The new sister (Brothers Conflict fanfic) <3 by The_Otaku_next_door
The new sister (Brothers OTAKU
Nanami daughter of the well-known adventurer, Rintaro Hinata. She is 17 years old and in her senior year of high school. After her father remarries, she moves in with he...
  • subaru
  • firststory
  • conflict
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Puppets to the Moon by QillinK
Puppets to the Moonby Crow
&quot;We are puppets to the hunt, slaves to instinct, and we bend to Moon's will.&quot; &lt;&gt; Ivet Dawn is a disgrace to her pack, forced to live outside their walls...
  • priestess
  • drama
  • lunargoddess
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Brotherly Love | Brothers Conflict by TooWeird4You
Brotherly Love | Brothers Conflictby « υnĸnown »
Y/n Hinata lives a life of fame, but receives a call from her father and decides to visit and live with her new family, along with her sister. Can it go wrong? Will the...
  • asahina
  • brocon
  • 13brothers
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Midnight Zone by ellabellabugz
Midnight Zoneby El
Mermaid and Siren Rp
  • rp
  • mermaids
  • ocean
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Valt ❤ daigo story by DaigoxValt
Valt ❤ daigo storyby Stormy Kurogami
Valt and daigo have secret feelings for eachother will they face obsticles in telling eachother how they feel will they even get the chance to do it will there friends e...
  • valigo
  • attackshipping
  • conflict
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Chaotic Harmony by renton2017
Chaotic Harmonyby renton2017
The political situation of Sector 4 worsens as a rebellion takes shape within a rebellion....
  • superhuman
  • military
  • battle
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My Dog Charles by Senpai-Kun12
My Dog Charlesby Layton Cole McKewen
Meet a boy destined to live his life alone. Until he finds what he has been looking for his whole life. Not a dog..but something more..
  • conflict
  • lovestory
  • fiction
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The Writer and her Billionaire by janewhofell97
The Writer and her Billionaireby Jane
It's the taste of his lips and the way his hands know how to touch that had me addicted. The intensity in his eyes whenever he looks. It's dangerous but I just can't st...
  • romance
  • writer
  • laila
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The Job. by lexielulabelle
The Alexis
Meet Alex Parker. She's your typical 17 year old girl. She's one of those people who takes nothing from nobody. She has her own thing and she has worked hard to get it...
  • conflict
  • drama
  • siblings
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Stories I kept secret [EROTIC X PSYCHOLOGICAL]  by Marysparkles999
Stories I kept secret [EROTIC X Marysparkles999
Series of erotic and psychological stories that I want to share with you from the point of view of the main charcater . Amy wanted to change her life and left home in an...
  • dominance
  • psychological
  • introvert
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Love is in the Air by _imhidden_
Love is in the Airby kandyce
this is about a girl name Patricia and she is &quot;telling&quot; the story. I hope you like this. Patricia is a young teen that is 15 years old and she has this crush...
  • love
  • cheating
  • romance
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Conflicted  by FanFetti
Conflicted by Riley <3
&quot;I can't do this&quot; &quot;But this is why you started, right?&quot;
  • lilireinhart
  • story
  • peter
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Hero's Protector by MaliaSweet0
Hero's Protectorby Malia Sweet
What would you do if you were one of these heroes? If you were the boy that lives with his single dad that's completely worthless, would you run away or keep fighting? I...
  • love
  • crazyteachers
  • humor
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The head of the gods. by le-floof-wolf
The head of the silverbolt
In a fictional world where all living things come from an unknown spirit. The bioms of the world are ruled by animal gods. As humans grow more technologically advanced t...
  • rewrite
  • conflict
  • warrior
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The Girl Who Never Looked Up (Remake) by IsaakTheAnonymous
The Girl Who Never Looked Up ( IsaakTheAnonymous
Callie flows with society's twists and turns fine. She masks things revolved around her because of the fear of influencing others with her problems. Therefore, her huge...
  • girltoboy
  • conflict
  • lgbt
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The Venners by ImNeZha
The Vennersby Jay Smith-Brand
This book follows the story of fifteen-year-old siblings Amanda and Chad Venner, whose lives have been a huge rollercoaster ride since their parents divorced. Once livin...
  • comedy
  • siblings
  • jokes
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A New Star  by BungaSA
A New Star by Bunga SA
Iqbaal Dhiafakhri, laki-laki cuek yang jarang sekali untuk menyapa siapapun kecuali jika ia ditegur terlebih dahulu. Dia adalah orang yang hidupnya monoton. Setiap hari...
  • conflict
  • happyending
  • romance
Incredibly Misunderstood by whyamihere1mimi1
Incredibly Misunderstoodby whyamihere1mimi1
Lexa seems fine, she is at the top of her class getting all of her work done on time. She has all the right friends, and all of the attention. But even all the attenti...
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • shy
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A new year and a new life, everything she could ever possibly want. Not only did she get the perfect boyfriend, but she also got new experiences and new lessons, especia...
  • highschool
  • fiction
  • girl
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Seeing Double by nobody160
Seeing Doubleby ???
The multiverse (or meta-universe) is a hypothetical set of various possible universes including the universe which we live in. ...
  • army
  • action
  • action-adventure
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