Aria Gilbert | klaus mikaelson |  by denisem_97
Aria Gilbert | klaus mikaelson | by denisem_97 Fanfiction
Aria Gilbert, fraternal to Elena gilbert best friend to Damon Salvatore and Stefan. She pretty, sweet, and innocent. Being involved in the supernatural world as been tou...
1| THE WOLF INSIDE » KLAUS MIKAELS... by -` walking dead ′ - Fanfiction
TVD| "Alone. Is apart of who I am." Kristina has been an abandoned wolf ever since she was at a young age. After travelling from pack to pack she came across s...
THE CAPTIVATED by Rossie2104
THE CAPTIVATED by Rose Tyler Vampire
|| Highest Rank - #7 in vampire || Walking down the cemetery was one thing I loved doing since my parents passed away when I just a 13-year-old. I loved the environment...
Outcast [K.M] by Panicking_Sweetheart
Outcast [K.M] by Little_blondee Fanfiction
Ella is Damon and Stefan Salvatore's older sister catches the eye of one of their sworn enemies. No other then the evil hyrbid Niklaus Mikealson. Since she's been back...
TVD gifs💝 by alphawolf_21
TVD gifs💝 by MIECYZSLAW Random
Gifs of TVD characters and ships.
The Petrova Doppelgänger || The Vampire Diaries  by Bokksspillar
The Petrova Doppelgänger || The Va... by Densoin91 Fanfiction
Sophie Gilbert has been trying to live her life and move past the fact that her parents were dead, that she couldn't see them again. Ever since they died in a car crash...
Damon One shots || BGT by MadGravity7_
Damon One shots || BGT by BLOODY GAY LIFE👑 Fanfiction
Simon Cowell x David Walliams oneshots! Comedy, fluff, romance, humor, dissing. And a whole lots of gay shit.
TVD imagines/preferences by tates_smile
TVD imagines/preferences by -nobody Fanfiction
REQUESTS CLOSED~ A collection of preferences and imagines involving the reader and characters from 'The Vampire Diaries'. All are written by yours truly :) Preference ch...
The Vampire Diaries Preferences & Imagines by Gerlithequeen
The Vampire Diaries Preferences... by Gerli Fanfiction
Damon Stefan Klaus Kol Elijah Jeremy Kai I don't own TVD or the pics i'll put in
Immortals [Klaus Mikaelson] by catching_raindrops
Immortals [Klaus Mikaelson] by Mae Fanfiction
Five hundred years ago, an immortal witch fell in love with a temperamental hybrid. It was an unconditional love, one that was intended to last for centuries. But, Mikae...
Vulnerable § Klaus Mikaelson by jc_cash
Vulnerable § Klaus Mikaelson by Cece Fanfiction
Being alive for a thousand plus years isn't as amazing as it seems. The loneliness is blinding, but one time Klaus finally found his light. Dakota King, a girl...
The Bennett Witch by avani_bhargava
The Bennett Witch by Avani Fanfiction
Samara Bennett is Bonnie's older sister. She comes back to Mystic Falls after some rather unfortunate events. What happens when you add former allies, lost friends, and...
Save My Day (boyxboy) by sallyscissor
Save My Day (boyxboy) by Sally Romance
Damon Jacobs is new to the Hollywood scene. His bad boy attitude and sexy British accent make this up-and-comer someone to watch out for. Topher Ashton has been a Holly...
don't let me go ➺ d. salvatore by voidniklaus
don't let me go ➺ d. salvatore by tr△sh Fanfiction
❝That's right, I'm a monster, I'm the bad guy.❞ ❝You're not a monster nor are you the bad guy, you're just stupid.❞ [H.R IN #DAMONSALVATORE •...
Rekindle X Klaus Mikaelson #Wattys2017 by EricaLouise21
Rekindle X Klaus Mikaelson #Wattys... by Erica Louise Fanfiction
[Editing] [Book 1] Lilly Marie Salvatore. The twin sister of Damon Salvatore. Older sister of Stefan Salvatore. The three Salvatore siblings have never had a good relat...
Little Gilbert Diary by _aesthetic_alien
Little Gilbert Diary by Alien Fanfiction
Elena and Jeremy's little sister is still broken from the death of her parents. When a certain Salvatore pops into town, all hell breaks loose, and new love interests ar...
Crush // Ian Somerhalder by LondonaLozzy
Crush // Ian Somerhalder by Loz Fanfiction
Model turned actress Skye Parker has had an amazing career. It's been one full of success, notoriety and fame. There is one huge thing missing though, someone to share i...
Bloodstream ᐅ D. Salvatore #WATTYS2017 by -voidKlaus_
Bloodstream ᐅ D. Salvatore #WATTYS... by ❝SEBASTIAN STAN❞ Fanfiction
" They loved each other unconditionally and recklessly. They were made for one another. In that moment, it was like seeing soulmates meet for the very first time...
Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson|| by livymichelle
Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson|| by Liv Fanfiction
One thing Audrey Gilbert was told when vampires started showing up in Mystic Falls was to stay away from them. Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want he...
He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie Vampire
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...