Knotted up (Sasunaru fanfic) by SophiaTheDork
Knotted up (Sasunaru fanfic) by SophiaTheDork Fanfiction
Naruto, finally age 17, decides to get a job! However, when he suddenly finds out a shocking secret about one of his co-workers, how will things turn out?! (Before you...
More Than Friends? (a Malivia story ) by socialanxietyfreak
More Than Friends? (a Malivia stor... by |-/ Fanfiction
Marah and Olivia have been good friends for a long time, well with kissing each other and cuddles but that changes when Olivia falls in love. Will they love each other...
Kanan's Cosplay Book by xKananMatsuurax
Kanan's Cosplay Book by 💚 Kanan 💚 Random
My adventures through cosplay :3 enjoy!
The Silent Support [FNC Rekkles] by KiaoMeili
The Silent Support [FNC Rekkles] by Crystal Kitsune Fanfiction
They were just two people that played League: one pro player and one casual gamer. He was outspoken and she was mute. He had a team of friends and she was alone. They on...
My Random Book by xX_WendyMarvell_Xx
My Random Book by Wendy Marvell Random
WELCOME, MY FAITHFUL MINIONS (jk) TO MY THIRD ART AND RANT, OR MY RANDOM BOOK!!!!! This book will include: • Art - mainly anime style drawings • Rants - me babbling on...
Anime, Coser, Fanart,... by ChiriSendou
Anime, Coser, Fanart,... by ... Random
wooshuu graphics || Art Shop || Cosplay || Cover Shop [open] by wooshuu
wooshuu graphics || Art Shop || Co... by 无术 Random
GRAND OPENING ON THE 10th OF SEPTEMBER! :: welcome to my caustic tomb... be ready to be buried with trash! :: ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و welcome! Come in and have a look, I'm su...
gamer girl by KellyHunter264
gamer girl by Kelly Hunter Romance
Eli Jackson has just married the woman of his dreams. Sure, it was part of an online RPG and not exactly real, but he totally dominated the wedding battle that followed...
In Love With a Skitso (a BridgetXReader Fanfiction) [ON HOLD] by THEWERECAT103
In Love With a Skitso (a BridgetXR... by Kitten Fanfiction
You're the newest addition to SkitsoFanActs, a cosplay group that you've always looked up to, especially Bridget... And she seems a bit closer to you now than she is w...
Cosplay fun fan fic by lucy0130
Cosplay fun fan fic by lucy0130 Fanfiction
They do lots of really good skits but what happens when the cameras off 😁 also it's like the first ever fan fic about them👍
Satan x Reader~ The devil is a part timer ~ Take over the world! by Hollisaguineapig
Satan x Reader~ The devil is a par... by Hollisaguineapig Fanfiction
(Y/N) is one of the upper class devils, not as high as Satan. Satan has disapeared and you have been sent to find him!
Cosplay (Ciel Star x Reader) by XxCiel_PhantomxX
Cosplay (Ciel Star x Reader) by Ciel Phantomhive Random
What happens when your favorite tweeter cosplayer notices you.What will you do when you and him are bonded together by a complicated feeling.
 Make-Up Art|L.S by thegeekygoddesss
Make-Up Art|L.S by Latisha♡ Random
A book with all the make-up looks i'm doing ranging from cosplay to make-up art. Enjoy!♥
◤Otaku Problems◢ by xXOtaku_BabyXx
◤Otaku Problems◢ by °σtαku вαвч° Fanfiction
í guαrαntєє 99. 9% σf σtαku'ѕ cαn rєlαtє tσ thíѕ
Ask or Dare Danganronpa by LuckyDuckyOtaku
Ask or Dare Danganronpa by Kenny Random
Ask or dare them!!! ^^ :3 This is from the first season and might contain bad puns, memes, and spoilers! You have been warned! Ok I'm adding the people from the second...
Living with exo ~Book 1~ (Exo fanfic) by Maknae_princess
Living with exo ~Book 1~ (Exo fanf... by Sunny Sunny XD Fanfiction
WHAT IF... ...The ultimate wish that every EXOstan wishes... "TO LIVE and KNOW EXO PERSONALLY" or "MARRY ONE OF THE EXO MEMBERS" grant...
Eren x Levi One shot by Kurose_Riku_030
Eren x Levi One shot by Ieshia Casarez ❤ Random
Eren Yeager lost a bet to Heichou Levi and know, he must be Heichou's maid. Levi loves his win but thier's one problem: He gets turned on when he see's Eren.
Expertos del dibujo en Gravity Falls by diapperpines22
Expertos del dibujo en Gravity Fal... by diapperpines22 Random
Talento por todo el mundo, de diferentes universos o simplemente escenas en diferentes tipos de diseño reunidos en este libro... siempre de Gravity Falls .... cabe resal...
Bio by Aimee_xD
Bio by Aimeè-Jane Teen Fiction
This is my bio from 2017 I'm deleting my old one because it had things in there which I am embarrassed about. But new bio new year !!
Behind those masks (Living with exo book 2) by Maknae_princess
Behind those masks (Living with ex... by Sunny Sunny XD Fanfiction
I want to protect you. I want to guide you. I want to take care of you, cook for you, and love you. But how? If I can't remember who you are, If I can't remember anythin...