Dan's New Piano Teacher | Daniel Howell x Reader ✔️ by lildanyul
Dan's New Piano Teacher | Daniel H...by t h e b e l d a m
We can all agree that Dan is pretty amazing at playing the piano, but he's been looking into getting lessons after his traumatic experience years ago. One night, he was...
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The Trip of a Lifetime ~ Dan Howell × Reader by Lilyofthevalley03
The Trip of a Lifetime ~ Dan Howel...by Lilyofthevalley03
You've crushed on Dan Howell for a while, but even with you being a YouTuber yourself you've never really spoken to him. That is until you and a bunch of other YouTubers...
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Wonder // Daddy! d.h by deadambitions
Wonder // Daddy! d.hby 🌸 Lari 🌸
Y/N Y/L/N had previously been in a five-year relationship with Dan Howell, who is commonly known for his shared radio show and YouTube channel, "danisnotonfire&quot...
  • pregnancy
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w h o r e    /phan/ by oblivionvoids
w h o r e /phan/by oblivionvoids
*** In which Dan has a bad reputation thanks to Phil. Updates till I can't update no more.
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The First Time (Phan) by PhanIAm
The First Time (Phan)by PhanIAm
Dan was a teenage boy who was a bit awkward and not the most popular person. He was happy, but not the happiest he could be. That was until he was told about a certain Y...
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The Math Teacher || d.h by 1-800-daddykink
The Math Teacher || d.hby sANTA DADDY
When a "bad school girl" meets a young, attractive teacher, shit can go down. Y/N L/N knows from first hand, since she was once in that situation, and she can...
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If We Just Lay Here // Dan Howell by CastawayFangirl
If We Just Lay Here // Dan Howellby Castaway Fangirl
Dan Howell has been your best friend since forever! You are so comfortable when you are around him but you have finally realised that you can't stay in the friendzone fo...
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Tall, Dark and Handsome | Daniel Howell ✔️ by lildanyul
Tall, Dark and Handsome | Daniel H...by t h e b e l d a m
Imagine someone who used to be OBSESSED with YouTube, but when life got in the way, they had to grow out of it and move on. But one day, her life gets sucked back into t...
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Losing This War » Sequel to SMFM by TheMeganHowell
Losing This War » Sequel to SMFMby ˗ˏˋ meg ˎˊ˗
[Trigger Warning: Mentions suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders.] ©TheMeganHowell 2014 [The second installment in a very cringy trilogy. If you haven't read the firs...
  • philiplester
  • selfharm
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Maybe I am insane (dan howell x reader) by honestlyphan_
Maybe I am insane (dan howell x re...by honestlyphan_
"Do you feel insane yet?" Sequel to "am I insane"
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Save Me From Myself » Daniel Howell AU by TheMeganHowell
Save Me From Myself » Daniel Howel...by ˗ˏˋ meg ˎˊ˗
[Trigger warning: Suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, and depression is mentioned many times in this story. Do not read if those things could trigger you.] Sadness an...
  • danisnotonfirefanfiction
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Lost and Found | Dan x reader  by Summerlester
Lost and Found | Dan x reader by Summerlester
[COMPLETED] Dan X reader fan fiction You received a call in the middle of the night telling you that Dan Howell is injured and you are his emergency contact... :complete...
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Ironic Love (Dan Howell X Reader) by meganvictoria01
Ironic Love (Dan Howell X Reader)by Megan ??
You are just a regular girl, hoping to rise to YouTube Stardom. But when Danisnotonfire offers to give you editing tips, will you embrace the opportunity or run.
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"Social Media can make or break you. You just have to make the right choice." STARTED: 02-20-17 ENDED: 07-24-17 EDITED: 05-20-17/ 07-09-17 cover: lildanyul
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perspective. ⇄ d.h. | ✔️ by the-wallflower-girl
perspective. ⇄ d.h. | ✔️by ♕ hazel gray. ♕
❝it's all about your perspective.❞
  • poetry
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Bedsheets danxreader by Detato
Bedsheets danxreaderby Spouse
• we might aswell fuck •
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Awkward// Daniel Howell x reader  [unedited] by RayHowl
Awkward// Daniel Howell x reader...by rayhowl aka Ray Howell
{completed} You're an awkward and shy girl, who's done with school. You don't have many friends. Your parents are not supportive of you, even though they say it's for th...
  • amazingphil
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And a Pinch of Love (a Dan Howell x Reader Fanfiction) by UselessLikeDansBelt
And a Pinch of Love (a Dan Howell...by x
daniel howell x reader - So much of this fucking story is a mess, I apologize. It was my first fic, written when I was TWELVE, and it's so cringe worthy. I haven't bothe...
  • romance
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strangers || dan howell by liferuinerd
strangers || dan howellby Iris
we were: strangers friends best friends lovers strangers, again -- [Dan x Reader] A story in which love is anything but easy, and the boy is the broken one. [For readers...
  • angst
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Playing with Fire // Daniel Howell x reader by MaylaLuna_
Playing with Fire // Daniel Howell...by 🌙 Luna 🌙
Once you've turned 19, you're more than happy to get a chance to restart. You move to London to leave your old life behind, and work harder on your YouTube career. Howev...
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