DarkWeb by TaliaVines
DarkWeb by Talia Vines Mystery / Thriller
{WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} {Highest Rank #1 Mystery/Thriller} When the FBI approaches 22 year old Wren Bower to work as an informant, she knows she'll take the job no matt...
I Told You, Eli Oxley by ChaseManning2
I Told You, Eli Oxley by Chase Manning Teen Fiction
Banks will be hacked. Hearts will be broken. Watty Winner in the Best New Voices category! I TOLD YOU, ELI OXLEY is a novel about guilt, money, hacking, temptation and f...
Pieces of Her by cavesecho
Pieces of Her by kate north Mystery / Thriller
I see you when you're sleeping. I know when you're awake. I watch you as you lock your door. I follow as you break.
The Term Sheet | Wattys 2016 Winner by LucasCarlson
The Term Sheet | Wattys 2016 Winner by Lucas Carlson Mystery / Thriller
2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - HQ LOVE THE TERM SHEET is a fast-paced technothriller about entrepreneurship, startups, encryption, and the delicate balance between national s...
club penguin love story by PhansCollarbones
Unwaged by AndreMartinez99
Unwaged by André Martínez Science Fiction
Oh. How we welcomed these new inventions with wide open arms. Expecting a higher quality of living. No. Instead humanity succumbed underneath these technological advance...
The Impact Of Dreams On My Life by CrazyGeethu
The Impact Of Dreams On My Life by Geethika Hari Priya Teen Fiction
Surf through the life of a typical teenager "Katy Sparks" What happens when all of a sudden, two of her best friends abandon her? Will her investment have a g...