DarkWeb by TaliaVines
DarkWeb by Talia Vines
{WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} {Highest Rank #1 Mystery/Thriller} When the FBI approaches 22 year old Wren Bower to work as an informant, she knows she'll take the job no matt...
  • mystery
  • panicattack
  • obsession
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Dawn Of A Dreamer [Editing] by LaveshG
Dawn Of A Dreamer [Editing] by 𝔏𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔰𝔥 𝔊𝔲𝔭𝔱𝔞
꧁Rated #12 in Mystery/Thriller꧂ Summer Charard has started her Junior Year of High school and her biggest wish is to have a fun, care-free, popular life. But on her firs...
  • assasin
  • murder
  • cybercrime
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I Told You, Eli Oxley by ChaseManning2
I Told You, Eli Oxley by Chase Manning
Banks will be hacked. Hearts will be broken. Watty Winner in the Best New Voices category! I TOLD YOU, ELI OXLEY is a novel about guilt, money, hacking, temptation and f...
  • cybercrime
  • cheating
  • completed
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Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel by LucasCarlson
Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel by Lucas Carlson
If you think artificial intelligence is dangerous, then you don't know the real threat to humanity's future... Luna Valencia is the founder of the hottest artificial int...
  • dystopia
  • hacker
  • novel
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Status: Online (EDITING) by MinionOfSHIELD
Status: Online (EDITING) by Mahati
'Status: Online', it showed on her computer screen as she opened a new tab. "What could go wrong? It's just a site to talk to new strangers!" Alina told hersel...
  • hate
  • teen
  • stalking
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Social Engineer by ianhsutherland
Social Engineer by Ian
A Wattpad Featured Story! A pharmaceutical company under cyberattack from China. The chemical formula for their Alzheimer's drug at stake. Can elite hacker Brody Taylor...
  • love
  • novella
  • romance
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Blackquest 40 by jeff_bond
Blackquest 40 by
Deb Bollinger is too busy solving homelessness to deal with corporate-training-from-hell Blackquest 40. Her company's top engineer at just 27, Deb has blocked off her da...
  • grownupreads
  • adventure
  • thriller
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SPY (Complete) by CrysRahel
SPY (Complete) by CrysRahel
Bertemu denganmu di dimensi putih ini akan menjadi ingatan terakhirku. Jika boleh, kau harus membiarkan aku kembali suatu hari nanti ~ Lee Changsub Main cast: Lee Changs...
  • fantasi
  • triller
  • yooksungjae
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Anarchy of the Mice by jeff_bond
Anarchy of the Mice by
"Nibble, nibble. Until the whole sick scam rots through." When anarchist-hackers the Blind Mice begin crippling the country's worst corporations -- the "D...
  • thriller
  • spy
  • fiction
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Click Bait by FinnyH
Click Bait by Finn Arlett
[Cyber Thriller/Mystery] When a series of cruel, calculated murders across the internet become reality for the citizens of a lakeside tourist town, Jami Jesdale, an aspi...
  • cybercrime
  • missing
  • femaleprotagonist
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Sleep & Die by TrinityNorwood
Sleep & Die by TRIN ✔️
Everyone thought it was just a dumb game some teenager made to get a laugh out of. They thought that they would get to have a future, going to college, and starting a fa...
  • thriller
  • mystery
  • cybercrime
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Cyber Entity by strawhat_x
Cyber Entity by strawhat_x
Sa circle of friends ni Zoe na kakatanggap sila ng creepy messages galing sa unknown account. Simula na ka tanggap sila ng creepy messages nag simula na rin ang kalbaryo...
  • horror
  • gore
  • killing
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Trust by Abby102435
Trust by Alicia Coners
Girls have desires too they do wrong sometimes but harassing them in any way for anything was and will never be the right thing
  • puberty
  • honesty
  • teenage
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Invasion of Privacy by ianhsutherland
Invasion of Privacy by Ian
A vicious killer luring young women to their deaths. A website for voyeurs impervious to hacking. A police investigation team getting nowhere fast. A serial killer obser...
  • dark
  • story
  • cybercrime
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Originalitie by SilentSpeaker01
Originalitie by Lola
a fictitious letter of lost long distance love
  • fiction
  • cybercrime
  • originalitie
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Dear hate accounts by bullyrusso
Dear hate accounts by bitter narcissism
❝ I would've gotten away with it if wasn't for you meddling kids !! ❞ to all fucking hate accounts who think it's ok to hate on others and think you can get away with i...
  • bullying
  • stopyourself
  • cyberbullying
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Glitch by fried_pringle_oreo
Glitch by fried_pringle_oreo
I've always been the type to never be the hero. Its just normal to think that karma will eventually creep on all of us, like a bad cold. I just never thought that it wou...
  • suspense
  • furturistic
  • highschool
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