The Bad Boy's Angel by greyunknown
The Bad Boy's Angel by GreyUnknown Fanfiction
Our deal has a kick every time I want him to take it away from me. But he can't do that, apparently; can't take the responsibility. How do we do it? Why do I feel so dee...
Fifty Shades of Grey Imagine (Cosmo) by Believeeexoxo
Moments // Christian Grey (Completed) by Dreamerx1dx
SIDE EFFECTS OF THE GRIN-OF-PLEASU... by CaliforniaSoulBlog Random
You and Christian have made a bet. He's not allowed to sleep with anyone for at least 2 weeks. If he loses, he pays for a vacation; if you lose, he gets to have sex with...
A Night Out by LucyCarling
A Night Out by LucyCarling Fanfiction
Christian is away for a few nights so Ana wants to have a fun night out with Kate.
Hardware - A 50 Shades Of Grey Fanfiction by xaphanea
Hardware - A 50 Shades Of Grey Fan... by cSzinegh Fanfiction
For the #CosmoFiftyShades contest. What SHOULD have happened in the hardware store.
Begin Again #CosmoFiftyShades by TeffyDuran
Begin Again #CosmoFiftyShades by Estefanía Fanfiction
You were there before she was. Before she became his everything. My entry for #CosmoFiftyShades
Escape by JennyTrout
Escape by Jenny Trout Fanfiction
A short look at what it's really like to be with Christian Grey, written for Cosmo's 50 Shades contest.
One Way Or Another by MGabi48
One Way Or Another by MGabi48 Fanfiction
My name is Anastasia Rose Grey. I was born Anastasia Rose Steele. And that's the name I'll want to have on my gravestone. I'm not good at this legal thing - I was mostly...