Secret Lives by smammmers
Secret Lives by Sam
Sonya Fairfields is a hunter of her own kind, she hunt wolves side by side with the human population. She did not know her mother nor does the fact keep her awake at ni...
  • humans
  • prison
  • hunters
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NaruSasu Love Story~ Not the way you expected ;) by ErikaEvangeline
NaruSasu Love Story~ Not the way y... by Erika
Sasuke has come back to the village but Tsunade sama won't allow a S-ranked criminal to come and ruin her country, so Sasuke's memories of his family has been erased and...
  • past
  • uchiha
  • sasunaru
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The Leaders of a Lost World by geekgirl190
The Leaders of a Lost World by nutellaismybae
They are the only hope for the planet. Together they could either save their planet, or destroy it. The two smartest children in the universe. ...
  • action
  • leaders
  • brain
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Selected (Book 2 of the Immune Series) by AmyJohnson895
Selected (Book 2 of the Immune Ser... by Amy J.
"As far back as I can remember, I've been surrounded by water. The salt in the air even now makes it hard to breath, forcing me to squint. Sand clings to every inch...
  • zombie
  • youngadult
  • sequel
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God's Country (inspired by The Handmaid's Tale) by CPLigh
God's Country (inspired by The Han... by Christie Ligh
After abortion and birth control were banned, the United States of America suffered from rampant over-population. The government tried various methods to fix the problem...
  • compound
  • upload
  • childbirth
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|| WARRIOR ||  by exccedentesiast
|| WARRIOR || by Jᴜɴιᴘεʀ-Rᴏsε Sʏʙιʟ
"My reflection against the New York skyscrapers shows rather a short girl, her long, full, brown hair in two braids, and her face glowing with vivaciousness. She h...
  • bestfriends
  • training
  • compound
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After Night Falls by fickledreams
After Night Falls by fickledreams
The wind howled through the abandoned compound, rustling leaves and debris. It was unclear to the group what had happened here, but the reddish-brown stains covering the...
  • city
  • adventure
  • scary
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Compound by got-ball94
Compound by got-ball94
Coming soon! compound- thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture. The four elements have always lived separately not interacting with each other...
  • high
  • compound
  • fire
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Among Us by AlcinaMystic
Among Us by Samantha Leonard
You can't defeat aliens when you are one... The people of earth rejoiced when the aliens were finally forced off their planet. Their victory turned to tragedy however wh...
  • earth
  • galaxy
  • compound
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Test Subject: Human Extinction Level Loss (H.E.L.L) Book One by DeadAheadBooks
Test Subject: Human Extinction Lev... by Dead Ahead Books
It increases feelings of unit cohesion, reduces shock from traumatic injury, and enhances survivability from those injuries. It is Dr. Wilhelm Crenner's life work and it...
  • governmentconspiracy
  • flesheaters
  • shortstory
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Confusing Feelings (Carl Grimes + Rygan) by LittleRickyl
Confusing Feelings (Carl Grimes +... by Cute Little Kitten
Rygan is big bad Negan's son, but what happens when Rygan meets Carl Grimes. After being caught by Carl in Alexandrea they create a bond, but what will happen when that...
  • compound
  • thewalkingdead
  • wattys2017
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