Liam has a hundred friends. Harry has Niall. Liam is strong. Harry is weak. Liam owns 2 cars. Harry has a rusty bike. Liam isn't gay. H...
Then and Now: A Harry Styles Fanfiction by musicluva4eva
Then and Now: A Harry Styles Fanfi... by Shakira Fanfiction
It was just supposed to be a simple, harmless lunch date, to catch up with an old friend. But when that old friend is Harry Styles, there's no such thing as simple.
Hold Me (Danielle Haim) by DizzyStargazer_
Hold Me (Danielle Haim) by DizzyStargazer Romance
Danielle meets a model named Carter. Neither of the girls knew what it was like to fall in love, until they met each other. Girl x Girl
strayed // niall horan by nialluur
strayed // niall horan by danielaa Fanfiction
"you don't understand how it feels to let go of someone you really love for a while, just for them to be happy."
be alright ↳ wesley by alissasviolet
be alright ↳ wesley by ❨EMILY❩ Fanfiction
❝ Don't you worry bout' a thing, we're gonna be alright. ❞ in which her best friend was the one she'd been looking for this whole time. ©copyright | comicalcabello 2017™
My Cinderella (A Liam Payne fanfiction) by christianwriterxox
My Cinderella (A Liam Payne fanfic... by Mila Fitos Fanfiction
--NEW TRAILER INSIDE!-- My life was ruined. No one ever wanted me. Even my own mum hated me. When I was small I was afraid of my dad all the time, who came home drunk e...
3 ans après... [J.B] by CARINO1991
3 ans après... [J.B] by CARIÑO Fanfiction
Elle a maintenant dix-huit ans. Lui en a maintenant vingt quatre. Elle se montre heureuse. Il se montre triste mais fort. Elle est connue mondialement. Il est...
Angel & Devil [Harry Styles Vampire/Romance] - SLOW UPDATES by punkxcal
Angel & Devil [Harry Styles Vampir... by Ivana Fanfiction
I don't trust anyone. Even the Devil was once an Angel... ©PrincessTulips