Ferid Bathory X Reader - Lonely Little Lamb by Purplenovalight
Ferid Bathory X Reader - Lonely Li... by Rori Fanfiction
Your first time out of the city certainly wasn't what you hoped it would be; a solo mission to kill a spider that goes horribly wrong. Sorry about poor quality. It is my...
Seraphic Bond (Owari No Seraph x Reader) by kansami
Seraphic Bond (Owari No Seraph x R... by ❀ Fanfiction
In a world filled with blood-lusting vampires and humans dealing with demons, reality is far from peaceful. There is constant turmoil, as the vampires are amassing power...
The Key to His Empty Heart [Owari no Seraph!Various x Male!Reader] by Dilvei
The Key to His Empty Heart [Owari... by Dilvei Fanfiction
[L/n] [M/n] was a noble hidden in the shadows, only few knows of his existence. He does not hold hatred to any humans like other vampires and nobles. He simply did not p...
♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari no Seraph fanfiction || by mochi-panda
♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari n... by エリアス • h i a t u s Fanfiction
♠ Evangeline Tepes, heir of the 1st progenitor and the eldest daughter of the great vampire king, as well as the elder half-sister to Krul Tepes. Evangeline, being the...
Titans Gone Vampire (Seraph of the End/ Attack on Titan Crossover) by _Rainy_Melody
Titans Gone Vampire (Seraph of the... by ~Rainy~ Fanfiction
The vampires and humans are nearing the end of their last battle. Things look dire for the humans- even with Mikaela fighting by their side on behalf of Yuichiro. Sudd...
Return Of The First  by Yuichiro_Eusford
Return Of The First by Yuichiro_Eusford Fanfiction
In the year 1000AD, a large group of humans took refuge within a deep cave where they discovered a cloaked man in a state of hibernation in a ball of unbreakable ice. T...
Taboo by kaylaortiz06
Taboo by kaylaortiz06 Fanfiction
Set Your Sword (Crowley Eusford x OC Fanfiction) by Idunnodesuu
Set Your Sword (Crowley Eusford x... by Idunnodesuu Fanfiction
A love from the past takes it's sword in order to sting Crowley's heart again. Dalia Schermer, a woman in disguise who fought as a knight by Crowley's side 800 yea...
Owari no Seraph x Reader [REQUESTS CLOSED] by kubashiro
Owari no Seraph x Reader [REQUESTS... by kubashiro Romance
Characters from the anime Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End) x reader~ Also, a lot of them are probably going to be drabbles since I get lazy sometimes and don't wanna...
Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph Fanfic)  by MeiMei_37
Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph Fanfic... by Furozawa Shiroka Fanfiction
Shion Hiragi is a foster child of the Hiragi family. She was also adopted by the Hisakawa family, and became her first family. With her childhood being a bloodshed, she...
Blood Lust by Sakamaki-sama
Blood Lust by Indra Fanfiction
Mei was 15 when it happened. She heard that the virus wiped out anyone 13 and above, so why was she alive?
Crowley Eusford- Trespassing by Purplenovalight
Crowley Eusford- Trespassing by Rori Fanfiction
Crowley is enjoying a nice day when he finds something unexpected in his favorite valley.
I Plead Insanity - Ferid Bathory & Reader by DarkHell616
I Plead Insanity - Ferid Bathory... by Hell Fanfiction
There was nothing you despised more than Ferid's little pet.
« Owari No Seraph One Shots » by Missy_Bear
« Owari No Seraph One Shots » by Missy_Bear Fanfiction
Hello, My Lovely Readers! I hope you enjoy this book full of one shots with fluffy cuteness, and some (I sorry ;-;) sad one shots. Most of these are my own ideas, but f...
The Chronicles of Ivy Tsukino {Owari No Seraph} [Crowley Eusford X OC] AU by TsukikoYuzuki
The Chronicles of Ivy Tsukino {Owa... by Megan Baxter Fanfiction
On Christmas eve, my life was forever changed by my irresponsibility and carelessness. I had a dangerous, deadly, and dare I say it, a slightly romantic encounter with a...
Princess for a Day [Crowley Eusford x Reader] {FLUFF} by crucesignatus
Crowley Eusford x Reader - Just Another Snack by Purplenovalight
Crowley Eusford x Reader - Just An... by Rori Fanfiction
A short two chapter Fanfic about Crowley Eusford. Is a teeny tiny bit graphic in the first part.
The Offer - Crowley Eusford by DarkHell616
The Offer - Crowley Eusford by Hell Fanfiction
There'd just be one small set back, but it offered you a whole new world, so...will you take it?
Crowley Eusford x OC - Owari No Seraph/Seraph Of The End by MafiaMoogle
Crowley Eusford x OC - Owari No Se... by MafiaMoogle Fanfiction
Haruhi liegt im Sterben. Das ist an sich im Krieg nichts ungewöhnliches. Es passiert öfter als man denkt, vor allem wenn man als Nebenfigur in einem Anime lebt. Doch Har...
❝ Tʜɪʀᴛᴇᴇɴᴛʜ Pʀᴏɢᴇɴɪᴛᴏʀ ❞ by thethxrteenth