Dorl And Salex by JustAnotherFanBoi
Dorl And Salexby ThatFanBoi
All of the pals are in highschool .Denis likes corl and corl likes denis but they are to scared to say anything... Sub is in love with alex while alex loves sub aswell t...
  • denis-x-corl
  • sub-x-alex
  • dorl
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Dorl One-Shots ~3~ by Potato93Q
Dorl One-Shots ~3~by Riley
This is the third book of Dorl One-Shots! Each book contains tons of short stories, all of which are Dorl. DenisxCorl DenisDailyYtxCorlHorl I hope you enjoy this book, I...
  • alex
  • thepals
  • ethan
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Maybe Him by prettyl0vely
Maybe Himby montse:)
Life is a little off at the moment for you. Your dad is a cheating alcoholic. Your boyfriend has been giving you a hard time. You just seem so unhappy. One day, you come...
  • sk3tchyt
  • youtube
  • corl
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The crazy girl by The-Weird-Side
The crazy girlby Girl meets weird
"So anyone have any pets?" I say rather loudly that an old lady turns around and gives me a look as if to say 'go smash your face into a wall multiple times, p...
  • lmao
  • obsessedwithducks
  • kidnaped
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Dangan Ronpa Minecraft by MangoKiwi
Dangan Ronpa Minecraftby MangoKiwi
Sixteen popular minecraft youtubers are forced into a mysterious, dark mansion by Herobrine himself. All windows, doors, and other escape routes are all blocked, providi...
  • minecraftyoutuber
  • minecraft
  • youtube
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Shadow Crown by AlphaRoseAwakens
Shadow Crownby Alpha/Head Warrior Poppy-Rose
Four Kingdoms. One tournament. 4 new rulers The 4 Kingdoms were born: Ji'ask, Laios, Burdick, and the capitol Meioana Each of the boys found their mate and had heirs, bu...
  • death
  • alphamale
  • humor
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Balloon Animals by moudenes
Balloon Animalsby Mara Oudenes
Overwhelmed children events stylist Tania Martin needed an assistant... and only ex-porn star Devin Cole -as a requirement to see his 5-year-old daughter again- applied...
  • assistant
  • birthday
  • love
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My bros best friend by allishoen_12
My bros best friendby allishoen_12
Me and my brother Ryder are pretty close. Me and Ryder's bestfriend, Reed, are pretty close to. A lot closer than me and Ryder. Things get really complicated when a fami...
  • drama
  • bestfriends
  • crafter
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Give Cupid A Chance!(Sketch x Reader) by XC0RLX
Give Cupid A Chance!(Sketch x ✍kendra✍
Cupid didn't miss! ------------------------------ I was a tomboy. I wasn't really into dresses and tiny skirts with flowers on them. But I did wear make up. But my brot...
  • corl
  • cupid
  • corlhorl
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The Pals Friendship:Friendship Or Last Breath by quicklyfun
The Pals Friendship:Friendship Quicklyfun
This is a completed book!✔ A fanfiction of the pals. The pals are truly best friends.One day,Denis got a blood-stained letter from his mail box.What could go worst? Its...
  • denisdaily
  • corl
  • craftedrl
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The Milk Fic(not mine)  by Phan_Trash_33
The Milk Fic(not mine) by ✖
The Milk Fic Reposted
  • milkfic
  • fic
  • phanfiction
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Sketch X Reader *Completed* by SamYTfangirl
Sketch X Reader *Completed*by 🔥Samantha🔥
You have been best friends with Denis and Corl since Kindergarten but now your 18. You are a successful youtuber and so is Denis and Corl. They introduce you to their fr...
  • thepals
  • craftedrl
  • subzero
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The Bully (~DALEX~) by Flutterlynx
The Bully (~DALEX~)by Flutterlynx
This story uses characters from different AU's and some normal; Pastel!Alex, Punk!Denis, Punk!Corl, Punk!Sub, Sketch. (Others to come soon,) Alex Orman, a shy, pastel lo...
  • bully
  • sketch
  • denisdaily
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Sub's twin sister (The Pals x reader) #Wattys2017!! by WeirdGirlEmma
Sub's twin sister (The Pals x Savage
It all happened when I was 18. When my mom and dad got divorced. When I met The Pals. My life was all ruined. I never thought this would happen. And it was all my fault...
  • thepals
  • denis
  • love
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The Pals- One Shots and Other Stuff by Just1nce
The Pals- One Shots and Other Stuffby YourLocalPieceofCrap
This book is going to be filled with "The Pals" ships, one-shots, AUs and maybe fan art. Hope you'll enjoy! Cover Art not mine
  • sublex
  • dorl
  • denisdaily
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Step Brother (Sketch x Reader) by WeirdGirlEmma
Step Brother (Sketch x Reader)by Savage
My mom just cheated on my dad with someone else, Well.. our family tore apart. We moved in with this stupid family.. AND UGHHHHH. I HATE IT. I have only one thing to lov...
  • denisdaily
  • corlhorl
  • bandirue
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Dorl ○● NOTICE ME DINDIN~SENPAI!!!                          Episode 1  by AmazingWolfie
Dorl ○● NOTICE ME WolfieIsNotOnFire
'Life isn't perfect, just a game we all play, nothing we enjoy.' Denis is Corl's best friend, ever since he was 14 and Corl was 12. Everytime they'd record together, Cor...
  • roblox
  • dorl
  • salex
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Sub And Gang One Shots by mrsdracomalfoy9
Sub And Gang One Shotsby Arendina James
Ships include: Alex x Sub (Salex) Denis x Corl (Dorl) This will be updated whenever I get ideas so it won't be scheduled. Sorry!
  • denis
  • corlhorl
  • subzeroextabyte
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He's A-Dorl-ble  ~Dorl~ by Potato93Q
He's A-Dorl-ble ~Dorl~by Riley
Just... read it... I don't have a description yet...
  • dorl
  • ihavenoideawhatshipsareinthisbook
  • skethan
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The Doodles of my Brain-an Art Book by -jewel-doodles-
The Doodles of my Brain-an Art Bookby 《Jewel》
I post traditional pencil doodles, digital art (if i have the time), and (very rarely) crafts! Constructive criticism is appreciated! 😁
  • craft
  • digitalart
  • drawings
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