Book of Yaoi by Nonamiko
Book of Yaoi by Ξ Νοναμε Ξ Random
All of the Yaoi photos on my phone organized. Most of this Is crack and fluff since I don't need to be reported. I did say most, but if I deem it smutty I'll label the c...
DNA  ⇒ Vkook/KookV #wattys2017 by taesexuals
DNA ⇒ Vkook/KookV #wattys2017 by 🍷 Fanfiction
In a world where on your eighteenth birthday,you get to know who the person you're stuck with for the rest of your life is,by taking a blood test. But,what if your soul...
❝ WANNA ONE | W1 ❝ by -kyulkyunged
❝ WANNA ONE | W1 ❝ by ❀ KURA Random
reply btch | chaelisa by jennieslayin
reply btch | chaelisa by blackpink trash Fanfiction
when a sad fangirl meets too much free time and fake convos/baso crack chats are made. enjoy boiiiii (somewhat English lol). {updates depend on how busy i am but usually...
yuri on ice crack by eckspreshun
yuri on ice crack by depresst Random
my brain is a mess and so is this book [ Highest ranking: #1 in Random ]
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic) (Watty Awards 2012) by rinkadink
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (... by Lucy Fanfiction
For her 16th birthday, Lucy Martin received a "present" from her childhood bestfriend, Louis Tomlinson; she got to be a backup dancer for One Direction. Things...
『creepypasta headcanons』#WATTYS2017 by kosherich
『creepypasta headcanons』#WATTYS2017 by T H O T ‼️ Random
☹ c r e e p y p a s t a ☹ ☻ h e a d c a n o n s ☻ (_ _).。o○ will contain ; ⍟ drugged up headcanons ⍟ major crack ⍟ creepy we...
valtron smut 18+ NSFW by ellelovezoro
valtron smut 18+ NSFW by Queen Fujoshi Fanfiction
Pure smut just for you fabu fujoshi/fudanshi people Please be at least 18
Random Danganronpa Oneshots by OpalOcean
Random Danganronpa Oneshots by нαgαкυяє ¢нιℓ∂ Fanfiction
Look at that title. Do you see a description in it? I hope you did, as I'm not going into detail. Have fun. We have cookies.
Tersesat by its-YEL
Tersesat by YEL Fanfiction
Setelah menyelesaikan proses syuting dari 2 Moons Season 1, dan setelah menjalani begitu banyak fanmeet, apa yg dilakukan oleh para pemain 2 Moons? Liburan dong. Liburan...
Memes Directly from Danganronpa Hell by Josie_Terry
Memes Directly from Danganronpa He... by No-one Important Random
So here is my attempt of being funny... Tbh most of theses have probably been done but meh. There will be course language - you have been warned. Also, I made all of the...
Nordic Crack by _AphNordicFive_
Nordic Crack by We Have A tRoLL Random
Daily updates :))
BOOK OF RANDOMNESS 2 (aka Book of Saltiness) by KananJ_RoseQuartz
The Crack Adventures of Veronica and JD by thelovelyjeremy
The Crack Adventures of Veronica a... by Transluscent Fanfiction
Most of this isn't cannon but, 7th grade Veronica and JD right here.
oops! #chanbaek by rzycierzycie
oops! #chanbaek by wika Fanfiction
❝Kurwa, no nie.❞ tags # exo; au; crack; fluff; komedia; nc-17; main!chanbaek; bamf!jongin; dummy!zelo; friendship; main song ♬ best friends | janoskians © rzycier...
Fandom Horscopes by VideoGamerCutie11
Fandom Horscopes by C A M P D A D Random
Today I am gonna start some Fandom Zodiac Series and Overwatch was the first one...i
Highest ranking in humor: [134] - September 17, 2017 The title. All memes are made by me. Plz credit or at least ask me if you can use them. Don't steal! :)
Oh My iKON! [ EDITTING] by yoongisenpai
Oh My iKON! [ EDITTING] by yoongisenpai Fanfiction
Song Ahreum is an orphan that dreams of working in one of the big 3 companies in entertainment, YG ent and lady luck seems to be shining on her as she was accepted to be...
I'll Make You Fall For Me by chanaddict
I'll Make You Fall For Me by nameless Fanfiction
[English] A ChanBaek/BaekYeol fanfiction. ========================= Chanyeol is a straight-handsome-guy who has a tall body, charming smile, and he's the school heart-th...
Banana Bus Squad C R A C K by SomeGayOwl
Banana Bus Squad C R A C K by Gay Person Random
This is a book filled with crack and other things of the BBS (Banana Bus Squad) Requests are open 24/7!