Dark City by MegMerriet
Dark Cityby Meg Merriet
Mixed with the music of Muse, this cerebral thriller plays on suburban fears and superstitions. A young war veteran honorably discharged after losing his leg returns hom...
  • crusades
  • soldier
  • urban
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The brotherhood of  poor knights of the temple of Solomon   by Christians02
The brotherhood of poor knights Christians02
They still exist-Knight Templars that is. Will they survive the campaign that King Phillip IV has launched against them? Find out in this historical fiction. NOT IN CHRO...
  • royalty
  • suspense
  • brotherhood
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Knight by vampirehybrid9
Knightby vampirehybrid9
  • crusades
  • medieval
  • baudelaire
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THE TEMPLARS' SWORDby Giannis Nikolaidis
Three months after the complete disaster inflicted on the crusaders by the Muslim troops in the Hattin desert in 1187 AD and on the eve of the conquest of the Kingdom of...
  • directorfury
  • fiction
  • novel
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The Knights of Dusk by HumaneTomcat
The Knights of Duskby Ethan
A secret order, formed by three deserting knights during the Crusades, fights for humanity's freedom from creatures of the night who wish to steal it from them. (This my...
  • hunting
  • knights
  • werewolf
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Invasion of the Black Knights by RGMesquita
Invasion of the Black Knightsby Rodrigo Assis Mesquita
Richard the Lionheart is leaving for the crusades when mysterious black knights start an invasion. Cover by Caique Guerra. Now available on Amazon -
  • blackknights
  • lionheart
  • historicalfiction
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Donald Trump:  The Last Crusade by The-Abyssal-Queen
Donald Trump: The Last Crusadeby Jason Kartopawiro
In 2018 President Donald Trump was assassinated. Hillary took over and created new world order. Along with SJW, Muslims, Feminists, antifa started taking over the world...
  • deusvult
  • donaldtrump
  • crusades
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To Fight With a Feather by DeducingAngel
To Fight With a Featherby Magpie
This is just a VERY short historical fiction piece. This is not my usual writing, it was just something that is close to my heart, so I hope you will find it close to yo...
  • islam
  • crusades
  • judaism
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Teen Crushes || Advice For Shy Girls/ Boys by Crushes_
Teen Crushes || Advice For Shy Crushes_
So, I'll give advice on Questions you may ask. Any question or if you feel awkward you can personally text me. :)
  • love
  • boyxboy
  • boyxgirl
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