The Duke's Scars by miss_oline
The Duke's Scars by Caroline Historical Fiction
Tristan thought that he already found love, until the ultimate of betrayal by the one who vowed loving him as who he was, including his scar. And yet it was all a lie. S...
Unique Love by bluemoonwolfwarrior
Unique Love by Bluemoonwolfwarrior Fanfiction
A young girl called Isla came from a poor family, she has no choice but to steal crops from Ross Poldark, will he take pity on her or will he punish her.
Halo: A Poldark Novel by V_Kingsmen
Halo: A Poldark Novel by V. Kingsmen Fanfiction
Upon the arrival of Adam and Drake Carne in Truro, Cornwall, to start a smelting company. Ross and Demelza find themselves dealing with far more then the wrath of George...
Rosie Rivers at Malory Towers by AlienatedBanana
Rosie Rivers at Malory Towers by AlienatedBanana Fanfiction
Set 71 years on from the original Malory Towers series and Rosie Rivers, Darrell River's granddaughter is setting out on her journey to Malory Towers just as her grandmo...
To Break a Curse by Katie577
To Break a Curse by Katie577 Fantasy
[COMPLETED] When Will, Rose, Oliver and Tom are swept through the stone circle and land in the Kingdom of Camelot, they realise they have been chosen to lift a curse. ...
The Girl on the Train by LeeGavin
The Girl on the Train by Lee Gavin Romance
It’s 1955 and Tom Carver is a young architect living in Australia. He travels across to England to visit family and whilst travelling on a train from London to Cornwall...
herondale | shadowhunters by elephantparadise
herondale | shadowhunters by suzy Fanfiction
Finding out about her past as a Herondale and being introduced to her older brother Jace for the first time is going to be a lot more life changing than Madeleine thought
Limonite Sun (slowly editing) by Indie1A2SC53
Limonite Sun (slowly editing) by Dr. Indie Werewolf
Daniel is a generally happy man, he's got everything he wants and has a positive outlook on life. But something is somewhat missing in his life, he doesn't know what it...
Ladies in Lavender #VisualRetelling by AthenaShakespeare
Ladies in Lavender #VisualRetelling by AthenaShakespeare Historical Fiction
As World War One rages, in the quiet village of Trevannic, a young stranger washes up on the idyllic Cornish shore. His appearance and origins are a mystery. His Greek...
A mermaid in the bath by MiltonMarmalade
A mermaid in the bath by Milton Marmalade Humor
Love, mermaids, altered consciousness, the struggle against evil and a lot of jokes. Now available as a paperback, with mermaid illustrations. fo...
The Cornish Air (Poldark Love Story) by PotterPal7
The Cornish Air (Poldark Love Stor... by The_Paige7 Romance
What if Demelza Carne had a sister? Morwenna Carne is the more sensible of the two of them, Constantly looking out her her sister, So when Ross Poldark returns from the...
The Discombobulated Guide to King Lear by xxTDESxx
The Discombobulated Guide to King... by The_Discombobulated_English_S... Non-Fiction
Anyone else trying to wade through English Literature books?? Join the club! Although I love English Literature one does have to keep the passion alive and therefore dur...
Sandman by TheAllisons
Sandman by TheAllisons Fanfiction
Marian is hunted by agents of the Government because of her extraordinary abilities, all her friends and family have abandoned her. In the process of escaping their hit...
A Weekend in Cornwall by miss-germanina
A Weekend in Cornwall by nina Fanfiction
[completed] The friendship I, Alexa Flynn, had with my best friend Brian May was certainly special in the strangest and yet best way possible. Always out to tease each o...
Hidden Secrets [Being Edited!] by BelieveALA
Hidden Secrets [Being Edited!] by BelieveALA Teen Fiction
Miya is a spoilt 16 year old, who has all the latest things, and is always up to date with fashion, known for her perfect little rich family according to the outside, no...
Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) - Book 1 by SpookyMrsGreen
Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) - B... by Catherine Green Paranormal
The Cornish town of Redcliffe is a beautiful seaside resort. It has wild sea, rambling forests, mysterious cliffs, and a local powerful werewolf pack. Jessica Stone is...
Fun bedtime stories for children, loosely inspired by Cornwall's vibrant, magical folklore. Please let me know what you think - constructive criticism welcome!