I'm Not Crazy Yet by Ez_the_kiwi
I'm Not Crazy Yetby Ez_the_kiwi
"What're you doing?" "Nothing," I say quickly. "Were you making snow angels in the pink frosting?" "Pfffft. What nooo. God, what...
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The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓ by diickbicycles
The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓by ♕ ملاك ♕
"You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the...
  • marco
  • gun
  • valentino
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My Babysitter  by Luvbae33
My Babysitter by R I V E R
He's so young, but he's also so grown.
  • teen
  • shmateo
  • love
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BLS #3 : Dealing With Trouble by beyondlocks
BLS #3 : Dealing With Troubleby Janice Martana
BLS #3 Alexander North A Billionare that loves changing girls like changing clothes , girls are begging for his love but no one ever gets it. There is no LOVE in his dic...
  • billionare
  • hate
  • trouble
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Not yours to keep (complete) by paris2445
Not yours to keep (complete)by Emma the cow lord!
HIGHEST RANKING IN HUMOR #18 vanessa is lets see?...special ah who am i kidding she is crazy a wild card does what she wants when she wants. common sense is not a word i...
  • kidnapped
  • friendship
  • teenfiction
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Lost & Found by LolaSun___
Lost & Foundby L O L A
Book: #1 Inaurem Series He pulls me closer to him. I find myself impossible to resist his touch. "What are you, honey?" He asked, already knowing the answer. ...
  • mature
  • werewolf
  • wattys2017
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Troubled little youth. by shani_leigh
Troubled little S H A N I
He thought he was a bad boy. She thought she was a psychopath. He was bad news. She was worse. He was angry at the world. She just wanted to have fun in it. When Ash...
  • boarding
  • fathertroubles
  • swearing
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Welcome To Hell Boys ✔ by Nadineat2
Welcome To Hell Boys ✔by Nadine AT
Highest rank - #1 in humor 28/9/2017 Imagine this ~ You think that you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, next to your 3 year old brother who's so cozy and warm, but...
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He was right by zeal136
He was rightby fo stalker bish
Step into Hazel Justice's zany life. She has got the looks and the brains. She's funny and childlike but serious when she needs to be. She has the wackiest people on ear...
  • tyler
  • hate
  • party
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Crazy~Sexy~Psycho  by Sarcasm_Orgasm
Crazy~Sexy~Psycho by Lynn Z
***MATURE CONTENT *** ***Rated R*** *****WARNING ******* CONTAINS: Lots of music, humor, sexy guys......SEX......sarcasm, swearing, and twists you won't see com...
  • evanpeters
  • suicideawareness
  • suicideattempt
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Send It To My Phone by liv814
Send It To My Phoneby Liv814
#ProjectBadBoys <3 Blake Tyler is your typical bad boy. He skips school, sleeps with girls, smokes, drinks, and parties. He's the most popular boy at Hartford High Sc...
  • girl
  • nerd
  • romance
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Sweet as Sugar, Crazy as Hell by YellyisJelly
Sweet as Sugar, Crazy as Hellby ylleJsiylleY
"Are you crazy?!" He asked me for the zillionth time. "Yes!" I replied, hopping over another trap. "How did I end up having you as a partner?&qu...
  • training
  • split-personality
  • oppisitesattract
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Yaoi Mangas by QueenzBianca
Yaoi Mangasby Queenie
Like the title says. Raw Hardcore Yaoi Mangas.
  • sexy
  • hardcore
  • hot
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The crazy girl by The-Weird-Side
The crazy girlby Girl meets weird
"So anyone have any pets?" I say rather loudly that an old lady turns around and gives me a look as if to say 'go smash your face into a wall multiple times, p...
  • gắng
  • lol
  • crafty
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The Mafia Crazy Boss Girl by ai_yana
The Mafia Crazy Boss Girlby 아이 야나 로빈슨
I was walking home one night from being a bartender. I loved the job I got to fuck with people's drinks. But when this guy pulls me into the allie way. Saying that he's...
  • mafia
  • bartender
  • crazy
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OBSESSION by imsoamazin
OBSESSIONby imsoamazin
Obsses əbˈsɛs/ verb Definition : Preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually and to a troubling extent. Aaron Kingston the notorious gangleader of America's big...
  • love
  • possesive
  • crazy
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I Punched a Mafia King  by x_Angelu_x
I Punched a Mafia King by Angelu
|HUMOROUS| A Mafia story that's more silly than serious. #2 in Chicklit - 16/Nov/17 + 4/Dec/17 It's midnight once again, and I'm in my cramped room looking at all the o...
  • mafia
  • badass
  • romance
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My life with a thug by StupidSosphisticated
My life with a thugby Jourdan?
Omari was a thug who ran the streets selling weed and getting shot at. I guess you can say he was your average thug. He was a cold hearted person showing no mercy as oth...
  • romance
  • love
  • trap
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I'm The Alpha Now by xThePineappleGirlx
I'm The Alpha Nowby Laylaa K
|| Highest Rank - #10 in Humor || Usually when you wake up in a dark room with chains around your body, you panic. Especially when you find out you've been kidnapped an...
  • hilarious
  • arrogant
  • romance
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LA DIOSA ➪ RICHIE GECKO by viannaozkurt
"what is a pretty little thang like you doing with that gecko brother." "this pretty little, thang, is about to blow your brains out if you don't shut t...
  • love
  • gecko
  • completed
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