1 | EMBERS | THE 100 | JOHN MURPHY ✔️ by deathlies
1 | EMBERS | THE 100 | JOHN lau
in which a girl with a heavy burden tries to find her way through the trials and torments of the earth they've come home to. OR in which she must rebuild. ...
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What if the characters of Haikyuu had Facebook!! Come in and see for yourself!! See their reactions!! Packed with insults, laughter, Facebook birthdays, Facebook chats...
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A Neko among Crows by Imeriyafrance
A Neko among Crowsby E
What will happen if a certain volleyball prodigy joined the Karasuno volleyball boys club. --- Please read! It's my first Haikyuu Fanfic! Details inside! - Eliza
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There's a double assassination being planned in the kingdom of Halezia, but murder is risky business and what happens if you get caught? © JUGULARS 2018
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Don't Close Your Eyes by Imsoserious15
Don't Close Your Eyesby Imsoserious15👁‍🗨
Have you ever lay upon the sheets of your bed and listened to the tree branch hit the window Only to hear more than that, Have you ever asked "w-who is there"...
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  • bedtime
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We Meet Again by Tsukino_Kimiko
We Meet Againby XxBadass_otakuxX
"Hieeee! Vongola's number one enemy is here in Namimori?!" A boy with gravity defying brown hair shrieked in horror. "Ah (yes) to be more specific, Cornac...
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The Crow and the Snake  by Rayneus
The Crow and the Snake by Raynier Lyros
Crows declare war against the snakes that attacked their homes eversince. However, one baby crow named Coal finds an injured snake called Poison whose body is stuck by a...
  • unlikelyfriends
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Haikyuu!! Scenarios by Gelachann
Haikyuu!! Scenariosby Gela
Hi! Name's Anji. Join me and ur favorite Haikyuu characters to my world of craziness. DISCLAIMER: I do not own haikyuu or any of its characters. All rights goes to Furud...
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Earthquake of Crows by Sheep_and_Books
Earthquake of Crowsby Aaron
Highest - #673 in paranormal LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK Book One of the Lucid Clock Series Something Precious... Something Old... Something Given... Fifteen-year-old Tara Cal...
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Dark Feathers (Fili x oc) by Priscil_is_me
Dark Feathers (Fili x oc)by Priscil_is_me
Crowena is a shape shifter but she is not like any other shifter she is different . DO NOT COPY THIS STORY, IS MY CREATION AND MINE ONLY... may contain some lemons but...
  • romance
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The Echo of Crows by AceFallow
The Echo of Crowsby AceFallow
In a territory with scorching summers and blizzard filled winters, Cobweb must not only combat nature itself but also the Packs that lie beyond her borders. All is peace...
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El viaje de un cuervo by Jerselyis
El viaje de un cuervoby Yerselyis
Abre tus alas hacía un mundo que no conoces, enfrenta tu mente a una realidad distorsionada,vuela sobre nubes llenas de conciencia y mira el interior de tu alma a través...
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Haikyuu!! [oneshots] by ChocolateTitan
Haikyuu!! [oneshots]by 🍥SweetRolls🍥
[ the whole description of the story is the title itself ] [ Thanks for stopping by in my book ] [ Hope youll have fun~ ] CHOCOLATETITAN
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Haikyuu!! Scenarios 2.0 by gelapple
Haikyuu!! Scenarios 2.0by Gela
Warning: Randomness ahead. Please fasten your seatbelts. Book one: Haikyuu!! Scenarios by: Gelachann Date started: December 25, 2017 Date ended: - - -
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Silver spoon ( tuskishima Kei x reader)  by thelittlenovel
Silver spoon ( tuskishima Kei x Anastasia jace
The aristocrat was a rich family that lived in the Japan , (y/n) grew up with her twin brother eating off of silver spoons , after both of the twins signed up to Karasun...
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Six Of Crows by chaseking1796
Six Of Crowsby Chase
Some random Ideas that I thought of... with the help from other amazing writers. I would explain what this is going to be about, but I guess your going to have to see...
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  • wylan
  • fanfiction
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The Black Dove.{Haikyuu} by Musadragoneel
The Black Dove.{Haikyuu}by MusaDragoneel
"I left once cause i was afraid, then again cause i was sold out.....but now when i'm getting another chance. I'm not backing down". After losing to Aoba Jousa...
  • crows
  • nekoma
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The Crow's Ravens by Relievedpandasrule
The Crow's Ravensby Relievedpandasrule
In a world of sorrow Katherine has to live the fate of a pet : A sex toy, slave, for amusement or a quick snack. A human used as a toy by the ruling species vampires - D...
  • romance
  • raves
  • ravens
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The black handed demon boy by Night_ShadowedCat
The black handed demon boyby ShadowCatOfKetterdam
Sequel to death is a crows game and I can never get enough of Kaz and Inej. They are the people that I find extremely intriguing especially Kaz. So I will keep writing...
  • sequel
  • kaz
  • inej
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Hell House by Beautyful-Horrorshow
Hell Houseby Hope Hewitt
Tales of witches have been spread far and wide around the globe. Lore dating back hundreds of years, and the house at the end of the street that riddled you with fear. M...
  • spells
  • ancient
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