Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by Makattack1984
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by 🌹Rose🌹 Fanfiction
Evan Hansen X Connor Murphy, along with Jeremy Heere X Michael Mell. If you message me, I'll gladly do Jared X Evan! #44 in fan fiction (9/11) I take requests! Feel free...
Instagram //Brad Simpson// by TheVamps_Millie
Instagram //Brad Simpson// by Millie Fanfiction
What happens when Liz and her best friend Nina goes to an McFly concert, and their support act is The Vamps? What will one like on Instagram lead to? Will Liz find her d...
Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction | by DanmakuExpress
Dear Crush! | A Dear Evan Hansen F... by DanmakuExpress Fanfiction
This is a fanfiction of Evan and Connor from Dear Evan Hansen. Treebros, correct? Connor Murphy starts to hang out with Evan Hansen. He was mostly intrigued by his exist...
Mistaken Calls ✓ by XoXo_girly03
Mistaken Calls ✓ by Stella Quinn Short Story
"He-" "Oh my god, Jason! How much stupider can you get? I already told you to fuck off! Is it that hard to understand?!" "Oh, erm, well, I am no...
Friendship for Dummies by leigh_
Friendship for Dummies by Leigh Humor
"Being reunited with your childhood best friend after eight years apart? Sounds like a heart-warming story. Finding out that said best friend is now a complete jerk...
Dear Evan Hansen FACTS by ChloeGraceMoretzFan
Dear Evan Hansen FACTS by ChloeGraceMoretzFan Random
This is a fact book ! It contains facts about the NEW Tony award winning Broadway musical "Dear Evan Hansen" Have fun reading it and feel free to comment on an...
Shadows {Sincerely Three} ~Special sequel~ by Emma_Bear_Love
Shadows {Sincerely Three} ~Special... by Em Fanfiction
After a few months pass the boys get closer. They each have there problems and they will usually share them with the others but Connor was different, he never told them...
{McPriceley} by -milkywaylane-
{McPriceley} by 🎭🌌🗽🌵🌹🐐 Fanfiction
I feel like I should give this an actual title but idk what I would call it. Comments are much appreciated. (Cover art isn't mine, I don't know who the artist is.) ♥ 🌈
Young Justice Fanfiction: Part of a Team by Lachiquis1195
Young Justice Fanfiction: Part of... by Lachiquis1195 Fanfiction
Alejandra was abandoned when she was a baby. She was sent to an orphanage. As she grew, she began to get these strange abilities. Alejandra after a time of struggles, is...
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen) by TayTayBroadway
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen) by Trees🌳 Fanfiction
What if Evan accidentally saved Connor? Highest Rank : 110 in Fanfiction
Treebros  //  Dear Evan Hansen  //  Evan x Connor // Oneshots by trashsettos
Treebros // Dear Evan Hansen... by Loser Fanfiction
just treebros oneshots bc i cant write an actual story. {cover art is not mine!}
NHL Preferences by sophiaaam12
NHL Preferences by Sophiaaa Random
Tyler Seguin Joffrey Lupul Andre Burakovsky Connor McDavid Henrik Lundqvist Mitch Marner Patrick Kane Started~February 2017
Colors {tree bros} by Fallin_in_a_forest
Colors {tree bros} by Kevin Price Fanfiction
Connor was grey. everything about him was grey: his smoke, his hair, his dreams. He lost all his color. Evan was blue. everything about him was blue: his pills, his hand...
Back In Time (Assassin's Creed lll fanfiction) by Secretquietlygirl
Back In Time (Assassin's Creed lll... by Tessa Fanfiction
It's the 21st century and a girl name Rosemary Lewis is a normal girl in a normal world or so she thought it was a normal boring life. At the age of eighteen years old s...
The Best Friend || Connor McDavid || by erinlucas11
The Best Friend || Connor McDavid... by Erin Lucas Fanfiction
Octavia Willow grew up beside Connor McDavid, the youngest captain in the NHL. They have been best friends from the start, being there for each other through everything...
Just Luck //Bradley Simpson// by TheVamps_Millie
Just Luck //Bradley Simpson// by Millie Fanfiction
She was a fan of The Vamps, thinking she would never meet them in real life. He found her personal Instagram profile, but what will he do about it? Read to find out.
The Same Mistakes (boyxboy) by rhiyseypie
The Same Mistakes (boyxboy) by boo you wh*re Teen Fiction
Connor Samuels is a senior in high school and he's recently discovered that he's gay. He has to deal with the fears of coming out to his friends and keeping his crush on...
imagines || the vamps by mini-mendes
imagines || the vamps by ♪ Fanfiction
come on lay your hands on me ❁ ❁ ❁ - the vamps
Dear Evan Hansen One Shots! by _bi-love_
Dear Evan Hansen One Shots! by Em :) Fanfiction
Dear Evan Hansen AND Be More Chill (only really boyf riends though) one shots based off my fanfic and it's sequel. You don't have to have read them, but it would greatly...
Stuck in Assassin's Creed ? by imsobored33
Stuck in Assassin's Creed ? by AJ~ 😄 Fanfiction
This is a reader insert story ,you get back in time and meet 3 Assassin Ezio,Connor and Altair. Find out what happen.. will you go back home? then what happen next? Auth...