Down 918 Rabbit Holes by Hafferby
Down 918 Rabbit Holesby EHafferby
18/11/78: 918 people die in a mass suicide deep in the Guyanese jungle. But what is the real story behind the Jonestown massacre? Two years ago I took on a project to wr...
  • history
  • blacklivesmatter
  • fbi
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Basic Human Decency (Ashley/Josh/Tyler) by milkcartonangel
Basic Human Decency (Ashley/Josh/ 🐇 Memily Doll 🐇
Sequel to Sacrificial Lamb 14 months after
  • ashleyfrangipane
  • joshdun
  • tylerjoseph
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Dreamscape by SheHopes
Dreamscapeby Sandra Grayson
(BOOK II IN THE DREAM SERIES) All her life, Dani Deleon has been plagued by other people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a woman that's gone missi...
  • dreams
  • cult
  • detective
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The Dragon's Faith by EmilyLK
The Dragon's Faithby EmilyLK
**The Dragon's Song | A Novella** A religious following of the Karalis is taking hold in Tauta. It seems harmless at first, but left to grow unchecked and without gui...
  • action
  • dragons
  • dragon
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Hostile Takeover ❖ Jake Riley | ✓ [book 1] by 1spotlight1
Hostile Takeover ❖ Jake Riley | ✓ Kailie
One year after the deadly viral epidemic in Atlanta, the city continued to mourn those they lost and commemorate the even on a special day. That day is celebrated throug...
  • containment
  • atlanta
  • terrorists
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Cult (ManxBoy|Werewolf) by QueenKlaro
Cult (ManxBoy|Werewolf)by ⚜️Klaro Ciceron⚜️
Cover made by @voiddameron Dominic Wells is a werewolf. A beta child and one of the kindest souls of the Lahote pack. He leads by example but wasn't the strongest out of...
  • warlock
  • werewolf
  • manxman
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American Horror Story: The End by cantdothisrn
American Horror Story: The Endby cantdothisrn
"You're the blackness inside of every soul; the blood that drips from someone's nose and mouth after a harsh beating. You're the powerful wind that pushes down anci...
  • cult
  • hotel
  • coven
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Wolf Chase by makemebreakme555
Wolf Chaseby Ambar
Incerpt: Massie wondered how she hadn't seen him, this dude was a monster. His golden eyes glared at her in annoyance and his full pink lips formed a tight line as he be...
  • drama
  • wolves
  • wolf
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Troubled Minds~ (Ticci Toby Love Story) by WickedAngel98
Troubled Minds~ (Ticci Toby Love յմӏíҽե
"I couldn't feel pain, but i felt the pain she had caused me.. Why? I wish i could get her damn face out of my mind, my heart is filled with darkness but for some r...
  • magic
  • man
  • war
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Strange Yarns by JoshSaltzman
Strange Yarnsby Josh Saltzman
WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! Strange Yarns is a ball of tangled tales. Twisted, knotted, and intertwined. Like Tales of the Crypt, the Twilight Zone, and The...
  • spooky
  • wattys2016
  • goblin
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The Fallow by Fairytale_Fabler
The Fallowby Alicia J. Britton
[ Dystopian / Mature / Dark Romance ] In the not-so-distant future . . . and if a cult could rule what remains of the world . . . While Portsmith is undergoing its annu...
  • thefallow
  • featured
  • newengland
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The Cult by Est1992
The Cultby Est1992
Cult AU // Niall woke up the next morning and he didn't know where he was; that's obviously never a good place to be when you wake up. // "I don't belong here, I h...
  • 5sos
  • harrystyles
  • zainourry
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Tell Me Your Sins by blamegames
Tell Me Your Sinsby Sarah
An unimaginable crime put the coastal town of Callahan on the map in the 90's. Though the national spotlight has long faded, the whispers live on: devil worship; witches...
  • beach
  • murder
  • cult
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SALT & BURN  (GxG) by LibDaBlogger
SALT & BURN (GxG)by mythic snitch
Alice Osbourne wasn't afraid of much. She feared real life things; debt, loneliness, failing out of college. But when she meets her horrifyingly intriguing neighbor, Ram...
  • demon
  • paranormal
  • witchtrials
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Alice's love by AlondraArmenta
Alice's loveby Alondra Armenta
The tables have turned for Alice. She is having to choose between two sides of her. The vampire and the human. Will she get what she's always secretly wanted since she...
  • cult
  • mature
  • love
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The Dreaming: Dark Star (Book 5) by shalonsims
The Dreaming: Dark Star (Book 5)by Shalon Sims
Imorah has lived her entire life underground. She found a note this morning warning her to escape to the surface before it's too late.... Above ground, in the desert was...
  • conspiracy
  • mystery
  • ww3
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Sacrificial Lamb (Joshler) by milkcartonangel
Sacrificial Lamb (Joshler)by 🐇 Memily Doll 🐇
Tyler doesn't fit in. Josh doesn't fit in. Tyler is afraid to go to school. Josh is afraid to go home. Tyler is in honours classes. Josh is in a satanic cult. Those kind...
  • satanism
  • cult
  • cults
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The wrong type of love (ahs kai Anderson) by Evavaldez15
The wrong type of love (ahs kai Evavaldez15
a boy. a girl. a suicidal teen? yes. a cult leader? damn straight. what happens when the to collide?
  • clowns
  • ahs
  • cultleader
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Shattered Time by IllusionBound
Shattered Timeby Willow S. Lock
An original reverse harem novel The gods died. Everyone knew that. One day they were casting miracles and being worshipped then the next their temples were found aband...
  • soulmate
  • timetravel
  • protective
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The Dreaming: Awaken (Book 1) by shalonsims
The Dreaming: Awaken (Book 1)by Shalon Sims
# Wattpad Featured Story # ~ Awaken: Book ONE of The Dreaming Series ~ Two children meet at the end of the world. Liorah has no idea what's happening outside in t...
  • robot
  • dreams
  • cult
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