Sexting My Daddy!! by UnknownHT
Sexting My Daddy!!by UnknownHT
Hannah enjoys spending her spare time on snapchat trading nudes with strangers. One day an unknown user named BigDaddy add her, little did she know it was actually her d...
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Daddy's Little Slut by sammylast
Daddy's Little Slutby sammylast
"Princess, you'd better watch your mouth. Daddy doesn't take kindly to those naughty words. Come on. Let's go." This is a ddlg/bdsm based story. All scenes in...
  • sexy
  • slut
  • daddy
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Married to Mr. Mechanic  by _H-I-M_
Married to Mr. Mechanic by _H-I-M_
(Highest ranking: #146 in chicklit, 31/03/18) This book contains mature themes, strong and frequent language and violence. A deepening relationship between a college gra...
  • bride
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Buy me?  by Daddyskitten83
Buy me? by Daddyskitten83
Coraline was finally bought from her life as a slave. What would happen when she arrive at her Masters home? What dirty things would he do to her? (I don't own any of t...
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New Father by BxxkTxpia
New Fatherby C
"Gabriel, please leave. You're drunk," I said and he scoffed and his glazed over eyes glared at me and his lips pouted. "Why, so you can fück yourself an...
  • 18plus
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Sugar Daddy (manxboy) by ridinginbluejeeps
Sugar Daddy (manxboy)by ridinginbluejeeps
I want someone to call mine. I want someone who will call me Daddy. And I think I found the perfect boy. He's the sexiest little bottom that I've ever seen. He teases me...
  • bdsmrelationship
  • lgbt
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Innocence lost (Negan ddlg Love Story) by saraxowrites
Innocence lost (Negan ddlg Love sara
We were to different. He was a sick sadistic man, but I knew somewhere deep down his cold heart was big. That it was just some type of cover up a shield he build up beca...
  • lucille
  • thewalkingdead
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🍭Yes Babygirl?🍭 by s0_0v3rrat3d
🍭Yes Babygirl?🍭by Lisser
"Over my knee baby girl" Master demands and I look in between him and Daddy. "But-" I start but was interrupted by Daddy's demanding glare. "Now...
  • spankies
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Seducing My Teacher •• S.W by fadedlikebieber
Seducing My Teacher •• S.Wby fadedlikebieber
"She's that hot ass student who has a picture of her in lingerie on her phone." --- Kayla's best friend dares her to seduce her English teacher Mr. Wilkinson b...
  • maloley
  • teacher
  • sammywilk
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Reversed Roles (Larry ageplay) by HazzasMeg
Reversed Roles (Larry ageplay)by Megan
Louis is a runaway, who hated his old home. Harry is a daddy, who wants a baby of his own. WARNING: FORCED AGEPLAY
  • tomlinson
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Daddy [DDLB/BOYXBOY] by AlexiaFisher
Daddy [DDLB/BOYXBOY]by AJ//Kenzie
Sephy is looking for a daddy. He's a fragile boy in need of someone to take care of him. He lives alone, and takes care of himself, which gets hard when he slips into li...
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Highschool Daddy by GiantSnails1
Highschool Daddyby GiantSnails1
He grabbed my arm and I finally collapsed onto my knees. "Caleb please, I'll beg, I'll do whatever you want just please don't punish me, please." I pleaded and...
  • kidnapped
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Her Little Secret by MissesW
Her Little Secretby Mittens
Sapphire Black lives with her twin brother and their usually absent mother. She is seen as the innocent of the group among friends. Often overprotected, no one knows tha...
  • daddysgirl
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The Teacher's Little by KittyKat91302
The Teacher's Littleby Kai
Unedited*** will edit after book is completed "Kitten, come here" He dragged a finger towards the now scared girl,coaxing her to come closer. She gulped and sl...
  • agegape
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  • cgl
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Daddy Always Knows by baybeepaige
Daddy Always Knowsby BBPaige
Taylor always wanted to be treated like a baby, but she never revealed it to her husband. She thought she could hide her biggest secret from him and enjoy it all by hers...
  • ddlg
  • ageplay
  • little
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Daddy// G.B.D. [DDLG] by grayson_dolans_wife_
Daddy// G.B.D. [DDLG]by grayson_dolans_wife_
Book 1. #21 in random :))
  • daddysgirl
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My Mate Is Daddy  by loyallyric
My Mate Is Daddy by Jo
It was the most delightful smell I could ever smell right there behind that door. Suddenly everything stops and the only thing that I can see is that door. I swiftly ope...
  • hybrid
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  • wattys2017
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Markiplier Smuts #3 by fanficphobic
Markiplier Smuts #3by DADDYPLIER
Volume 3 of Markiplier Smuts by fanficphobic!! Get dirty??
  • markipliersmuts
  • markfischbach
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A Little Bit of Faith ♡ by cxcxttyl
A Little Bit of Faith ♡by Brat
When Ava Hawthorne, a talented actress, decided to move in with her brother in New York, she never dreamed of meeting the richest man in the country. Upon meeting the ca...
  • daddydom
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