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"I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, 'Because of you I didn't give up.'" "They say the loveliest angels make the cruelest demons and darling you were so kind and so beautiful before they dragged you to hell." "I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." 17. Senior. Official owner of: @CreepyPasta_Awards @ProjectCPRC Admin of: @theRFAorganization Other (Mystic Messenger) account: @LilyblueBluelily Marble Hornets Markiplier & DanTDM Contacts- Kik: @Xxsilverlollipop Twitter: @Xxsilerlollipop Instagram: @silverlollopopxd (Comments from my books) Skype: xxsilverlollipopxd Awesome People: @Ryan_Ringo (^^ my love) @XxbluecupcakexX (my gay boy) @ImWithKurt (my motivation) @xxthehercsterxx @Terrible_Fate (the greatest writer you'll ever find) @horrorscope- (My fav commenter)
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"Welcome To Night Vale." Hello Heartians/Writers! I'm Charlotte. But most people call me Char. My B-Day January 21st. I'm pansexual. I absolutely LOVE books by Lemony Snicket. (Read all 13 books of A Series of Unfortunate Events) TicciMask is my OTP. I'm shy at first, but when you get to know me, I'm alright. I have a sweet tooth. I FUCKING LOVE burgers. I like anime. I love Three Days Grace. I love creepypastas and spooky stuff in general. I am a gamer. I play MineCraft. My favorite mob is the Enderman. I'm a nerd for retro/8-bit/kinda old games. I'm a pretty good writer and I hope to one day be a graphic novelist. Tim Burton is my childhood. I'm Canadian. I may be polite but I am not afraid to bring the motherfucking sass. I'm Bitty's Wattpad mom. If you hurt my baby Imma fuck you up with my boot knife. I have read so many creepypastas that almost nothing scares me, but at the same time A LOT of things scare me. My hair is brown. My eyes are brown. And my skin is pale. I love Three Days Grace, Vocaloid, Mother Mother, and because of my buddy Crow, Simon Curtis If you enjoy my stuff, vote, comment, share.
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>>UNDER CONSTRUCTION<< [I didn't know what the fuck to do with my old bio so LJ did it for me though I'll make another one myself a little later on so stay beautiful my victims] ǀgнт тнιѕ ιѕ fυcкιηg Lαυgнιηg Jαcк<<<<<< >>>>>>> ɗσιηg му вяσ'ѕ вισ cυz ǀ'м αωєѕσмє ℓιкє тнαт вιтcнєѕ Jєff тнє кιℓℓ ιѕ нιѕ ηαмє αηɗ кιℓℓιηg уσυ ιѕ нιѕ gαмє Aηуωαуѕ тнιѕ кιɗ яιgнт нєяє уєρ тнιѕ ɗυɗє ѕℓιcєɗ нιѕ σωη fαcє , тнαт'ѕ нσω cяαzу нє ιѕ ..... & нє ωση'т мιηɗ ɗσιηg тнє ѕαмє тσ уσυ нαнα нєcк ǀ ωσυℓɗ ɗσ тнє ѕαмє тнιηg cυz ιт'ѕ fυη ѕℓιcιηg ρєσρℓє ιη нαℓf.... Sσ ɗσ нιм α fυcкιηg fανσя αηɗ gσ тσ ѕƖєєρ Hανє α fυcктαѕтιc ɗαу мєαтвαgѕ LJ συт ◆◇◆◇◆ƒяί€ŋďs + ƒαmily◆◇◆◇◆ → @LaughingxJack → @Sarah_anime-lover → @-JaneIsabella- [Original נєff тнє кιℓℓєя]
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-ωєℓ¢σмє тσ тнє нσяяιвℓу ωяιттєи fαиfι¢тισи ραgє σf ѕι∂∂σт- нello! ι'м ĸnown aѕ ѕιddoт. ι нave вeen on waттpad ғor aвoυт тwo yearѕ now and ι нave goт тo ѕay... I'm a horrible writer. If you're here for cliché romance novels about your favorite killers then this is the right place! Anyway, ι lιve ιn aмerιca and alwayѕ нad a paѕѕιon ғor wrιттιng (Even though i'm not that great at it XD). ι've acтυally мeт ѕoмe aмazιng people and мade υneхpecтed ғrιendѕ along тнe way :-) My OC is Switchblade and I sometimes roleplay, just ask or go right away to my message board :3 I'm willing to chat or discuss anything! I don't necessarily bite. αмαzιиg ρєσρℓє тσ fσℓℓσω: @Dred55, my protector and long known friend, mess with him and you mess with me. vice-versa. @RocketKitti, she has been a long supporter and friend to me. Black Tears is dedicated to her and the use of her character Jean in the book. -σтнєя ѕιтєѕ ι υѕє- Wattpad Homestuck account: @chelophormGospel Instagram: the_vantastic_kankri Instagram Cosplay: the_vantastic_cosplay
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kik: imadorkable77 16, shy, bisexual, I have a wide variety of friends, some are transgender, some are bisexual, gay, lesbian, pansexual, and religion of all those friends are Christian, atheist, wiccan, one happens to be a very sweet Satanist (weird I know but she loves me!) people are very comfortable around me because I don't really judge, BUT IM ALSO NOT A DOORMAT AND WILL FIGHT, I respect your views if you respect mine, Agree to Disagree! also type one diabetic! type two is very different ~°^°~ Favorite bands: Get scared Escape the fate Three days grace HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD!!! Falling in reverse Skillet Fall Out Boy Breaking Benjamin Starset Panic at the disco My Chemical Romance Halsey Florence and the Machine Artic Monkeys
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Favorite Creepypasta: Either Masky or Jeff the Killer Favorite Band: The Gaslight Anthem Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Anime: Soul Eater Favorite Food: Cheescake Favorite Quote: "Keep your head held high and your middle finger higher!" Favorite Video Game of all time ever: Telltale's The Walking Dead Favorite Youtube Channel: Marble Hornets My cousin is @JeffmySweet. I stalked with Slender Man on that day. I baked cupcakes with Pinkamena on that day. I beat Alex with Masky on that day. I burned with Jeff on that day. I drowned on the ship with BEN on that day. I played with Sally on that day. I stood with Scootaloo in the Rainbow Factory on that day. I ate kidneys with Eyeless Jack on that day. I got revenge on Jeff with Jane on that day. I took the pills with Meowledy on that day. I was with Lost Silver when HEDIED on that day. I was there the entire time, standing next to them. Copy paste this poem on to your page if you were there with them on that day... ❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Mentally married to Masky My second account is @MaskyandJeff "But then I realized I'm an adult I don't have to do shit so I just made two sandwiches." -Tim Sutton █10%NEW JERSEY ██20% WARRIOR CATS ███30% NOSTALGIA CRITIC ████40% SOUL EATER █████50%EVANESCENCE ██████60% MARBLE HORNETS ███████70% AUTHOR ████████80% JEFF THE KILLER █████████90% MASKY ██████████100% CREEPYPASTA Current projects- The Rough Girl and the Proxy -Our Bloody Girls -Be Gentle to my Heart It's very Fragile -My Blind Sweetheart -My Psycho Protector -My Own Personal Angel
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Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form - it's your boy Guzma! -Guzma Yo. Wassup? Its ya' girl Yumi. Lv. 100 Procrastinator. Let me get one thing straight; Jeff and Guzma belong to me. Grammar freak. Hypocrite. Major douchebag. Want a book cover? Hmu in PM. I'm legit almost always on. Spam me idc. I accept fanart. 1.32K numbskulls. Follow me to become a numbskull. Backup: @JellKyoichii | Founder/Admin of: @DualQueens | Famdom: @Otaku_the_Queen @Insanity_Is_Key @Tadashi-is-here @HikariElric
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Damn son, haven't been on here in a while.
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My hero is my little sister ❤Elise❤ She is the strongest girl I know.
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Hi! So your probably here cause you are one of my followers or happened to stumble on my profile. So, I'd like to tell you a bit about me. I am currently fourteen. I started writing when I was about five, and have been writing ever since. I also draw and I may put pictures of characters in my books. I have written several fan-fictions, but I suffer from overload of original ideas. I do plan to continue writing fan-fictions on this account, and if I can I will make another account for my originals. I love fantasy, romance, and thrillers. I tend to stay away from mystery novels because they seem to bore me to death. I am currently into creepypastas, but their effect on me is started to linger away. I have gone through a lot in my life, and most of the time I like to make emotional characters. I like these characters because I feel like I can relate to them better than that Mary Sue over there. I love writing, and I tend to get grumpy when I can't write. I will always have a journal or sketch book on me. Despite my rather happy personality, I can be very serious and depressed at times like any others. I have had people tell me that I can write really well despite my age. So I hope this helped you learn a little bit about me, and I hope you will check out some of my books. Bye~! Current Works: Scream for me (Jeff The Killer Romance) Up Coming Works: Fading Blue (Eyeless Jack Romance)