Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by Makattack1984
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by 🌹Rose🌹 Fanfiction
Evan Hansen X Connor Murphy, along with Jeremy Heere X Michael Mell. If you message me, I will do Jared X Evan #44 in fan fiction (9/11) I take requests! Feel free to me...
Friendship for Dummies by leigh_
Friendship for Dummies by Leigh Humor
"Being reunited with your childhood best friend after eight years apart? Sounds like a heart-warming story. Finding out that said best friend is now a complete jerk...
Treebros  //  Dear Evan Hansen  //  Evan x Connor // Oneshots by trashsettos
Treebros // Dear Evan Hansen... by Loser Fanfiction
just treebros oneshots bc i cant write an actual story. {cover art is not mine!}
Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction |  by DanmakuExpress
Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen F... by DanmakuExpress Fanfiction
This is a fanfiction of Evan and Connor from Dear Evan Hansen. Treebros, correct? Connor Murphy starts to hang out with Evan Hansen. He was mostly intrigued by his exist...
Dear Evan Hansen FACTS by ChloeGraceMoretzFan
Dear Evan Hansen FACTS by ChloeGraceMoretzFan Random
This is a fact book ! It contains facts about the NEW Tony award winning Broadway musical "Dear Evan Hansen" Have fun reading it and feel free to comment on an...
Stolen Jerseys by bradmcquaid
Stolen Jerseys by teddy daniels Romance
[watty 2015 winner for 'cover to cover'] "she stole his jersey every day before practice." in which one sarcastic girl gives a too-cocky guy lessons in hockey...
The Same Mistakes (boyxboy) by rhiyseypie
The Same Mistakes (boyxboy) by boo you wh*re Teen Fiction
Connor Samuels is a senior in high school and he's recently discovered that he's gay. He has to deal with the fears of coming out to his friends and keeping his crush on...
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen) by TayTayBroadway
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen) by Trees🌳 Fanfiction
What if Evan accidentally saved Connor? Highest Rank : 110 in Fanfiction
Assassin's Creed One-shots #2 by FadedHonor
Assassin's Creed One-shots #2 by Faded Fanfiction
Well it's official! this is my second one shot book! I'm both excited and nervous about how well this one will go. I hope it does better or the same as my other one! I u...
Saving Sabine by littleLo
Saving Sabine by Laura Romance
Sabine Winchester has always had a too sensible head on her shoulders. Her unsuccessful seasons in London result in her being called things like 'boring' and 'dull'. Her...
Special {Sincerely three} ~*•DEH fanfic•*~ by Emma_Bear_Love
Special {Sincerely three} ~*•DEH f... by Em Fanfiction
On a dreadful day Evan comes in contact with Connor many times. After Jared saves him from one of those times he's told to stay away but that doesn't go to well and some...
Lost. by zariah_doll
Lost. by Zariahhhh Fanfiction
Troye Sivan is just a normal teenager, only completely lost in the most literal sense of the word. He has absolutely no idea where he is or how he got there. Troye is al...
Heroes of Olympus Oneshots!!! by pillowsonfire
Heroes of Olympus Oneshots!!! by waffle Fanfiction
Hey y'all mah people!! Here's a book of oneshots from the PJO/HOO boys. DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters apart from you. PEACE OUT GUYS HAPPY READING!!!
Leave Me Alone | Jared Kleinman x Reader [Discontinued] by Dear_Megan_Jade
Leave Me Alone | Jared Kleinman x... by Megan Jade Fanfiction
ThE iNsAnElY cOoL jArEd KlEiNmAn I'm kinda obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen... And I have an unhealthy crush on Will Roland.
Jared's Book of Shit by Hamilton_Sos
Jared's Book of Shit by leave Me Be Random
Yo I'm Jared Kleinman Have a crush on Evan and ...Zoe ...yeah don't tell anyone Don't tell Connor he will fûcking kill :3
💟 Team Edge one shots 💟 by Jaicee_Softball_13
💟 Team Edge one shots 💟 by Jaicee Jackson Fanfiction
if you read the title you would know! Jk Jk! This story is about when you and team edge members fall in love!
Collusion✨//treebros by nothingreally31
Collusion✨//treebros by Cooler than a vintage cassette Fanfiction
What will happen when the sun and the moon collide? (Slight homophobia and verbal abuse) Cover by @skyskoot on tumblr
I'm back bitches #wattys2017 by 123lizzy1996
I'm back bitches #wattys2017 by Lizzy ✨ Teen Fiction
Emma down used to get picked on for being the schools biggest looser! she went away to a boarding school in London for 5 years and when she came back no one recognised...
It'll Be Okay | Connor Murphy x Reader by Dear_Megan_Jade
It'll Be Okay | Connor Murphy x Re... by Megan Jade Fanfiction
You're smol adorable y/n l/n. Everyone thinks you're this sweet cinnamon roll who needs to be protected from the world, because that's how you act. You're Evan's sister...
Hi5 studios oneshots by Sammy_Seabab
Hi5 studios oneshots by Sammy_Seabab Random
Hi5 is the one that Team Edge is at, y'know?? anyways, go ahead and request some, I'll be doing Gunner Matt J-Fred Bryan Conner Mike Tanner Dave Bobby Billy Mark was in...