~Sanscest and Undertale Ships~ {Requests C L O S E D} by Fallen-Goth
~Sanscest and Undertale Ships~ {Re... by GAY SKELE HALLOWEEN Fanfiction
*jumps off a cliff into hell* let's get this crap started, bitches. so much regret was put into this. and seriously, if you request something when it says "Closed&q...
Crayons by katherineweirdie
Crayons by Kather Teen Fiction
Ve školce si půjčovali pastelky. A teď? Ani nevědí, že kdysi byli nejlepší kamarádi, i když jsou stále sousedé. Teď si přijdou půjčit cigarety. Z pastelek na cigarety. K...
Don't Speak by Kara_bananas
Don't Speak by Kara_bananas Teen Fiction
Brae is your average 17 year old girl, except that she won't speak. Her mother left when she was just a little girl, forcing Brae and her dad to fend for themselvses. He...
Imagining Frost by katrocks247
Imagining Frost by Katarina E. Tonks Adventure
"Imagine If the sky was shades of purple instead of blue. Imagine If the trees were so tall that they disappeared through the clouds, twisting into the heavens. Ima...
Book Cover Contest by CChics
Book Cover Contest by Crayon Chics Random
We are hosting a Book Cover Contest for a New Editor to be part of the group (CChics) Everyone is invited to join (Beginner, Expert,etc) There are 5 Rounds for 9 Edi...
Bloody Crayons by KatePhoenix1930
Bloody Crayons by Jillox 93 Horror
When you're favorite robot hero are become ordinary boy. Astro and her friends are go to her Summer vacation for one week a big town no people no house's but one house A...
ART ONLY!!! by SelinaGladiator
ART ONLY!!! by 1 Days Random
yeah so here's my Art and Stuff, I draw stuff like O.C's And Saurtis And Jeeka and A lot of my Ships Mostly YHS or Maybe I will draw my Self IDK, but if u guys wanna req...
Sarcasm - Book Two by FastWillow
Sarcasm - Book Two by I do art Humor
NOTICE: Thank you for noticing this notice. Your noticing has been noted, And it has been reported to the authorities. These quotes do not belong to me. They belong to t...
My Art Book by Danieltheclarinet
My Art Book by books? Random
Just a bunch of art that I have drawn not very good but still it's art. Hope u enjoy! Not my art above Lol
Art Book!! by DarkJewlTheNightWing
Art Book!! by Queen Athena Random
These Are Drawings That I have Drawn And Things...........
NerdGlasses6's SketchBook!!! by NerdGlasses6
NerdGlasses6's SketchBook!!! by Dill Pickle Random
This is my big, fat collection of art - I have Warrior Cats, unicorns, mason jars, you name it!! Wanna see a character come to life?? Just Message me or leave your req...
Rogu by badchicago
Rogu by Joshua Non-Fiction
A personal memoir about a time in my childhood.
Bloody crayons.2012 by XxTmntFandomxX
Bloody crayons.2012 by Tmntmikeehamato Mystery / Thriller
tmnt ver. continuation [ On Hold ] [[[[[[human au]]]]]]
my two favorite crayons *l.s* _ON HOLD_ by hario_louigi
my two favorite crayons *l.s* _ON... by hario_louigi Fanfiction
a cute little Larry short story where Louis and Harry grow up together and they are quite fond of the colors Pacific Blue and Mountain Meadow. Who says you can't fall in...
My drawing book by ReBeckItion
My drawing book by Beck Random
My drawing book I show you guys my drawings and you can tell me if you like it or not thank you
🌊Tides {Art and Updates}🌊 by Oceans_Tides
Color (a drarry fic) by aGayBee
Color (a drarry fic) by kill me Fanfiction
romance of the century This was going to be my excuse to write a fucked up drarry smut for lols but I never ended up writing that part yet but maybe you'll see it in the...
Contest Entrash by bottleofthewater
The crayon fic by smallbanana303
This Is a book Read me by crayons_
This Is a book Read me by crayons_ Humor
Yeah I'm not good at descriptions but um here's my book. Started 9.30.17