sexting ♡ collection of books by a-stronomy
sexting ♡ collection of booksby overdose
sexting ;; book one ;; ❝ message for sexts, send money for pictures - love starboy ❞ cravings ;; book two ;; ❝ i am doing this for money, not for your satisfaction ❞...
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Fire & Ice :  MaNan✔ by sunshinewit
Fire & Ice : MaNan✔by sunshinewit
Highest #1 in Fanfiction. Completed story. Friends since childhood, Manik and Nandini, begin to develop an attraction towards each other after a steamy rendezvous that t...
  • boy
  • niti
  • hot
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Undeniable Craving by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Cravingby 《 wanderlust 》
This is the second book in the Undeniable Trilogy. This book can be read without reading the first book. Matteo Moretti has loved her for years. But has never acted ou...
  • italian
  • culinary
  • family
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Deku's Little Cravings  by Soseji_Hanayo17
Deku's Little Cravings by ...
It's a story based fully on KatsuDeku where Deku is pregnant with Kacchan's baby . [[ it's my first time writing a fanfic ! and yes , I love mpreg and a diehard fan of...
  • bakugokatsuki
  • myheroacademia
  • ooc
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What You Crave   - Ayleo X Malak  by shesdifficult
What You Crave - Ayleo X Malak by black-tinker🥀
" I wasn't gay .... I was just born this way "
  • bowles
  • flowerboy
  • boyxboy
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Don't tell... by IIIIIIIIII-
He walked up towards me, backing me up against the wall. He pressed his body against mine and buried his face down my neck. He kissed my neck softly before he spoke. &qu...
  • sneaky
  • sexy
  • seductive
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craving - n.j.h by cutiehorun
craving - n.j.hby cutiehorun
"Somehow in this fucked up mess I managed to fall for you."
  • styles
  • craving
  • boy
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My Need (girlxgirl) by xoxoshoshanaxoxo
My Need (girlxgirl)by Joss 👑
Janet hosts auditions for dancers for her Velvet Rope tour but what she gets in return is far more than what she bargained for.
  • drama
  • craving
  • fetish
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Dil diya gallan by Divani001
Dil diya gallanby viji
Ranked #85[fanfic] This story is all about ishra... Where ishita wants to make baby with her husband raman... Whereas raman is hesitating reasoning he hates baby... I...
  • ishra
  • craving
  • raman
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Rose of Silk by Myla-Beckett
Rose of Silkby Myla-Beckett
Queenie Ramirez wasn't expecting to fall for CEO business man Maxwell Roseman. They have many encounters from time to time, but when they have a one-night-stand she soo...
  • cami
  • queenie
  • wealthy
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Enna Sona (Completed✔) by Romancophobia
Enna Sona (Completed✔)by Digisha Rathod
#38 in Short Story - 18th March #40 in Short Story - 31st Jan #52 in Short Story - 30th Jan #58 in Short Story - 29th Jan #64 in Short Story - 23rd Jan #74 in Short Stor...
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Yes Mr. Bowles by shmateo4thewin
Yes Mr. Bowlesby bookworm
Read and find it☺
  • business
  • love
  • bowles
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HAUNTED by Michael_Robyn
HAUNTEDby Michael Robyn Manuel
The entangled feelings she had recently,made her mind more disrupted, she felt Leo's moist lips lingering around her ear whispering unimaginable things, his lips went s...
  • lovestory
  • crazy
  • apollo
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In Love With A Cannibal by kiarajeondiaz
In Love With A Cannibalby Kiara Jeon Diaz
Rose's mystery husband is a very handsome millionaire with one of thee biggest company's in the world. every woman in the world would want to marry him, That's kind of...
  • love
  • craving
  • wall
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Craving For Daphne by afrane_est
Craving For Daphneby afrane_est
Vampires were forced to go extinct about a century ago because they were almost taking over the world. They were dominating humans so one day a great scientist developed...
  • pureblood
  • daphne
  • royal
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Dried petals by Catalline
Dried petalsby ' A Y A '
"and I find myself tucking your smile in the space that lies between every letter .for babe , if I can't keep you by my side ,then I'll lock you in each poem these...
  • wattys2017
  • poetry
  • ache
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Damn You Red by Parkkrys
Damn You Redby Parkkrys
Set during Problems In Lovers Land (Must read first!!!) We find out how our wonderful Green deals with his pregnancy.
  • mpreg
  • redxgreen
  • cravings
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Supernatural Dean X Pregnant!Reader by LaurenDixon98
Supernatural Dean X Pregnant!Readerby LaurenDixon98
Dean and Y/N get into a quarrel can they solve it or not??!!!
  • deanwinchester
  • hormones
  • pregnant
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Pregnant by the Mafia Boss by vampires18tiffanyd
Pregnant by the Mafia Bossby vampires18tiffanyd
Angel is just a regual girl until she gets pregnant by Knox who is the Mafia Boss. When Knox finds out Angel is pregnant with his child he takes her home so him and his...
  • pregnamt
  • mafia
  • boss
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The Real Girl Behind Pretend. by SharmeenShaikhAdnan
The Real Girl Behind Sharmeen Shaikh Adnan
Rose Allen,Just like her name, Rose was fragile and sensitive. Her life wasn't like any other kid. That girl is going through way more harder things than any normal kid...
  • bittertruth
  • peace
  • elaina
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