2D x Reader - Somefink In The Air by letsdothefork
2D x Reader - Somefink In The Air by Fork Fanfiction
After crossing paths with a certain blue haired individual, you and your fluffy companion must get to grips with all the madness that comes with. (Female Reader) Disclai...
2D x Reader - Stuck in London by lyna4290
2D x Reader - Stuck in London by Lyna Fanfiction
Just another 2D x Reader story like everyone else's. You get a ride home from a Gorillaz band member only to be involved in a crash..with an ex.. Read through the story...
2D x reader by Murdoc_vore
2D x reader by Murdoc_vore Fanfiction
This is a funny yet romantic slice of life within Kong Studios, except for the part a new person has arrived...you! I'll try my best to update every day The cover is a...
2-D X Reader by magpoo
2-D X Reader by sivirat Fanfiction
After going to a New Year's Eve party you meet 2-D. Things take a toll for the best.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Imagines (Request open) by WillieNillieFlys
Gorillaz X Reader by AristocraticLilGirl
Gorillaz X Reader by The Princess of Nothingness Fanfiction
After having your musical talent discovered at a coffee shop, The Gorillaz insist on you becoming a new member of their band. What will happen when the boys fall in love...
Big Book of Murdoc X Readers (and some 2-D) by swinchester22
Big Book of Murdoc X Readers (and... by murdoc_niccals_the_pickle_king Fanfiction
i know there arnt a ton of murdoc x readers so i will write a lot of them :)
Gorillaz -Rule 34- by ElectroGothic_
Gorillaz -Rule 34- by ElectroGothic❤ Random
Aqui encontraran imagenes yaoi (mayormente) y unas imagenes zukulemthas de noodle 7u7 por que no me gusta lo hetero y si lo hayan es por error o por que aparece algo ext...
Gorilla Preferences by InTooManyFandoms1234
Gorilla Preferences by ~Isa the Wierdo~ Fanfiction
Hi! The last time I tried to do preferences it didn't go too well, but I'm going to try especially hard this time. I am going to start with the main four, Murdoc, 2-D, R...
Test Gone Wrong: An SCP: Containment Breach Fanfiction by Supersonic6299
Test Gone Wrong: An SCP: Containme... by BRVR Fanfiction
Damion, a death row inmate turned into a rogue D-class personnel at the SCP Foundation. When his work there had begun, things had looked like they would warm up. However...
Gorillaz X Reader | Oneshots by JazzThePickleMaster
Gorillaz X Reader | Oneshots by Jassu Fanfiction
Gorillaz oneshots! Read to find out what happens between you and the band members..! ✿PLEASE NOTE✿ - My mother language IS NOT English, so I may have grammatical mist...
Ya Wenis by AliceWasHereee
Ya Wenis by Alice C. Random
A book of stupid Gorillaz humor, memes, and probably drug jokes. So come prepared with candy and popcorn. -Alice WARNING: Some things in this book may be either offensiv...
GORILLAZ: THE G FILES (Theories) by SnipsySnips
GORILLAZ: THE G FILES (Theories) by SnipsySnips Random
GORILLAZ: THE G FILES (CRACK(ER)POT theories) is a book full of Gorillaz theories that the author has came up with, because she has a lot on her mind, and has nothing be...
Gorillaz In a Chatroom by ZebraBossMan
Gorillaz In a Chatroom by Harmonie Fanfiction
Look at the title. Did you read it? Good. 'Cuz that's your description right there.
unwanted welcome (NoodleXcyborgnoodle gorillaz fanfiction) by onmelancholyhill
unwanted welcome (NoodleXcyborgnoo... by onmelancholyhill Random
you come home from a deadly adventure. youve been throufh it all- starved, isolated, shot at, bruised, shot out of the sky, and cut- what would you expect when you got h...
Melancholy Beach - a Gorillaz Fanfiction by Wolfixchairlord
Melancholy Beach - a Gorillaz Fanf... by stew-pot Fanfiction
"I'm a scary gargoyle on a tower, That you made with plastic power, Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away."
Gorillaz: Plastic Beach by AndresOyarzo2
Gorillaz: Plastic Beach by 2-D (Demond) Fanfiction
Las cosas nunca volveran a ser como antes... En esta ocasión Murdoc se volvera loco y empezara a actuar contra su propia banda por bien propio, esta historia se lleva a...
2-D X reader by _the_feely_feels_
2-D X reader by _the_feely_feels_ Fanfiction
You are a fan of Gorillaz and a famous youtuber who just hit 30 million subscribers. In your special video you did a q and a of yourself and you had to answer a question...
2-D/Murdoc X Reader by hazelmetes_13
Gorillaz  Phase-1 Celebrity Takedown by KakaGai
Gorillaz Phase-1 Celebrity Takedo... by KakaGai Romance
This is basically the whole Gorillaz backstory and all of there phases. But I added my own little twist into the mix. 2-D will be a girl who cross dresses as a boy, her...