TÒA NHÀ SỐ 44 - Quyển 1 by TieuMan29
TÒA NHÀ SỐ 44 - Quyển 1by Tiểu Mãn
[Quyển 1] - Tên truyện: TOÀ NHÀ SỐ 44. - Tác giả: 笑水轩动漫. - Dịch giả : Đinh Công Thành. - Thể loại: Horror... - Tình trạng: Đang tiến hành. - Nội dung: Những câu chuyện...
  • horro
  • ngontinh
  • 21
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- Tác giả: Lí thúc, Chu thúc. - Nguồn - Dịch: nhóm Lạc Thiên, - Thể loại: Horror... - Tình trạng: Đang tiến hành. - Nội dung: Bộ truyệ...
  • tranh
  • manhua
  • mystery
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Meredith's Thoughts by glover4
Meredith's Thoughtsby Mere Glover
Pretty much random stuff that goes on in my life and me freaking about about it. There's also some songs and poems that are mine and then some random other lyrics that o...
  • freaking
  • graham
  • dinka
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
  • hunter
  • africa
  • town
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C R Y P T I C by qtA416
C R Y P T I Cby _yourSunshineLex☀️💯
You know the cliche stories... One boy, one girl, a little bit of controversy, & a lot of drama. You know the Mystery stories... A lot of secrets, suspense and crime. ...
  • couplegoals
  • love
  • chills
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Beyblade Burst Special: The Horror Stories by SetoMidori
Beyblade Burst Special: The Midori Nguyễn
Những bí ẩn và những câu chuyện kinh dị của các nhân vật trong Beyblade.
  • valt
  • cryptic
  • kinhdi
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Cryptic (Harry Styles) by horansnutella
Cryptic (Harry Styles)by 1D (is my life)
"You're the light to my dark, the fire to my flame, the key to my destruction."
  • direction
  • niall
  • cryptic
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Raconteur  by anansily
Raconteur by laila
#62 in Poetry (highest ranking) Just fragments, 'Cos I'm no artist, To twist the paint into beauty, But a thinker, To splash the hues. Be my guest, Don't cross the...
  • heartfelt
  • cryptic
  • thoughts
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My artsy arts! :3 by ThisIsDeletedNow
My artsy arts! :3by Discontinued for Good
NOT MUCH BASE ART ANYMORE! (YES I USED BASES, QUITE OFTEN ACTUALLY!!!) Most of this is fanart (of my books or other stories), concept art, or art of my YT friends and I...
  • illusiontheproxy
  • pizza
  • artbook
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*Featured Story* Readers of dark tales, are you in the mood for holiday cheer? Enter DEAD WINTER and get your fill. But mind your step! In this frozen world, victory bel...
  • writing
  • fiction
  • wattys2017
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Mermaid Tail {A NaLu AU} by Cryptic_Eyes
Mermaid Tail {A NaLu AU}by 케이시🌹
In a world of magic, legends, pirates, and mythical beings, Fiore is a kingdom long forgotten. Within the deep blue of its ocean, the Obsidian, lies a lone mermaid by th...
  • anime
  • manga
  • natsu
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Trường học kinh dị (18+) by ThinThin489
Trường học kinh dị (18+)by Thiến Thiến
Guro, bạo lực, máu me
  • cryptic
  • kinhdi
  • guro
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Just A Circus Puppet [EDITING] by ThePsychoMadHatter
Just A Circus Puppet [EDITING]by ☆ Shiwii ☆
The Circus of Death, it was called. Every year they would choose a handful of teenagers to add to their circus. However, the teenagers weren't as normal as you'd expect...
  • gore
  • evil
  • creepy
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Fairy Tail: My Amnesia Girl by NatchiHamada
Fairy Tail: My Amnesia Girlby NatchiHamada
Hello Filipino and Non Filipino readers!, NatchiHamada reporting to you all today about how you will feel about this book. First, you'll feel how romantic Natsu is. Then...
  • abigael37
  • eyes
  • morris
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City Boys by ESmith771
City Boysby Emily
*Book Four of The Cryptic Savior Series* Disguised Angels is a magnificent club that can make even the soberest of men lose their minds. We ask that you give us your co...
  • war
  • control
  • gap
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Lost by Calista342
Lostby Calista342
Natalie is a regular girl. Well, maybe not completely regular. Her life is full of medical complications and difficulties. Who knows what's next? One day she's free of m...
  • taken
  • coldhearted
  • photographicmemory
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Cryptic Riddles by Dark_Intoxication
Cryptic Riddlesby Dark_Intoxication
Cryptic riddles that require your understanding of the world to uncover the creepy meaning behind each scenario. Good luck!
  • cryptic
  • scaryriddles
  • crypticriddles
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Polythene Walls by LFL2015
Polythene Wallsby LFL2015
It's quite cryptic I know, But I hope you can make something of it.
  • unrequitedlove
  • unhealthy
  • unhealthyrelationship
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Cryptic Chirstmas [M. Dark! Yandere X F. Reader] by YandereFaithfull
Cryptic Chirstmas [M. Dark! Faithfull
Christmas is coming up and the snow has already fallen. You can't hold in your excitement at seeing your parents after two years of struggling to live in the world but y...
  • cryptic
  • yandere
  • anime
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Cryptids Vol.1 by Majacash
Cryptids Vol.1by Majacash
  • mystery
  • mysterious
  • cryptic
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